[Script] [Combat][Hotkeys] Bombardier v 1.977 [19-01-2009]

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[Script] [Combat][Hotkeys] Bombardier v 1.977 [19-01-2009]

Post by ChemODun » Wed, 21. Jan 09, 23:15

Script type: Combat Scripts and Hotkeys

Script : Bombardier
Author : Chem
E-mail : <Email address removed>
Version: 1.978
Date : 25-01-2009
Desc. : System for fast manual switching weapon and command on ship main gun and in turret guns. Additionally – fast on/off turrets switch.

Short Description:
This system will added new functionality for saving and loading eights configurations of all installed on ship weapons (and worked on it’s turrets commands).
When configurations try to load, it will load if ship have enough amount of weapon.
When configuration try to save – current command (turret’s scripts) will be saved (if it’s rated as supported).
Additionally you can disable/enable each turret on ship separately (weapons won’t be uninstalled, only command on turret will be disabled).

Spk version
Zip version
Plot History:
This is shared Boron-Split engineering design ( i.e. we don’t know exactly, who from who steal this technology: Split form Boron or Boron from Split ;-). This technology based on idea of "micro jump", which come as extension of general Jump Drive. This allow any pilots make fast change of installed weapons. All configurations must be previously prebuilded in configuration slots, because all trajectories from cargo bay to turret.

Changes History:
  • 1.978
    Fixed error - "Store/restore commands on turrets in config" doesn't work properly.
  • 1.977
    Added support of
    Turret Missile Defense Mk2 by fud:
    Advanced Missle Defense
    Turret Shield Take Off by RAMI:
    Turret Shield Take Off
  • 1.976
    Converted for compability with TC. All non-Egosoft scripts are not supported.

Please use Script Installer by Cycrow.

  • Needed special software and upgrades:
    • Fight Command Software MK1,
    • Fight Command Software MK2,
    • Special Command Software MK1
  • One command slot used in "Custom . . . " - "Bombardier: Weapon configurations", for view and save configurations, and configure additional parameters.
  • Additionally system use 12 hotkeys.
    • First 6 used for switching between configurations.
    • If you try switch configuration – you receive voice message with status of switching.
    • How to load stored configurations:
      • Configuration slot from 1 to 4 – press hotkeys "Configuration # 1" . . . "Configuration # 4"
      • Configuration slot from 5 to 8 – first press hotkey "Select another four Weapon Conf", then "Configuration # 1" . . . "Configuration # 4" respectively.
    • How to store configuration to any configuration slot:
      • First press "Start Weapon Conf. recording", then in 10 seconds press hotkey combination for needed configuration slot (as described above).
      • If you press "Start Weapon Conf. recording" in this time – recording will be interrupted.
    • When you save weapons configuration in slot will be stored current commands on each ship turrets.
      Now supported:
      • Five standart commands:
        • Attack Enemies
        • Attack My Target
        • Missile Defence
        • Protect Ship
        • Missiles Only
      • Advanced Missile Defense by fud:
        • Advanced Missle Defense
      • Turret Shield Take Off by RAMI:
        • Turret Shield Take Off
  • Via menu slot "Bombardier: Weapon configurations" you can disable storing and loading current command on ship turrets.
  • Additionally you can define parameter "Do auto-fix configuration with errors", disabled by default.
    • If auto-fix is Off:
      I you try switch to any saved configuration and you don’t have enough amount of weapons for selected configuration – you can’t switch to this configuration.
      If you try view any saved configuration, and you don’t have enough amount of weapons – system will ask you for fixing this configuration.
    • If auto-fix is On, system will try use fix configuration automatically and you can switch to any configuration, all weapons, which amount is null or doesn’t enough – will be cleared from configuration (only current amount will rest in configuration). But fixed configuration will not be saved.
  • Another 7 hotkeys :
    "On/Off Turret # 1"" On/Off Turret # 6" and "On/Off All Turrets" - you can enable – or disable command on turret. When you try do enable for turret – system will try load command from last used or saved configuration.

Please use Script Installer by Cycrow.

Command slot:
Text file:
Text page:
Additionally use lib.chem.strings, with:
Text file:
Text page:

{Not a good idea to use your Email address on a public forum. If you want feedback, I suggest it be by PM. - Terre}
© Chem
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Post by ChemODun » Sun, 25. Jan 09, 23:17

Fixed error - "Store/restore commands on turrets in config" doesn't work properly.
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Post by lannyripple » Tue, 19. May 09, 01:50

Nice utility! It's saving a ton of time for me.

It doesn't seem to know about Aldrin weapons for the turrets (or some other problem with turrets which have Aldrin weapons in them) but I mostly use attack enemies anyway so it's a quick reset when changing.


Specifically doesn't seem to work with "Missle Defense Mk2". Works with 'protect ship' and 'Attack my target' but not with 'attack enemies' and 'missle defense' (which Mk2 seem to hook into).


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Post by drugfreeboy » Fri, 28. Aug 09, 06:55

will this mess up my MARS? This thing looks interesting but I don't really want it to mess with my turrets. Mars is doin a good job of handling that.

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Post by Lancefighter » Fri, 28. Aug 09, 07:05

from what i read, it can change turrets, but it dosent have to. Besides, mars will just change it back if it doesnt like the guns you accidentally put there.

So no, it will not mess with mars.
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Post by drugfreeboy » Sat, 29. Aug 09, 03:12

okay that doesn't sound too bad but that does still sound like it will kinda fight with MARS but MARS will "win"? Is there a way to simply make this mod not do ANYTHING to turrets?

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Post by ChemODun » Thu, 10. Sep 09, 08:55

If you need to use automatic control of the turret - you don't need to have Bombardier.
I don't like use automatic control $-)
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Post by Huillam » Fri, 24. May 13, 06:39

Is it possible to edit this script so it only swap weapon and does not modify turret commands?

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Post by greghar » Thu, 24. Jul 14, 00:36

Why does Bombardier remove the current turret commands when swapping between weapon load outs???

Every time I swap from config #1 to config #2 or #3, it erases the stored turret commands that I was using. So in a battle when I want to quickly change the weapons, it removes all current turret commands so they are not in use during the fight. That's no more missile defense, protect ship or etc... and the turrets become useless.

Is this caused by a conflict somewhere or am I doing something wrong? I currently use the ADAMS ITT turret control for better turret efficiency. Or could there be another issue causing this? I have also verified that the turret commands are in place prior to saving the weapon config's. Other than that, I really like the script and enjoy being able to quickly change the weapon load during a fire fight. But not having functioning turrets during a fire fight can be troublesome. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Post by Nanook » Thu, 24. Jul 14, 00:40

I hate to tell you this, but the OP hasn't posted in five years, so I highly doubt he'll be answering your questions. Sorry. :(
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Post by Joubarbe » Thu, 24. Jul 14, 00:42

Yes, the game has changed since 2009... Do you play with Litcube's Universe ? It has built-in laser config hotkeys.

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Post by greghar » Fri, 25. Jul 14, 00:07

Nanook, well that's unfortunate... but thanks for letting me know.

Joubarbe, that's interesting and no i haven't. I pretty much play the TC version, not XTC, with some of the other more popular mods and scripts. What can you tell me about Litcube's Universe? I sure like the idea of the built-in laser keys. But how does it play with other mods and scripts... and/or what other changes/features might there be? I'll try to find a link for it in the forum, but if you have one to share, that would be great.

Thanks for the info.

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Post by HunZolka » Mon, 28. Jul 14, 23:32

I just encountered this problem, so far it seems that either the

"Autosave configurations...", or the
"Auto fix configurations..."

options might be the cause. Turn them off.

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Post by greghar » Sun, 10. Aug 14, 03:32

HunZolka, nope not for me. I made sure they were both off and still encounter the problem... so maybe another conflict? I noticed that when I originally installed Cycrow's pluggin mgr that I selected to install the weapons quickswap and maybe that's what's causing the conflict? But i am unable to uninstall the Weapons QS since the PM does not have it listed under installed scripts/mods for some reason. Do you think this may be the cause?

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Post by redagent » Wed, 25. Feb 15, 13:10

Does this script works properly in X3:AP 3.1?
Did anyone tested it?
In the topic Community Script & Mod Download Library I found this:
WARNING: Any custom commands between 1300-1400 will not work in Albion Prelude (these slots are now taken by the fleet command menu)
1357: Chem, Bombardier

But more than year ago I played my previous X3:AP game for a few months and there was no isuues and Bombardier-1.979 worked properly and clear.

And if somebody knows what script could replace this one please tell me. I started a new game recently and going to play it with some knew scripts and mods. I am afraid that bombardier may have a conflicts with some of them.

I tried to find something by myself, but the only two I found and tested (too much time for tests and so little for play...) was not the same and not enough for me.

Weapon Select Extension (WSE) v2.02
does not work with turrets orders and too complicated for use - I cannot just set my turrets with weapon/commands and remember this. I have to create profiles, remember wich weapon is posssible in each turret...
and I can not just choose needed configuration with hotkey. I have to edit this first with scrip editor. or choose them from menu list each time i need to change. It is very uncomfortable when you have more than three configurations. It is ok for non RTS game, but does not suits for RTS.

Weapons Quickswap v1.03
does not work with turrets orders and as far as i understood from topic - does not remember configs in savegame.

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