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Post by spankahontis » Fri, 27. Apr 18, 19:55

Fleabum wrote:I see why Egosoft decided not to implement procedual generation for the X (series) game universe, but it would be nice in the future for Egosoft to consider a X based game that was procedually generated.


maybe put enough support in the game engine that people with the resources could mod the game to be larger/procedual to starting sectors/races/stations ect.


It just needs to be done in a way that isn't bland.

The Latest Dynasty Warriors shows what happens when an Open World
goes wrong.
All that land with no substance or things going on.

One can understand why Egosoft likes to get out the brush and do everything by Hand rather than random generation.
I guess it's about finding that balance between Procedural Generation and good old imagination.
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Post by Ketraar » Wed, 2. May 18, 22:37

Ins't that the whole point of life, the universe and everything? Finding the right balance is basically 42. They even made 8 movies about it and a 9th is on the way. :-P



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Post by LittleBird » Wed, 2. May 18, 23:13

What the... Today I finished The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (series) and exactly know what you mean.
Glad I could fill that education gap.
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Post by Honved » Fri, 4. May 18, 18:09

spankahontis wrote:I guess it's about finding that balance between Procedural Generation and good old imagination.
There's the key. Pure procedural generation lacks "imagination", and most of it ends up just being obviously mindless. Purely manual placement is tedious and expensive (time = money), and once you've seen it, there's no longer any surprise or incentive to explore for the player. It's once and done.

Finding that magic balance between procedural generation and hand-placed content is the ideal. Some things happen in every campaign, and others don't.

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Post by ZaphodBeeblebrox » Fri, 4. May 18, 18:44

There are many things that could be "randomized" at the beginning of a new game.

Faction names. Each race could easily had a set of factions names that are randomly selected from at the start of a new game. Only restrictions are on those that have to be spoken as part of the plot.

Position of stations within zones/sectors/clusters. I am sure its possible to shuffle station positions within a zone so that the exact start positions are not always identical. Even might be possible to change the initial configuration of stations so that they look different on each new start.

Position of some asteroid fields. Have some asteroid fields that can appear in different zones. So a sector may have an asteroid field but the actual zone changes each game start.

Zone / Sector / Cluster names. These could varied by selecting from a list of names at the start of the game. Might even be possible to randomize the location of zones within a sector. Have a bunch of zones that may or may not appear in the game or become available at random timed intervals.

Faction Fleets and patrols. Add a random element to number and size of faction fleets and patrols at game start.
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