Stupid question : TS (or TP) from 2nd mission?

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Stupid question : TS (or TP) from 2nd mission?

Post by site4gnome » Wed, 24. May 06, 23:06

what kind of ship exactly are you in the rear turret of for the second plot mission? For the life of me I can't remember ever seeing any kind of TP or TS that can mount PBEs...

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Post by Risky » Wed, 24. May 06, 23:17

Oh, I though it was MD I was using, but then I've never previously used either.

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Post by Uzi77 » Wed, 24. May 06, 23:40

Using the 'cheat' scripts is a good way to find all of these random ships. It's a personnel carrier I think, and it looks quite cool. Not sure about the weapons. (Not available in un-scripted game, but looks quite nice)

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Post by Andaius » Thu, 25. May 06, 02:46

I believe they're "Military Transports" or something like that if memory serves. In another mission along the way you encounter another one, and that was it's name, or the one betty said IIRC.

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Post by Cycrow » Thu, 25. May 06, 03:29

yeah its the Goner Miltary transport, and it can equip a special PBE as well

its a plot ship only thou

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