[X3:R] Video guides by rabiddeity

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[X3:R] Video guides by rabiddeity

Post by rabiddeity » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 02:49

{NB: This thread/guide relates to X3-Reunion - Rapier, Feb 09}

Inspired by this thread, I figured X3 could do with a set of video tutorials geared toward new players, because some people are still being introduced to the series. So here you go. If I'll release them over the next several weeks as I finish them. You need the xvid codec (or a compatible MPEG-4 codec) to play them.

I. The Interface (4:49, 24.3 MB, text)
II. Basic Flight (9:30, 28.3 MB, text)
III. Ships and Ship Types (11:40, 43.7 MB, text)
IV. Combat (speech completed, not yet done)
V. Controlling Ships Using the Command Menu (script written, not yet done)
VI. Trading (not started yet)
VII. Stations and Complexes (script written, not yet done)

If you have any comments for improving the videos, please post them here and I'll see what I can do. If you want to translate them into another language, please PM me and I'll provide you with details.

Thanks, Egosoft, for making such an awesome game and supporting it even after 3 years.
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Post by exogenesis » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 04:33

Very good idea, possibly something ES should supply as standard.

This looks like an awful lot of work, especially considering the first
video covers 'just' the menu-interface basics.

Video quality is good, especially with the zoom in parts.

Keep up the good work, I'm sure many new players could benefit from this :thumb_up:

Dom Devore
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Post by Dom Devore » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 09:17

Great idea! Wish I had something like this a week ago.

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Post by ShoC » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 12:37

will help my mate get into the game. without asking me for help (something he dont want for some reason)

you never know this might get a stickie status.
Bloomin should do.

EDIT: you certainly got the voice for the tutorial :D
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Post by Coffee-Man » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 12:52

Simply great!

Wish I had something like that at my very beginning.
Really a good voice and a clear pronunciation, even me, the stupid german, understand everything :D.

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Post by johnnywas » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 14:52

Great stuff

I once asked whether there was a video tutorial on dog fighting skills, like strafing and barrel rolls perhaps you can cover that in your series - but the ideas you have already look really helpful.


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Post by SymTec ltd. » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 15:13

my compliments, great work.

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Post by Xenon_Slayer » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 15:14

That is really nice. Unfortunatly the num-Enter main menu was forgotten, I find that one the most useful.

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Post by Ralon » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 15:37

Good Idea, my friend is going to buy X3 soon (after much nagging and praisal from me :P) so these will be usefull for him to start off :D
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Post by rabiddeity » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 16:21

Thanks for all the positive feedback! The next video should be out in about a week.

@SymTec ltd. Yep, that's me speaking. I wrote out a script, tried to read from it as clearly as I could, and then increased the speed by 10% using Audacity. Thanks to the magic of computers, I can talk as slowly as I want!

@johnnywas Strafing and barrel rolls will definitely be covered in the Combat section. The combat stuff assumes the player already knows how to manually target ships and fly their ship around, so I figure it's better to cover basic targeting and navigation before that. :)

@exogenesis Yes, it's a lot of work, but it's also a very complex game with lots of material to cover, even in the basics. All the more reason to have tutorials, right? I'm trying to keep each video segment under 10 minutes, but we'll see how that goes. Just taking a look at the guides sticky, it's a HUGE list.

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Post by jannix » Sat, 23. Feb 08, 20:06

This video is awesome! Great job, rabiddeity. :)

Take your time with your new ones, I am sure if they are as high a quality as this one, it will be a very valuable tool to newcomers.

Its interesting that I've gotten so used to direct shortcuts that I don't remember ever using the click-menus that you demonstrated or the Enter and Escape stuff. :) Just goes to show that you really can play this game in very different ways!

Carl Sumner
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Post by Carl Sumner » Sun, 24. Feb 08, 03:16

Excellent!!! :D

More, Please! :)

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Steve Zodiac
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Post by Steve Zodiac » Sun, 24. Feb 08, 16:42

Bad link for me! :cry:
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Post by rabiddeity » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 14:29

The Basic Flight tutorial has been posted. Sorry for the delay, this one was longer and took a bit more time than I expected. This tutorial covers flight, navigation, and basic autopilot controls.

Again, if anyone wants to translate please let me know.

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Post by Kilmatead » Wed, 5. Mar 08, 21:45

...and the amazing quality continues! This stuff should be required viewing... even those who have been playing for awhile can appreciate the work and effort on display here.

Simply brilliant.


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