Automatization game pacing.

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Automatization game pacing.

Post by csatrad » Mon, 30. Apr 18, 10:13

In X Rebirth, mods made the game pacing from good to perfect, but even the most elaborated mod could not fix 1 thing which wierdly already in the game but not every part of the game. (in the form of buying new drones)
Automatized (npc handled) RE-requsition of lost ships.

The only reliable way of maintaining a pirate free enviroment for docked traders, and small fery ships is to have a decent fast ships attached to a stationary battleship with huge radar range to spot the. early enough, but there isnt a good enough ship or formation where they can survive the first rocket and volley fire exchange without at least 1 loss.

Beacuse of this a continous maintenance neccesery (be it not that frequent) that after a point caps the players avaiable time and turns it into a facebook game where you just click on shipyards to keep the ships rolling in to replace the constant losses.

By excelent phasing of the game I mean:
Early challanges becomes trivial, but new similary hard challanges replace it.
I.e.: When you capture/build youre first capital ship, you go for a fun journey to find and upgrade the best crew for it! But when you get like 5+/hour you find getting crew tedious let alone farming upgrades for all of em, you rather spend time micromanaging them to be effective border guards for youre trading fleets AAAaand this where the auto crew and passive upgrade over time mods help out to MOVE YOU'RE GAMING EXPERIENCE to a new level and NOT TIED DOWN to already experienced parts of the gameplay.

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Post by Killjaeden » Mon, 30. Apr 18, 15:38

agreed. Also related to this topic:
X games tend to bog down lategame due to dozends of little simple things that all need manual supervision.
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