[Cheat] God Mode v1.1 Addon 1v2 26/01/2006

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A dJ
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[Cheat] God Mode v1.1 Addon 1v2 26/01/2006

Post by A dJ » Tue, 6. Dec 05, 18:23

Well I'm feeling lucky today so here ya go another script.

Many thanks to... nuclear_eclipse ofcourse.

Update v2
  • - Is now compatible with the Cheat Scripts Package by LV.

Addon 1v2
X3-God Mode v1.1 Addon 1v2.zip or
X3-God Mode v1.1 Addon 1v2.spk use with Script Installer v1.30 or above (by Cycrow)

God Mode v1.1

: Plugin Name :

God Mode v1.1 Addon 1v2

: Authors :

God Mode v1.1 by Nuclear_Eclipse
Addon 1v2 by A dJ

: Description :

This update adds the same function from the God Mode script to Stations.

: Version :

1.1 Addon 1v2

: Change Log :

v1.1 Addon 1v2
- Changed Command code to 1120 (not used currently) for compatibility with LV's cheat scripts.
v1.1 Addon 1
- Adds God Mode for Stations

: Installation Instructions :

1) Make sure you have God Mode v1.1 by Nuclear_Eclipse installed correctly.
2) Extract the archive into your main X3 directory (Extract with paths,
overwrite existing files!).
3) Start the game.
4) Start a new game or Load a Save and Save/Load again.

Remember to save the archive for uninstallation purposes (see below).

: Uninstall Instructions :

1) Open up the archive.
2) Find & Delete the matching files in the X3 Direcories.
(If you'd like to keep god mode v1.1 do not delete the t\447890.xml file)
3) Load/Save any Save you might have had which were using the Plugin.

Delete the archive

: Compatibility Issue :

This addon might show glitches should the God Mode script be updated.
Not sure of any other plugin conflicts. I'm using alot & still runs fine here.

: Why I wrote it :

First I had stations/other objects destroying my ships.
After enabling God Mode however I had ships destroying stations instead, so
here we are having God Mode for both.

Shared with permission. :)
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Post by Zergos » Thu, 22. Dec 05, 12:58

Helo. Working this script in X2?

A dJ
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Post by A dJ » Thu, 22. Dec 05, 15:27

Probably yes, but I'm not sure about that.

EDIT: Does not work in X2. According to NE it cannot work in X2 ever.
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A dJ
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Post by A dJ » Thu, 26. Jan 06, 21:11

Updated & Package Available :)

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Post by ElBandy0815 » Sat, 8. Jul 06, 10:54

hi A dJ

hab there two ask 1. from what is that a update? there stands which that it is to be lost a erweiterung in the readme and I look for something for certain aktionen where it is hinterlich his schilde. I get 2.der seitek profiler how it at that run, simply in the hauptverzeichnis of x3?

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Can't download God Mode v1.1

Post by mellier » Sat, 21. Apr 07, 22:05

sorry but i can't download God Mode v1.1 at http://x.leetcode.net/x3/godmode.rar
thank you

A dJ
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Post by A dJ » Sun, 22. Apr 07, 01:32

Try this link -> http://delta.wiserhosting.co.uk/~thepip ... odmode.rar provided by nirwin

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Post by barracuda231 » Wed, 6. Aug 08, 18:27

im trying to download god script but the two links given on this page dont work... please help

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Post by MBD » Wed, 6. Aug 08, 23:07

I uploaded the 'God Mode v1.1 2005-11-13' script by Nuclear_Eclipse two months ago when the last person before you asked for it. You can download from here: http://www.filefactory.com/file/f72978/ The link is still good.

Later, MBD.
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Post by hamrd1 » Sun, 14. Jun 09, 15:26

Is there anyway someone still has the "God Mode" for an over the hill gamer? some of these things move to fast for an old fart such as myself and I need a little help trying to get through this

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Post by hamrd1 » Sun, 14. Jun 09, 15:31

Oops forgot my bifocals sonny thanks for the upload


Post by tawhitt » Sat, 8. Oct 16, 20:37

A dj,i know this is an old post but i just found it so its new to me, i just downloaded your god mode script it only like 2.6 kb,is that right? also i need some help with installing it, i can't use the plugin manager because i have the DRM free version from gog games, so can u tell me in some detail like u would tell a 4 yr. old? i can follow directions well as long as they are detailed directions i hope u still monitor this post or u get some sort of notice when u get a reply,ty bro.

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