X2 The Threat High Difinition Pack V1.2

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X2 The Threat High Difinition Pack V1.2

Post by Player. » Sat, 30. Jun 07, 23:27

Greetings to all X2 Players. :)

This is my first mod ever, while not too many people play X2 I would like those who are playing to get the best out of it. The X2 Definition Pack in its current version makes some improvments to the background, planets and more... :wink:

Version 1.2 of the High Definition Pack is now officially released!

This version is fully compatible with the latest patch (1.5) and save games, no game play changes have been made, this mod is only intended for graphical changes.

The purpose of this mod is to "refresh" X2 graphically, changes included in this mod:

- Cockpits are back!

- New planet textures

- New ship textures

- New stations textures

- New station logo's

- Faces are no longer seen thru the spacesuit

- Some minor changes in cut scenes

- Some HUD changes

- Many bump maps updated

See next release for a full change list

:arrow: To download go to: http://www.moddb.com/mods/x2-high-defin ... hd-pack-12

How to install:

Download and apply the 06 Cat and Dat files as a false patch. Just put them in your root X2 directory - its that simple :)
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Chris Gi
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Post by Chris Gi » Sun, 1. Jul 07, 18:42

Wow! Looks really nice :thumb_up: Like Xtm goes X2 !
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Post by dathion » Mon, 2. Jul 07, 11:49

It looks great Ill have to try it next weakend,
so next sunday or monday ill give some feed back

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Post by LifeMatrix » Wed, 4. Jul 07, 07:03

Looks very cool, alright. :thumb_up:

I wasn't aware that extra visual definition could be added. (That is, without jacking up the screen resolution, antialiasing, and/or purchasing a new grafx card.)

Was this accomplished by replacing textures with higher resolution samples? Or perhaps some adjustments to the lighting?

I'm willing to try it out. However, does this mod significantly increase the strain on the GFX card and/or CPU? I ask because as it is X2 is already pushing this PC to the limit.
Maybe I should wait until I get a new GFX card, then? :D
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Post by Player. » Wed, 4. Jul 07, 11:41

I am not sure, I play X2 on a 7600GS so I dont see a change either way... :roll:
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Post by Dastardly » Fri, 6. Jul 07, 11:18

FYI, I didn't notice any drop in FPS on my 6600 after activating the pack. All it does is replace a number of textures (starfields, planetary textures, etc) with much larger and more detailed versions.

The change is subtle but worth it. Shouldn't give you any problems unless your video card is incredibly ancient.

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Great Job!

Post by SWAHILI!!! » Wed, 28. Nov 07, 14:25

Sorry to bring this post back to life.
I just installed it, and all I can say is wow.

The graphics are greatly improved! The asteroids look a lot more realistic and the backgrounds are a lot better, too.

About how many planets did you change?

It only makes my game run choppy in some of the more 'dense' sectors, i.e. sectors that have a higher number of capital ships or stations that have lots of asteroids, but that's not that many.

I hope you make a version 2.

Maybe you could either edit or add some new planets such as a lava planet or something.

Great job on it!

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Post by Eugene1 » Wed, 26. Dec 07, 01:29

Reinstalling X2 on a much faster computer...very basic question: do the two files REPLACE the "05" numbered cat and dat files in the game, or should they be renumbered the next unused file number (for me, "06")?

Sorry I am not familiar with the "false patch" method - I searched around in this and the tech forums, googled, but could not get the answer. Thnaks for any help on this!

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Post by ninjitsumonk » Wed, 26. Dec 07, 12:57

The X games prioritise files from the highest number cat/dat to the lowest, with "mod" cat/dats taking even more priority, so renaming this 06 will give it priority over 05, 04, 03, 02, and 01.
However if you rename it 07, it will not be recognised as only consequetive numbers are used.

This is done so that it doesn't clash with any other mods(or shouldn't do anyway) clashes will only occur if the selected mod package contains the same files.
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Post by Eugene1 » Wed, 26. Dec 07, 20:17

Thanks very much for the information! I didn't know about the priority rankings.

I went ahead and renamed the new Hi Def files "06." But what I'm not sure about is whether they were intended to replace the stock 05 cat and dat files, and therefore should NOT have been renumbered, just dropped in as the original posting says. Perhaps after backing up the stock 05's?

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SymTec ltd.
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Post by SymTec ltd. » Thu, 27. Dec 07, 00:06

No. Files in lower .cat's are replaced by the one in higher .cat's automatically. I can really not imagine a case where a file would have to be deleted without being overwritten, so I cannot imagine that you need to overwrite the 05.cat.

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Post by gdn » Sat, 29. Dec 07, 08:08

link broken, or at least for me. wants me to install addon... Microsoft (r) dynamic HTML editing control... is this safe? will this fix link?
thnks in advance

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Post by Rnett » Fri, 4. Jan 08, 19:41

Seems like it's working now.

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Help needed

Post by EddieDoherty » Sun, 13. Jan 08, 05:18


I have downloaded this mod and now have a .rar file saved. This is probably a silly question, but I remember coming across these files in the past and I didn't have a clue what to do with them then. Nothing has changed!

What do I do with this .rar file to find the .cat and .dat files that I am supposed to put in the X2 folder? No mention of this type of file has been made anywhere in this post, so could someone with a bit more knowledge than me (not difficult) please advise? :?



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Post by Nanook » Thu, 24. Jan 08, 02:54

RAR files are similar to ZIP files. They're compressed. They just use a different compression scheme and so need a different utility to decompress them. Try googling 'winrar' and you should find a version you can download and install.
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