Collecting ideas: multi-player in games like X3

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Collecting ideas: multi-player in games like X3

Post by Bernd » Mon, 3. Dec 07, 18:26

Hi everyone

I would like to ask you participate in a small customer survey.

The subject is: What multi-player gaming modes would you like to see in a game similar to X3? Just jot down your wishes and suggestions.

I order to pre-empt the obvious questions: of course we are working on new games, and of course these will eventually have multi-player features in one form or another, but: this survey is hypothetical and should not be mistaken for any kind of indication of our future plans. You will hear more about our current plans soon™.

Please also exclude any ideas you have on the subject of "massive multi-player". As the longer-standing forum members are probably already aware we have had our ideas for an MMOG tucked away for several years, but that is still further off. Right now we are interested in multi-player modes for a game like X3.

So write your wishes and suggestions in this thread.


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Post by ReggieReddog » Mon, 3. Dec 07, 18:28

Oh snap!

I posted something a while back about some ideas I had...i may have to dig that up...
But I would think it cool if it was similar to current FPS-style games where you have a chosen map (or in X I suppose a multi-sector map could even be an option), different classes (M1-M7) to chose from perhaps depending on first-come-first-serve or by rank, a maximum number of ships per class, and then either deathmatch modes or multiple team modes. Perhaps the unused ship class slots could be AI and commanded by players...

Another idea: each team has an amount of money they can spend on ships/upgrades at the beginning of a round. You could buy a bunch of M4s, or a couple M2s or something.

I know people get awfully attached to their trading in X, but multiplayer trading just sounds like it would be kinda "meh" unless it is done really well in an MMO kinda way. I would be happy if there was just some sort of multiplayer battle available.

Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be great fun

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Post by Mudkest » Mon, 3. Dec 07, 18:55

probably an option for others to join your game, might be tcp/ip or some sort of lobby thingie in game. dunno how many ppl the comps/game can handle though

other idear is scenarios, select sector x, people can select what ship/equipment theye want to fly then go in and blast away(think MW multiplayer)

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Wishful wish list

Post by parameter » Mon, 3. Dec 07, 19:25

Hi Bernd, I suppose a ship based version of HALO/Unreal tournament. Capturing bases/sectors or escape and evade. The Strogg spring to mind. You have an objective and must prevail against the nasties to complete it.
I would say that for those of us with limited or no internet connection that single player mode would still be appreciated. My parents are not rich and I cannot hack a bush let alone a bank account.
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Post by clcabbage » Mon, 3. Dec 07, 19:32

Co-op ONLY imo, 2-4 players , that should be able to keep most, if not , all parts of the game together. :wink:
allow you to trade, fight , build, and think as a team.
-- think of it like this: as 1 player does something the other may either help in the task or stand as gaurd , or even go fetch supplies, or do something else entirely.

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Post by Demotruk » Mon, 3. Dec 07, 20:32

The strength of X3 is in it's freedom, if I want to play multiplayer X3 I want it to retain that strength. I realise this is probably not what you're looking for but I'd want to be able to simply play X3 as I play it now, with other people. So all I'd want is for a freelancer style multiplayer, where I or a friend put up a server that a few of us play on, it could be limited to about 16 people maybe. The only gameplay issue I can think of that would arise from this is that SETA would no longer work, and what happens when other players find your stations? They're both just something the player will have to deal with, secure your stations better or hide them where they won't be found.

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Post by foxz88 » Mon, 3. Dec 07, 20:42

clcabbage wrote:Co-op ONLY imo, 2-4 players , that should be able to keep most, if not , all parts of the game together. :wink:
allow you to trade, fight , build, and think as a team.
-- think of it like this: as 1 player does something the other may either help in the task or stand as gaurd , or even go fetch supplies, or do something else entirely.
This would be excellent. I would love to play X3 with a couple of my friends. It would be nice to be able to setup a X3 server and then my friends could connect and play anytime with or without me... So we could work together to conquer the universe!

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Post by Cycrow » Mon, 3. Dec 07, 21:09

the 2 ideas i would like to see would be:

1. A deathmatch sector, a single sector in the game where you can fight it out against other players, kept seperater from the main game where you just have a single ship, or a selection of ships you can command against the other players.

2. Multiplayer competion missions. In the standard game, some of the missions you get from the BBS could be multiplayer, ie, you have other players in thier own games who get these quests availalbe. The quest could be something like trading a certain amount of wares, or making a certain amount of money. The player to complete the quest first will get a reward.

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Post by ReggieReddog » Mon, 3. Dec 07, 21:23

clcabbage wrote:Co-op ONLY imo, 2-4 players , that should be able to keep most, if not , all parts of the game together. :wink:
allow you to trade, fight , build, and think as a team.
-- think of it like this: as 1 player does something the other may either help in the task or stand as gaurd , or even go fetch supplies, or do something else entirely.
Hey yeah, I like the idea of being able to co-op into someone else's game. There could be one person who "hosts" the savegame and other people who link up, download the savegame details, and are plunked into the universe in a buster or something. Either that or they can chose which Player ship they want to take control of. The out of sector data being fed over the internet shouldn't strain pings too bad I wouldn't think; but I don't know what would happen when all the players are in the same sector...
Some optimizations would have to be made to the game for surely.
This would also be great for LAN of course

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Post by Rapier » Mon, 3. Dec 07, 23:09

How many times have we discussed this? Surley this deserves a lock for repitition? :wink:
(well, someone had to say it :D )

Personally, I'm another one in favour of a co-op style of play. We already have 'characters' flying our trading and combat ships, so why not allow tham to be your friends for a while. Or how about taking your python into battle with real people manning the turrets. However, I'd like this to be within my current game as it can be difficult to get a bunch of friends together for long enough to make the money to buy a Python and all the trimmings. To make it really work, there would also have to be some specific co-op missions, at the moment, most challenges can be met by the single player in brute force mode. I understand there is an improved mission editor on the way, I think such a thing would be a necesity and would really allow to create challenges for ourselves and our friends.

Oh, and thanks for tidying up the other stickies too.
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Post by spudsman » Tue, 4. Dec 07, 00:22

For those of us with an itchy trigger finger: Attack/Escort the Convoy;

Kha'ak/Xenon/Pirates vs a group of M5's/M4's/M3's protecting a convoy of AI ships. One group plays the aggressor role, the other side plays the defender. Could also be a "blow up the other's base while defending your own".

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Post by Sandalpocalypse » Tue, 4. Dec 07, 00:47

Freelancer-style, except players can choose to play co op- they can belong to the same faction as another player. They have individual accounts and an overall account.

I think for any multiplayer implementation you would have to tone down the players advantage over the AI (less effective strafe drives) and of course death needs to be

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Post by Random_Guy » Tue, 4. Dec 07, 04:26

1. Deathmatch. You just have to have deathmatch. There should be an option to import ships from a save and an option to set a "spending limit" so each player can buy and equip any ship they want for the fight.

2. Co-op. Like people said above, one person can upload a save and other people can join in. It would be played in the universe where the save was created and you could import a ship of your choice from your file to fly for the mission or something. I don't care how it is implemented, just as long as co-op is there on some level.

Perhaps you could have "co-op files" where two (or more) people manage a single save kept online. They could either have seperate empires or the same empire with two seperate bank accounts (properties would split the money 50/50, you could give your money to the other player, etc...). It would be kinda like an MMO, only within a small circle of people who know each other.

3. Fleet battles. You have a fleet and I have a fleet, lets make them fight. Naturally, you wouldn't lose any of the ships that were destroyed. There should be both an option to import a fleet and an option for each player to buy a fleet with a preset "spending limit".

I might have more ideas later, but I think this is a good start.

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Post by Gammel » Tue, 4. Dec 07, 07:05

Well simple really. (In my opinion)
Players would start the game as per a usual story-line disabled game, but more than one person would start start sitting in an M5 and in the home sector of what ever race they chose to start with.
Setting that can be modified before the game would be player race, starting cash and ships.
Each player's name would appear in the Race Friend/Foe list so you can set each player to what you want them to be.
Then everyone would play as normal.

When a player is killed they, obviously, cant reload. So they would either take the option use one of their salvage insurances to respawn as you died on the spot, spend the price of your ship to respawn as you died on the spot, stop playing and go into observer mode, or quit the game entirely.

It would be difficult for players to use mods, as its likely everyone would have to be running the same ones. :-/
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Post by Silpion » Tue, 4. Dec 07, 14:29

Plug- & Play-Universe:
A server application based universe in which few players can log in and out whenever they wish. When a player is not logged in their property is controlled by the AI and when they log in back again, all ships, stations, wares etc. are set back to whatever they were when the player logged out.

Factions controlled by multiple players:
The above could be modified to a coop mode where payers can belong to the same faction and essentially behave like a single player controlling multiple ships. All players of one faction could share the control of all stations and remote controlled ships.


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