[TC] Passengers - what the heck can you do with them. And more imoportantly - HOW?

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Passengers - what the heck can you do with them. And more imoportantly - HOW?

Post by argon_emperor » Thu, 6. Nov 08, 06:02

Okay, so I pick people up from space (when they bail from their ships, when they sell their ships to me ect.) and they don't turn up as slaves (score - no illegal dealings!). But what the heck can I do with them? I can't find any way to turn them into slaves, I can't train them as Marines, I can't seem to do anything with them, other than transport them and eject them.

So, help on this please?

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Post by silenced » Thu, 6. Nov 08, 06:05

fly into a xenon sector of your choice and eject them ... :)
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Post by delray » Thu, 6. Nov 08, 06:58

Get into a Thresher, start spinning and eject them. Watch them trying to run from your wings. Cheer.

Seriously, it would be nice if they could just disembark at stations. A little piece of code that would add something fun to the game.

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Post by Cycrow » Thu, 6. Nov 08, 13:08

you can enslave them at pirate docks

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Post by Big Bad Orca » Thu, 6. Nov 08, 15:18

Then, apparently, you can convert them to mercenaries at a base somewhere and then train them into marines...

Not worked it all out myself yet though.
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