[SHIPS] 32 BSG Ships in XSP- UPDATE Galactica Guns Fixed See PG 42.

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[SHIPS] 32 BSG Ships in XSP- UPDATE Galactica Guns Fixed See PG 42.

Post by hawkbs » Thu, 19. Oct 06, 05:54

All 32 ships can be downloaded here in XSP format.
Please NOTE: These XSP's are for X3 Reunion ONLY
they will NOT work with Terran Conflict.


Edit 26 July 2011 : I have taken out the dead links.
These ships are now only available in XSP format via
the link above.

Update 3/4/07

High Poly Ribbed Galactica

See page 32 for description

Update 3/12/03
Pegasus and Galactica Refit.

Both Pegasus and Galactica have had a Weapons change! They both now have 72 guns, some are completely new to both ships. The port and starboard guns on Galactica are now standard turrets where the rest of her guns and all of the guns on Pegasus are the Huge Turrets from the Xtended Mod with a slight adjustment. All guns work perfectly and to see either of them in battle with all weapons ablaze is awesome.
Pegasus also now has an extra external docking port and can now dock the same ships as Galactica.

UPDATE 29/11/06
Better Basestar

Finally I have updated the Basestar. She has 14 turrets on her Port and 14 on her Starboard sides, 4 on top and 4 on the bottom thus making 72 guns in total which is the max the game will allow. I have changed the launchbays also and adjusted docking. Sorry but docking just will go nowhere else on this due to the model itself within game. It is on the rear upper spine at the very end. She has docking for 220 ships.
This thing is purely evil. If you run into one I would suggest putting your tail between your legs and running unless you have a good fleet with you.
As before buy her in a different sector to the one you are in and get it to fly to you if you change it from Xenon Shipyards which it is set to otherwise you just wont get it out of the shipyard as its too big. I strongly reccomend the Advanced Jump Drive for this (the Energy Free one). Have fun and heres a screeny.
http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/7112 ... 064kl8.jpg

UPDATE 27/11/06

New Ships Added

The Defender - Also known as the Wedge tailed Vessel seen in"Lay Down your Burdens PT2

The Majahual - A mining Ship

Pylon Mining Ship

Tube Tanker Ship


The following ships have been updated to bring them closer to the correct sizes within the Colonial Fleet. Some now have glowy engines and there have been docking changes to some of these ships. Some have also been rebalanced a bit with the Balance function within Shipcreator.

Galactica - Ver 4.00
Cloud 9 - Ver 2.00
Botanical Cruiser Ver 2.00
Colonial One Ver 3.00
Gemini Freighter Ver 2.00
Astral Queen Ver 2.00
Celestra Ver 2.00
Spacepark Ver 2.00
Olympic Carrier Ver 2.00
Sagitarrian Spaceways Ver 2.00
Pan Galactic Liner Ver 2.00
Gemenon Liner Ver 2.00
Coxxon Caprica Liner Ver 2.00
Flattop Ver 2.00
Daru Mozu Ver 2.00
Colonial Movers Ver 2.00

(Please note if you have previous versions all you need to do is double click the new xsp and it will update the old one without having to uninstall)

Big Major Thank you goes out to Coxxon for his Whole frakkin Fleet Package, as without it these ships would not yet be available to us.
http://www.scifi-meshes.com/forums/3d-w ... t-all.html

A screenshot done in 3ds by Coxxon which shows the ships and their correct sizes is here.

http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q228 ... x00Crp.jpg

Please Note Cylon Ships will be in Xenon Shipyards and Colonial will appear in Argon Shipyards.

Blackbird Stealth Ship
Please note the Blackbird has no gun slots only missiles. After all she is a Stealth ship meant for recon.

Blackbird With Pilot

http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/438/ ... 058id8.jpg

Gemenon Traveller

Colonial Raptor ver 3.00

Decided to redo the Raptor. This was based on the Exodus 2 Episode where you can clearly see guns and missiles on her. Info for the hardpoints came from battlestar wiki. She has a hardpoint on each wingtip two under each wing and one on each side under the fuselage.
Again thanks to Coxxon for his models.

Please note

I made a slight mistake with the Viper Mk2 and Mk7 after a few too many beers. The classes are the wrong way around. This is an easy fix without the need to reupload/download.
Open the XSP's and change the MK7 from an M5 to M3 and the Mk2 from M3 to M5 . Sorry for the mix up there.

New Vipers

Two new Vipers to play with here. Both are Coxxons models (many thanks). I have brought them more into line with the game as far as speeds and cargo holds as well as weapons. Please note though both Vipers have the same weapons. Enjoy.

Mark 2 Viper Reinvisioned

http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/9126 ... 049ph2.jpg

Mark 7 Viper

http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/66/x ... 048et8.jpg

Viper Gun sounds


Cylon Heavy Raider
Fun ship to fly the cockpit is above the Cylon Head on this

Cylon Raider MK2
Textured Version of the Cylon Raider MK2 both this and the Heavy have the Red Eye as well.

I've added thruster effects to these two Cylon Ships. If you think they dont need them please let me know and I shall remove them.

Pegasus Ver 3.0

*EDIT Now with Glowy Engines!!
Fixed landing issues for TS/TP added 36 side launchbays for Vipers etc
Colonial One can dock but not Liners. Fixed problems with not having Flak (was a cockpit issue). Fully armed with Vipers and guns etc she can take out a Xenon Sector on her own. (If you are game enough :twisted: )
Thanks again to Coxxon for his Whole Frakkin Fleet Package and special thanks to Weasal who pointed me in the right direction with docking issues and for the Glowing Engine tips.
The Pegasus has inverted docking in the lower hangar bays just like in the series. This thing is massive and you will need a Jump Drive to get anywhere with her. WARNING do not drive out of the shipyard yourself in this! Buy it externally and tell it to travel to the Trading Station and it will depart safely from the Spacedocks. If you try it manually you might damage the Spacedock and the Pegasus and then the Sector Police will just nail you. Also DO NOT Dock at the Player HQ with this ship as its too big and will blow up upon departure.

BSG 75 Atmospheric Shuttle

[Cylon Tanker/Freighter

http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/5003 ... 027my4.jpg

The Cylon Tanker is half the size of a Colonial Battlestar and is able to carry up to 20 Raiders at a time. She can also launch all 20 in one go due to the amount of launchbays. A slow ship but a pretty cool sight to watch her launch all her fighters from both sides at once. N.B. This also contains a cockpit mod so if you dont like them change it in shipeditor before loading.
All of these ships are available in your local Argon Shipyard apart from the Cylon Tanker. You can pick her up in a Xenon shipyard if you dare.

Happy Flying!

All Ships listed are fully compatable with Bala Gi Patch

I higly reccomend Cycrows Advanced Jump Drive for most of these ships

Also you will need Imps Cockpit Mod for most of these which is here
http://www.egosoft.com/download/x3/bonu ... wnload=163

All of these ships unless stated are from the new series

Please feel free to include these in community mods such as XFP, DDRS etc etc.
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Post by grbaker » Thu, 19. Oct 06, 09:57


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Colonial One Update

Post by TrippDoc » Thu, 19. Oct 06, 10:27

Hello the link to the updated Colonial One is corrupted. Please check.

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Post by hawkbs » Thu, 19. Oct 06, 12:49

reuploaded try this one
http://dl026.filefactory.com/dl/f/a09a7 ... eb8b1e12c/

link changed in main thread also.

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Post by R.Styles » Thu, 19. Oct 06, 13:02

Anyone know where we can get the new galactica from as a xsp?

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Post by hawkbs » Thu, 19. Oct 06, 14:24

Hasnt been made yet to my knowledge. Galactica is out of my league atm so hopefully someones working on it as all my 3ds files are also at xperiment fusion in Saint-Ashleys care to do with as he chooses. There have also been over 60 downloads of my 3ds files from filefactory and theres a new galactica in there so keep your fingers crossed. As I said its a BIG ship.
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Post by hawkbs » Sat, 21. Oct 06, 00:35

I have added a link to download all three of the ships in a RAR archive which you will need Winrar to extract them from.
This Archive contains Version 1.2 of the Colonial One which has a modified Tships file in it as some people had a problem with it.

Please dont send me PM's if you have problems. Post them in this thread instead.

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Post by hawkbs » Sat, 21. Oct 06, 05:57

Version 1.3 of the Colonial One is up and the cockpit has been fixed.

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Post by Cutty » Sat, 21. Oct 06, 21:16

The texture doesnt appear to be working. I see the model but its all black regardless of light source.

The Viper looks sweet.

The Raptor doesnt look bad..just alittle cartoonish is the best way i can say it.

Also..may want to check on usable weapons. I know on the Viper it was set to use Cap weapons.

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Post by hawkbs » Sun, 22. Oct 06, 02:25

The version you have of Colonial One is wrong. I realised I had forgotten the texture and reuploaded it. I am doing another atm as theres a conflict with the tships file. Download version 1.3 it has the texture file in it.

I didnt do the textures on the Raptor the Raptor itself was converted from Startrek Bridge Commander Format (www.battle-clinic.com is where it came from)and the texture was included and already mapped to it. There arent any others out there atm until the Feespace 2 mod guys have finished what they are working on over at http://www.game-warden.com/bsg/ but I havent seen there Raptor yet however their movies look awesome.

Didnt realise that about the Vipers guns hehe. I have only done 3 ships the first was the Raptor second was the Viper and I barely even plat X3 atm, but I did say anyone is free to mod these ships.
*EDIT* New Version 1.4b uploaded use that only for Colonial One

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Post by Admiral-Dyroi » Mon, 23. Oct 06, 06:52

all of them worked fine in my game but Colonial 1 has a screwy docking animation half of the ship goes through port before it locks in and it still wont actually let me dock at the ship yard in argon prime just goes through the motion.

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Post by hawkbs » Mon, 23. Oct 06, 12:10

Thanks for pointing out the docking issue. I have looked at this and tried changing it unfortunately though if I change it to an M1,TL or M6 in the tships.txt you can buy it but then you cant access the upgrades nor do you actually get the ship. This could be an issue with shipcreator though as it has some issues that Cycrow is trying to fix.
The only way around it that I could see is to adjust the XSP file in the Customise ship section and choose one of the other larger size ships such as a TL or M1 however then you are left with two unidentified ships that can be bought on the trade section of the station. Either that or you have to nose down when undocking (yes docking works I did try it and it is an odd docking sequence) as it will take damage.
I made this ship purely for eye candy though for the BSG Fans and there isnt much that can be done with it anyway. I just really wanted it as part of my old ragtag fleet. If anyone else can figure a way around this issue I would be grateful for the input.
I am pretty sure though I have done what I can with this ship and now its time for me to play with something else as Ive just found a model extractor for eve-online ships and its sanctioned by CCP :D

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Post by Elffin » Mon, 23. Oct 06, 17:07

Will it be possible to dock ships (ie Raptors or vipers) on the Colonial 1 on in future upgrades just to give it some protection?

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Post by hawkbs » Mon, 23. Oct 06, 17:19

As far as I am aware the Colonial One can only hold one ship in its hangar bay.
I havent out in any docking as I wouldnt have a clue how to do it. This ship has given me nothing but problems so far so Im leaving it as is.
If anyone else would like to add docking to it they are welcome to do so.
Im currently working on something else and am engrossed in that now.

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Post by Elffin » Mon, 23. Oct 06, 18:14

Thanks for your work Hawkbs - your efforts have been v. appreciated

Are you working on another Bsg ship? if so give us a clue!!!
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