[SCRIPT] Shield to Drive Booster v1.01 28/06/2006

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A dJ
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[SCRIPT] Shield to Drive Booster v1.01 28/06/2006

Post by A dJ » Mon, 23. Jan 06, 23:27

Ok I know there is already a similar script (kinda) available, but for the scripts-whores here's another. :P


v1.01 English Only Readme

: Description :

  • Gives your ship an extra speed boost for a small duration dependant on the ships current
    shield strenght. (works on playership only)


    • Shield to Drive Booster
      • Available for purchase at a few Argon Equipment Docks.

        1x BBS message for selling the device.

    Operating Instructions:
    • Assign Key/Button: press Escape, click Controls, click Interface, scroll down,
      highlight Shield to drive Booster, press Enter, add your favorite key (combo).

      Boost: press Assigned Key.

    Detailed Specifications:

    • Adds: 28 Engine tunings.

      Adds: 16 Rudder Optimizations.

      Duration: 1.4x Shield Strenght. (approx. shield reload time)

      Costs: Shield Strength to use. (complete drain)

      Current Price: 95.343 credits.

: Change Log :
  • v1.01
    • - BBS issue fixed

    • - Initial release

: Installation Instructions :
  • (.spk)

    1) Install with Script Installer.
    2) Start the game.
    3) Start a new game or Load a Save (enable Script Editor) then Save and Load again.


    1) Extract to your main X3 folder.
    2) See step 2 & 3 above.

: Uninstall Instructions :
  • *tip: Sell your Shield to Drive Booster first.

    1) While in-game not docked do as follows.
    "SHIFT+c" -> "s" -> "ENTER" -> highlight "adj.stdb.remove" -> "r" -> "ENTER" -> "ENTER"
    2) Save & Repeat step 1 for all your savegames (to be safe) then continue to step 3.
    3) Quit the game.
    4) Disable or Remove script files with Script Installer. (or Manually)

: Technical Data :
  • Text File Used
    • 447771

    Text Page Used
    • 7771

    Command Extension Ware Used

    • 28;0;0;0;0;67;5833;0;3396;1;1;0;3396;-100000;0;0;SS_WARE_SW_NEW9; 95,343 credits
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Post by Blinki1984 » Mon, 23. Jan 06, 23:32

Great idea :D

At the beginning of every fight with pirates they say something, isn't it possible to connect this somehow along with the boost system ?

This way you could also use it along with AI ships

A dJ
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Post by A dJ » Tue, 24. Jan 06, 00:05

I'm not sure if you would like to have your ships shields drained while they're engaging enemies. :lol:

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Post by strude » Wed, 28. Jun 06, 09:32

I just installed the script the other day and I get messages on the BBS asking if I want to sell my shield to drive booster, but I haven't even bought one yet?

A dJ
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Post by A dJ » Wed, 28. Jun 06, 16:21

Ok should be fixed now. I must have totally missed that while testing the script.

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