[SCRIPT] Universal Missile Complex

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[SCRIPT] Universal Missile Complex

Post by draba » Thu, 25. Dec 08, 02:17

Universal Missile Complex

As Squiddy said:
"No plan is ever sound without some suitable application of high-explosive somewhere along the line."

This script helps you with the high-explosive part.
It adds a command to mosquito factories, which turns them into fabs creating 9 types of useful missiles for 15 000 000 credits.
This way you don't have to order traders around just to keep a steady stock of your favorite unmanufacturable missile.

http://www.filefactory.com/file/afh93de ... omplex_zip

Add in Cycrow's plugin manager

Simply deactivate/delete the package

Buy a mosquito factory, open it's command console, execute command "Upgade to Universal Missile Complex".

Supported missiles:
  • Mosquito - missile defense
    Wasp - for overwhelming turrets
    Disruptor - against M5-s
    Tornado/Typhoon/Wraith - for the fun factor
    Beluga - Heavy fighters
    Hornet - Anti-capital
    Hammerhead - For the times when you absolutely, definitely
    have to kill every motherf****r in the sector
The missiles take turns in production, a complete cycle of each one takes well over an hour.

These factories cannot be complexed, otherwise they will only produce their original ware( mosquito ). This makes them less useful, I simply didn't find a way to fix it.

Up again, sorry for the broken link.
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Post by Thrandisher » Thu, 25. Dec 08, 03:36

I get a currupted zip file when opening in winrar or winzip. :/
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Post by draba » Thu, 25. Dec 08, 04:43

Sorry, forgot to extend the downloader.

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Post by Kilrathi Avenger » Thu, 25. Dec 08, 09:30

Sounds excellent. downloading now. :twisted:

P.S. I like that it costs 15m to upgrade. Doesn't sound too much like a cheat. :lol:
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Post by woodyway » Thu, 25. Dec 08, 12:34

:cry: Universal Missile Complex produces only Mosquito Missiles.
How can I produce other missile?

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Post by draba » Thu, 25. Dec 08, 12:51

It was not made as a cheat, but it certainly makes life a lot simpler :)
In addition to the 15M, 1 missile factories of each kind produces exactly the same amount of missiles as 9 of these.
I was just getting annoyed by how every time I wanted to use disruptor's or hammerheads, I had to frag some enemy ships first.

How long did you watch the production?
Did you attach it to a complex?
Sometimes mosquitos can get as much as 8 cycles before it switches to anyting else. Based on my observations each kind of missile gets roughly equal time in production, it's independent of cycle time.
If anyone else experiences similar problems, please let me know.

Ok, the problem is that factories with multiple products don't really like to be complexed, and only produce their original ware. This doesn't really add to their usefulness :)
I'm looking into it, I hope something can be done.

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Post by leakcim78 » Sun, 11. Jan 09, 14:31

the link is dead ...

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Post by DaveyP » Thu, 15. Jan 09, 15:29

Still dead

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Post by john1957 » Fri, 16. Jan 09, 10:49

please fix the link

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Post by knud0139 » Thu, 29. Jan 09, 04:27

still dead link :(

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Post by turu_386 » Sat, 31. Jan 09, 02:45

...Dead link...

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Post by Hieronymos » Sun, 1. Feb 09, 00:36

Not adding UMC to a complex is really the only way to reliably ensure it cycles between all 9 missle types, right?

In that case Klaatu's script is your answer:


First, linking access to some really heavy hitters--like Hammerhead--to a Mosquito fab, despite the hefty MCr. 15. buy in, seems a bit..unrealistic. Why not use a high-end missle fab (that cost lots more, and requires higher rep) like Hornet? Or Thunderbolt? Then you can ditch Mosquito link-in entirely.

BTW, you've not included these excellent missles:

Wildfire [Paranis?] is best anti-M4 (shields up) or anti-M3 (shields down) missle in game [15k payload; 246m/s; 1S cargo; Cr.3,500]. Ostensibly developed by Paranid, but no fabs exist in game for it. Yet. Best overall missle in game, imo.

Thunderbolt [Split-only?] is grown-up version of Hornet. Less space required, more speed.

Tempest [Boron only] is only Commonwealth Fi-Fo [60k payload; 195m/s; 5M cargo; Cr.15,000.]. Doesn't need a target; so great for spamming large enemy formations.

Is it possible to create several racial versions of the UMC? Like a Split: Typhoon,Thunderbolt,Silkworm,Wasp,..uh can't think of any more really useful Split manf'd missles.
Terran: Mosq,Beluga,Hammerhead,Poltergeist,Wraith.
(Don't know if this is possible: but
Boron: Tempest,Silkworm,Typhoon,Cyclone,Tornado,Dragonfly.
Paranid: Wildfire,Typhoon,Hornet,Wasp,Silkworm.

(underlined missle indicates fab type needed to open racial UMC)

It's not really necessary to create versions for each race I suppose, but would enhance the realism angle.

Anyhooo, just a suggestion! Great work you've done as is.

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Post by draba » Fri, 13. Feb 09, 00:40

Sorry guys, got a bad rush of work + problems at my host,
I completely forgot about this script. I don't have TC on my machine,
so can't check which version is this:
http://www.filefactory.com/file/afh93de ... omplex_zip

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Post by RamboOwning » Sat, 25. Apr 09, 13:48

I've been trying it for a few days now, but filefactory doesn't work for me, could u please upload it anywhere else?

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Post by SS_T » Sat, 16. Jun 12, 18:12

I don't remember how I got hold of this script, but its been on the x1tp.com website for a year. So here it is if anyone wants.


Link to download entry: Link

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