[Script][V1.0] Goner Emergency Jumpdrive Insurance

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[Script][V1.0] Goner Emergency Jumpdrive Insurance

Post by SymTec ltd. » Sat, 27. Jan 07, 17:00

Goner Emergency-Jumpdrive Insurance - Version 1.0

In recent times, pilots died because they entered insecure areas without the right equipment, because life in the X-Universe gets more and more dangerous and all enemies work on improving their weapons. For some time now, the Goner community offers a salvage insurance for endangered pilots. However, they noticed that preventing pilots from dying is far more effective than just picking up the pieces after the fight and reanimating the pilot.

As soon as a pilot owns a salvage insurance, he will also have an Emergency Jumpdrive Insurance that helps him evading dangerous situations. He assigns a cockpit key to the jumpdrive to be able to leave immediately when his ship is about to be destroyed. This insurance only works for the playership!

Image _ Image _ Image

This script enables the player to start the "Emergency-Jumpdrive", that rescues the playership out of a fight immediately and without any waiting time. If the player owns a salvage insurance, he will be informed about the correct installation and the possibilities of this jumpdrive via message. Players who do not own a salvage insurance will get this message as soon as they start the game after buying one. After getting this message, you will have to assing a hotkey.

This script contains three scriptfiles and one textfile. TextID is 8755.

Direct Download V1.0

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Post by ek3515809 » Sat, 27. Jan 07, 18:44

Nice one!!! :) :) :)

this is what the jumpdrive is for!!! I have one question tough, do you have to preset a spawning point before you can use it?


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SymTec ltd.
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Post by SymTec ltd. » Sat, 27. Jan 07, 18:55

No spawning point. You do not need to define where you want to spawn after the jump, nor do you need to have a jumpdrive at all - the Goners will just grab your ship out of space and send it into any random nearby sector there is, through the closest jumpgate connection. This might even work for Kha'ak sectors, though I haven't tried yet.

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SPK request

Post by Kilrathi Avenger » Sun, 28. Jan 07, 11:27

Any chance of converting these into a Cycrow Script package (SPK). :?:

It sounds very good but i am not versed in script installation/removal :? so i always use Cycrow script installer.

Cheers :twisted:
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Post by SymTec ltd. » Sun, 28. Jan 07, 12:17

I included a readme that covers installing and uninstalling.

What you do:
1.: You take the 448755.xml from the .zip, look for your "EGOSOFT"-folder and move it into the "t"-folder (e.g. C://Program Files/EGOSOFT/X3 Reunion/t)
2.: You take the other .xml-files from the .zip, then open the "scripts"-folder (e.g. C://Program Files/EGOSOFT/X3 Reunion/scripts) and put the scriptfiles in there.
3.: After that, you start the game. There is nothing complicated to it, it's just copying a few files from one folder to another.
4.:To activate the Script editor, you change your playername to "Thereshallbewings", which also is not a very complicated thing to do :)

To uninstall, remove the files from the folders. Uninstalling is not harder than installing.

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