NEWS: First X3TC Teaser Video released

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NEWS: First X3TC Teaser Video released

Post by Vassenego » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 18:00

Just a month ago X³: Terran Conflict was announced, but little information is yet available. Today Egosoft presents a first short teaser video for the game.

Image Image

It shows some of the new ships and weapons in action. We hope you like this little foretaste.

As usual the video can be downloaded from the Downloads section of this site.

Have fun!

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Post by RavenIII » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 19:18

Looks sweet, downloading now :P

They look like missiles :o purty

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Post by Bunny » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 19:19

I only get a 20MB music file :(

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Post by mad_axeman » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 19:25


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Post by Xenon_Slayer » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 19:26

Bunny wrote:I only get a 20MB music file :(
Check your codecs. There are also some gaming sites which can stream the video.
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Post by Carlo the Curious » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 19:34

It works okay for me, but I have Xvid and DivX installed.

Looky priddy! :)

EDIT: It's encoded with XVID MPEG-4.

Nicholas Kabourakis
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Post by Nicholas Kabourakis » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 19:51

Really nice stuff!
Thnx ego!

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Post by |M| » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 19:55

If you're having problems with the Codec, you need at least XviD (not DivX) 1.0.1 installed and that should clean it up.

XviD Download page

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Post by X-Warrior B AS » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 19:57

Thanks for that Carlo :)

Would've posted the link after a small search, but I see someone's been quicker than I :P

Meh, here it is anyway:

Oh, it's a different one, but this is what Microsoft's site linked to :)

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Post by LV » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 19:57


For those struggling to hear or view, never had a problem with a file once i installed this
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Martin Logan
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Looks awsome.

Post by Martin Logan » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 20:00

Those ships look really awsome and those missle effects are alot better then any I`ve seen jet :)
Hope to see more soon.

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Post by Vitez » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 20:29

Huhh... Looks like you guys took a lot of ideas from XTM. :wink: (no offense)
And that you took a couple of drastic remodelling of the ships. Ohh well.... we got used to it (from X-BTF to X3, every ship had a new look), but with the "old" engine, it's just quite...unusuall.
But still: great job Egosoft, I'm really looking forward to this game!
Ohh, and one more thing: I LOVE THAT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by esd » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 20:42

I'm curious as to the system specs of the recording PC - there's definitely some FPS issues there - hopefully that's just a case of little optimisation yet and running FRAPs at the same time.
Missile effects - interesting, but possibly a bit much... the missile impact explosions seemed quite big, too.

Other than a minor quibble about missiles and a comment on an alpha/beta-build's FPS, I like it a lot :D

My other half says "the music's much better!", and my 3yr old keeps saying "and again" every time the video finishes - he's certainly a fan!

The video has now looped at least 20 times, and he's still saying "and again" after each repeat...
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Post by Jakesnake5 » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 20:51

I've already put in a request for more music with CBJ.

I liked that Missile Frigate/Cruiser/Whatever-it-is.
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Post by rattymon » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 20:56

esd wrote: *edit*
The video has now looped at least 20 times, and he's still saying "and again" after each repeat...
Sounds like he's stuck - give him a gentle nudge & see if he says something else :)

*edit* having now seen the highQ vid..
Well - must say that overaall I'm most impressed.

Is it using the same engine (tweaked) or a new one ??
Is it truely 'in game' footage - if so I'm more than 'most' impressed.

As others have said - looks purdy :)

I'm relatively new to the X universe, but was still impressed by the current engine & how well its stood the test of time (although I suspect that the newer HW may have improved things over when it was released).

This looks like its gonna be a hit chap. :D
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