[WIP] send incoming question <Var/String> to player: callback =<Script Name>

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[WIP] send incoming question <Var/String> to player: callback =<Script Name>

Post by mark_a_condren » Mon, 27. Sep 10, 16:48

send incoming question <Var/String> to player: callback = <Script Name>

<Var/String> = The question being sent to the player.
<Script Name> = The script that will be run when the player inputs an answer.

This is used when you wish to send the player a question and a selection of answers they can choose from. The callback script <Script Name> is then run which processes the answer.

<Var/String> can be formatted to provide both the question and the answers the player has to choose from. Up to 5 answers can be provided with this command.

The script referenced by <Script Name> is run no matter which answer is selected. This script needs to be coded in a manner to check which answer was selected and take the appropriate action.

This command and the 'serialise object' command quite often work hand in hand with each other.

Due to a very good explanation being already available, an indepth explanation is not going to be rewriiten here, but rather a link if provided to the tutorial thread.


Please see the link to the tutorial thread, as this provides some excellent examples.

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