[SHIPS]Battlestar Galactica Ships Ver 1.8, with Promotional Video

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[SHIPS]Battlestar Galactica Ships Ver 1.8, with Promotional Video

Post by hawkbs » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 17:13

New Version available by Killerog - The new version is now being maintained in a seperate thread, please go here instead now

Promotional Video by Metalvenom

First up if you have not used this mod before:

This is for the ENGLISH Version of X3TC

Please make sure you also read my X3R thread as theres some important info. ie Dont try going through a jumpgate when you are driving the Pegasus. Some ships you will need to purchase whislt in a different sector and have them come to you or you will destroy them and the shipyard undocking. IE Pegasus.

If there are any issues please post in the release thread and I will look into it.
You are also more than welcome to use the ships and include them in any mod ie XTM, Xtended etc, just dont forget to give me credit and also Coxxon for the original models.
I will be testing and updating these ships when I have time to do so.

Big thanks goes out to Apricotslice for the tips and scripting advice.

NB: Some of the larger ships, Pegasus and Valkyrie will take some time to load in when you purchase them or they enter the sector for the first time. This is due to the size of their files. Dont panic your game has not frozen its just cacheing the files.

Installation: Please back up your files first
Just copy over the Mod, Loadscr and Scripts folder to you X3TC install directory. Put the false patch in your main X3TC directory. The 08 Cat and Dat files that is.

If ships do not show at the shipyard enable the script editor then dock and do a manual save. Reload the save and they should be there.

PLEASE NOTE: This mod was created with TC patched to 2.0a and the only mods installed were Cycrows Cheat Scripts and Commodity Logistics Software.
There is a custom tships file also as well as several other files that were customised. This mod may not work with other mods as it is heavilly modifed.
I will not give support for people who are using other ship mods in conjuction with this one sorry. Use this mod on its own please.
If you are having trouble with the ships or scripts please make sure you read the posts in my thread as the issue has probably already been answered in my thread somewhere.

German Language File - Ver 1.4 only
http://www.file-upload.net/download-144 ... 1.rar.html
Thanks 4DK2 for the translation.
See page 5 of this thread for updates to this file.

Ver 1.8 Notes

A lot of changes in this update.

This one is Save Game Friendly however, before installing it,

1. Don’t fly any of the modded ships. Just take a M3/4/5 as playership
2. Fly to an unknown sector which doesn’t contain any of the modded ships
3. Save your game in this unknown sector
4. Install the mod
5. Load the savegame from step 3

A lot of work done on Galactica. Engines (Spectre please dont sit there staring into them its bad for your health), docking , undocking & more. Special things (not telling you will have to see for yourself.)
WARNING: Do not undock from Galactica in a fighter if she is moving or you will crash your ship into the sides of the launchtubes.
Galactica now loads in 15-20 seconds instead of 3 minutes.
Please note I am not touching Galactica again for quite some time now!

Majahual now has the ability to equip 7 Mobile Drilling Systems. I strongly recommend using the Prospector Scipt Mod for this which is available here http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=226336

Fixed the 16 gun problem on Galacticas front guns.

Changed the names of some more of the Sectors and renamed them to Battlestar Galactica ones from both the original and RDM Series.

Moved Scorpia to where Cloudbase South East was. (Reason further down)

Changed Khaak to Eastern Alliance (Original Series)

Added in Eastern Alliance Destroyer (M6) flown by Khaak NPC's

Added original Cylon Basestar as an M2 (NPC)

Added Cylon Fighter MK1 (NPC)

Added in missing script for BSG Shuttle

Cylon Heavy Raiders Shields have been adjusted. They are no longer as strong as they were previously.

Added animated Cylon Eye to the Heavy Raider. Now both the Cylon Raiders have it :)

Tripled the guns on the Viper MK7

Made Colonial 1 slightly smaller

Changed the names of starting pilots and their pictures to RDM BSG ones. Some will get a Viper MK2 on start.

Changed the Famous Quotes you see at the beginning to quotes from noteable characters from Battlestar Galactica.

Changed the Gravidar to the one from a real picture from inside a Viper MK7 Cockpit, also the icons have been changed (thanks Viper047 for the help)

Added in the Ship of Lights as an Unknown Friendly Race UFO

Added in Scorpion Shipyards.
WARNING: This is massive and has a 60km approach vector. It is located in what is now Scorpia, formerly Cloudbase South East and replaces the Shipyard that was there before.
If you have any player bases/factories in this sector PLEASE MOVE THEM out of the sector before installing this mod. You have been warned.
You can move them back later though.
If you are starting a new game this will not matter as I have moved things around in that sector. The newly arranged sector will only work with a new game. I have only tested Docking/undocking with Galactica on this station however regular landing bays have been added to the shipyards as well but I have not been able to thoroughly test them.

I honestly cannot remember if I added in anything else as theres been so much I have done with this version and no time to test it all. If I tested everything you would be waiting a few more months.

Anyway please enjoy and let me know if you think something is out of the ordinary.

Download 53 MB

Older Versions are available here http://hosted.filefront.com/hawkbs/2393410

Ver 1.7 Notes

Fixed an issue with the PD Guns on Galactica
Changed fighter and TS/TP Docking, only fighters and small transports
can now land. Colonial One can still land.
Fixed a turret issue with Valkyrie
Added in a missing Colony from the 12 Colonies of Cobal.
Mammoths should no longer dock with Galactica when following.
Fixed a Readtext Error, sorry you will need to start a new game
and initialise script editor again. Please delete all old scripts and replace them with the new ones

Ver 1.6 Notes

Made Mod compatible with 2.0a Patch
New Point Defence guns added to Galactica (Please note she takes a bit longer to load now)
Fixed an issue with Galacticas Textures
Custom BSG Cockpits now on Pegasus and Galactica
which means different weapon types available.
The Custom Cockpits are in a false patch file.
Fixed a compatabililty issue with BSG and Apricotslices Mods

Ver 1.5 Notes and Fixes

Galactica Engines redone.
Botanical Cruiser Cockpit issue fixed.
Cylon Tanker body issue fixed and added glow to engines.
Basestar Docking Fixed (note some Rookie toasters sometimes fly into the basestar)
Assault Raptor now has guns (invisible weapons used on models own guns)
Argons and Xenons renamed to Colonials and Cylons.
Replaced Xenon M1 with Basestar
Replaced Xenon L with Cylon Raider MK2
Replaced Xenon LX with Cylon Heavy Raider
Cylons\Xenons will also purchase these from their shipyard and fly them.
Argons\Colonials should also be able to purchase and fly all the Colonial BSG ships too, although I havent taken any notice of that.
Renamed 12 Sectors to reflect the 12 Colonies of Kobol.
Scripts have been fixed please delete your old ones and replace them with the new ones. Sorry you will have to start a new game. (Appologies to LV they are still setup the same way)
Finally if you are running a Foreign version other than the US Version that does not use 0001-L044.xml(English) for the language file I am
very sorry but you will have to convert it to your own language file. Please note there is a custom 0001-L044.xml file as well as the 7575-L049.xml that will need to be converted
for this version.

Ver 1.4 Fixes

Solved issue with Complex Hubs CTD
Changed cockpits back from SS_COCKPIT_DEFAULT to appropriate cockpit for turrets on Cap Ships.
Removed Tcockpits as it was interfering with Terran Conflict.
Added engine effects to Valkyrie.
Added some new loading screens.

PLEASE NOTE. If you load a saved game with this version you may find the game says you are in the wrong ship and the cockpit is out of place.
Simply replace that ship with a new one and all should be fixed. Then either sell the one that was bugged or use it for target practice. This may have been a result of me changing the Types files and the language file.

Ver 1.3 Fixes

Fixed turret laser issues on custom turret on Galactica, Pegasus and Valkyrie. :D
All lasers now work correctly on the turrets. This means both barrels fire.
These are new Custom Turrets.
Changed the cockpits so you have more weapons choices.
Added the same turrets to the Defender.
Fixed an undocking issue on Galactica
Changed the speed, acceleration etc of a couple of other ships i.e. Colonial 1

Please note: I have tried everything I can think of (this has been an issue since Reunion)
and I cannot fix the issue with the turrets pointing either straight up or straight down on the Pegasus. I have also seen this on default vanilla M1's in X3 Reunion.
The best thing I could do was to completely change the turrets on her to a smaller set I made.

Ver 1.2 Fixes

Fixed Basestar not showing up
Fixed guns on Cylon Raider they work now
Fixed issues with some bodies not showing up
Changed Raptor and Assault Raptor to be more like the series they have Missiles only
Changed the Space Park to the animated one, she spins now just like in the series.
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Post by Freeman_79 » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 17:24

Nice work hawkbs, our colonial fleet is back again, many thanks for this.

Let you know if I run into any issues.

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Post by hawkbs » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 17:38

hehehe well I just cant live without Galactica and my Vipers.
Hope you enjoy em.

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Post by Viper047 » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 18:19

Hey hawkbs,

welcome back to the show :)

Had a short look to the ships.

4 shown no body/1 was black

1. Assault Raptor
2. Colonial One
3. Olympic Carrier
4. Cylon Basestar
5. Defender ( black/no texture )

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Post by captain1 » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 18:20

this is great thank you

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Post by Makita » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 19:01

don't know what to say, but got tears in my eye :D

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Post by hawkbs » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 20:11

Thx Viper I'll look into that. Glad to see your still around.

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Post by LV » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 21:28

I've just taken a quick look and i have a few things

1. [Borat voice]It's a very nice, high five[/borat]

2. Those setup scripts..... 1 there are way too many, where is the t file in bsg1 load text: id=8686 there is no t file in the rar

It would be better to run a script that adds the ships to the shipyards from the setup script, you could simply loop in one script to add those ships and my game load time went from approx 45 seconds to 4 mins.

get station array of race class = big shipyard race = whatever would be better then the find your using to tag the shipyards

could you also add a global variable so that another script can check if this mod is installed e.g set global variable bsg.by.hb.on = 1

this way i can link those ships into some of my scripts ;)

so don't think the above is negative, just constructive :)

I'm willing to do a touch of scripting to help here on the acceptance that a few tweaks i may point out are taken onboard

also i created myself a cyclon raider mk2, it won't fire no matter what laser i install

i don;t have much time to help as i'm busy with 3 of my own plugins atm but i'll help where i can :)
LV's TC Scripts
Readme's For All My Scripts

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Post by Ikari » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 21:31

I just tried them and I am unable to get the guns to manually fire on the capital ships.

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Post by boufas » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 22:20

i need help with installing the file where do i install it to and how i put the scripts in the script file and the mods file in the mods folder but it still did not work i need help please step by step would be great

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Post by Freeman_79 » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 23:22

Ok, a little bit of feedback for you hawkbs

Battlestar Galactica:
Aren't able to fire PBC's or large guns manually or in auto, I however tried to attach Cluster Flak Arrays on the landing pods for salvo-firing and that worked fine, seems to be the heavy weapons that doesn't work.

Battlestar Pegasus:
Same issue as Galactica

Cylon Basestar:
Missing texture(invisible in-game) and the previous issue

Otherwise, most things seems to work out fine

Btw hawkbs, was it you that worked on the new high poly Galactica ?

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Post by captain1 » Sun, 25. Jan 09, 01:09

I also put the scirpt and mod foders in the right place
but the ships wouldn't apear in the argone shipyard
i am using a saved game.

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Post by hawkbs » Sun, 25. Jan 09, 02:44

Hi guys thanks for the feedback.

LV I followed Apricotslices advice in another thread and the 8686 calls 8686-L044.xml. As for the rest of the scripting stuff you said I wouldnt even have a clue how to do any of that, it took me several hours to work out and get my head around what Apricotslice had explained to get the Viper on the shipyard. (That was the first one I did).
As for the rest I'll take a look at that later today. It would be a heck of a lot easier if Cycrows Ship Installer was currently working with TC, but it isnt as we all know.
With loading times I know Galactica and Pegasus and the Basestar due to the sheer size of the ships take a while to load ingame. Not much can be done about that unless I reduce the Polycounts, but then the ships would look like something from Wing Commander 1.

Captain1 have you got all the patches for TC? I did this with 1.4 installed.
If you have you might have to start a new game. Not really sure on that as everyone else here is getting them showing up. Also see if you have script editor enabled. If not then ingame change your name to Thereshallbewings
It must be exactly like that. Then goto player advanced global commands script editor and reinit script caches. The game may appear to freeze up for a couple of minutes but its loading everything. Once thats done check the argon shipyards they should be there. Save your game and the next time you load it they will all be there still.
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Post by Axeface » Sun, 25. Jan 09, 03:00

Awesome! Always nice to see more ships.

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Post by hawkbs » Sun, 25. Jan 09, 13:43

Freeman_79 wrote: Btw hawkbs, was it you that worked on the new high poly Galactica ?

Yes I did them all.
Although my High Poly was not as good as Mox's unreleased Galactica which I wish he had finished as it rocked in the videos.
I never finished the Valkyrie off though and she has some weapon issues.


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