Pirate Anarchy Port in X3?/Slaves Q

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Pirate Anarchy Port in X3?/Slaves Q

Post by Colonelnj10 » Mon, 29. May 06, 23:24

1Is there one, I need a place to buy Misc Crap
2 how do you sell slaves, sell passengers from Tour missions?[/quote]

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Post by NeverSnake » Tue, 30. May 06, 00:51

1. If you mean a pirate anarchy port then you'll find it in exactly the same place.

2. You can scoop up pilots who have bailed from ships and sell them as slaves once you fit a life support system to your ship.
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Post by Cycrow » Tue, 30. May 06, 01:22

to sell your passengers as slaves, you need to use a script

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