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Post by Ketraar » Fri, 10. Sep 10, 23:00

Since recently there is a MSCI Reference Forum, in which all of the Script Editor (SE) commands are being listed and documented.

Working on it are a number of Community members who are looking to document all of the commands, without exception. This is quite a complex undertaking, so anyone who wishes to assist, is asked to register here. Knowledge of English is essential.

Additionally questions can be posted here on the topics themselves, for example, if there are errors or incorrect information. For general S&M questions, not related to the commands, please use the stickied [Discussion] Generic X3TC S&M questions topic.

Topics themselves may be started, should someone feel that it is appropriate. The topics should be formatted as per this example topic.


The MSCI Reference Team
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Post by Mutiny1 » Thu, 16. Sep 10, 17:34

I wish to register.
mark_a_condren pointed me here through a series of PM's and this topic came up. I would offer help with proof reading, understandability; coming from a new users standpoint.

This is mi syg.

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Post by s9ilent » Mon, 20. Sep 10, 23:30

I'd like to register

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Post by Gazz » Sat, 9. Oct 10, 11:57

Sign me up.

Currently im an on X3 hiatus but so far I've always come back... eventually.
There is simply no alternative. =P
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Post by aka1nas » Wed, 13. Oct 10, 00:48

I'd like to register.

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Post by apricotslice » Thu, 21. Oct 10, 02:43

Can I suggest a change to the title of this thread ?

Add "Scripters, we need you !" to the title.

Maybe also keep the title up to date with how many commands still to be done.

So maybe "Scripters still needed, 500 Commands still to be done".

The idea being to catch the attention of people who can script. At the moment, this thread isnt very catchy.

My experience is that titles attract specific attention, so adding something about the specific help needed to the title, tends to get a faster response than a generic title. I do this with mods all the time, when I hit something I cant do. Add the specific issue to the end of the mod title, usually attracts an answer.

So if we need Trade commands done for example, putting that in this title might just attract someone who can do them. especially when it gets to the point where only certain small groups of commands are left to do and we need people with experience of them to do the threads.

Just a suggestion.

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Post by Toastysoul » Fri, 29. Oct 10, 18:41

I'd like to offer my help, such that it is.

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Post by lokpique » Wed, 3. Nov 10, 02:44

I have not done any X3TC scripting, but I am a hell of a programmer and "speak" many languages (to computers at least haha).

I would LOVE to get on board with this. I have had several ideas for scripts, simple scripts... like "set the speed that your autopilot flies at" and "set the distance you follow at". Not even sure if that is possible!

Anyways, where do I sign up? I'm even willing to just crash test and debug if that is what is required.

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Post by Sp@c3Ch!mp » Fri, 26. Nov 10, 11:56

Hi I am also interested in joining the scripting comm.
I am a student computer sciences and am bored as hell...
Knowledge of c++, java, php, html, xml(basic)
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Post by ScRaT_GER » Fri, 26. Nov 10, 14:55

Anyways, where do I sign up? I'm even willing to just crash test and debug if that is what is required.
I'm not sure if you understood this right: It's not about testing, writing or debugging scripts, it's just about documenting commands.


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Post by h2o.Ava » Mon, 29. Nov 10, 08:21

I'm interested.

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Post by XDrake » Wed, 1. Dec 10, 00:49

Sign Me Up!

I am back!

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Post by mailleweaver » Sat, 4. Dec 10, 08:37

When it's ready, I'd suggest putting "Script Editor" somewhere in the thread title for casual scriptors (scripters? scriptwriters? :? See. I'm so casual, I don't even know what to call myself.) like me who don't think of Manual Ship Computer Interface when looking for info about the Script Editor.
It *might* save a few regulars from having to answer questions with, "look in the MSCI sticky."

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Post by Szasza » Sat, 11. Dec 10, 17:53


I'd like to register to access the MSCI Reference Forum.

Thanks forward.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sat, 11. Dec 10, 19:06

Please do not take my question the wrong way. But are you actually interested in helping to create articles or are you just interested in accessing the forum?
Our current aim is to create and translate articles, so we only want to add users that are able to help. Once we managed to create a certain amount of articles, the forum will be made public. So everyone will be able to read it.
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