[SCRIPT] Wing Hotkeys : V1.20 : 09/06/2009

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editor and cat files???????

Post by Fuzzy111 » Wed, 12. Nov 14, 07:02

I still use my old .24 version of TC edior... I just reinstalled my game and can not remember how to connect the cat files of the game with the editor... can you help
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Post by Cycrow » Wed, 12. Nov 14, 11:05

kaistern wrote:
X2-Illuminatus wrote:You haven't answered Cycrow's question about what extracting tool you're using to extract the .spk file yet. So I'm not sure, if you are aware that the .spk file you're downloading is not an .xml file itself, but a script archive containing the actual .xml files. Therefore it cannot be opened with X Studio, which is for editing MSCI scripts (in .xml or .pck format), or your internet browser and also won't be recognized by the ingame Script Editor. To install .spk files you have to use the Plugin Manager, which also comes with an extraction tool for .spk files.
sorry about that I used the package explorer that comes with the plugin manager to open it
are you viewing the files while you are within the explorer, or are you extracting the files first, then viewing them ?

both ways should work fine. However, if you extract the files, you need to put them in a directory with the style sheet, or copy the style sheet over to view them properly in the browser.

Also make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin manager, incase theres some incompatability issues

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Post by jacenhawk » Thu, 1. Sep 16, 18:35

Unless I am missing something, the link does not work, any chance of getting a working one?

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Post by Cycrow » Wed, 7. Sep 16, 15:19

should work now

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Post by Reisser » Fri, 22. Dec 17, 14:27

Does anyone testedt Wing-Hotkeys with the X-Tended Mod?

I've done it - but run in some problems.

After correctly installad plugin-manager and Communiy Configuration Menu all Hotkeys showed up. I arrange some wings - press the hotkeys - but nothing happend.

Later i have a second look to the hotkeys - but there onle was a read-text.

Can someone tell me if Wing-Hotkeys are incompatible with XRM (the done some wing-jobs new) so i can give up testing?

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a slight modification: attack nearest to player command

Post by axis556 » Sat, 21. Jul 18, 11:14

Hi all, i've figured out a "attack nearest to player command"

I was messing around and trying to figure out the scripting in X3.

I think i've had a bit of a win which might be handy to others.

first up, sorry cycrow, i butchered one of your scripts.

i took the 'attack my target' command and modified it to be:

001 $wing = get global variable: name= 'wings.selected'
002 skip is $wing -> exists
003 return null
005 START $wing -> wing comand COMMAND_WING_ATTACK_NEAREST : arg1=[PLAYERSHIP], arg2=null, arg3=null, arg4=nul
007 @=[THIS] -> call script plugin.winghotkey.cmsound : wing=$wing accepted=[TRUE]
008 return null

i also re-named it to: attack nearest .

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