The map in X4 Foundation

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Re: The map in X4 Foundation

Post by spankahontis » Fri, 20. Apr 18, 17:26

csaba wrote:
Kazansky22 wrote:OMG Thank the heavens and the lord!!!!
The map looks amazing, and the ability to teleport to whatever ship I own that I want is a godsend, I'll finally be able to manage my empire/fleets in the mid/late game without putting my hair out!!!

I ask that you please let me assign an "explore" mission to the AI controlling one or more of my ships and select a route or sector ect... for them to explore. Also if I could set rules for trading ships as to establish border which they will not cross or routes they will not take. So I can set a global order on areas they will not enter "to keep them safe"

Everything is looking great at the moment, does anybody know when X4 Foundation is coming out?
Why would you want AI to explore? By the looks of it they can but I'd want to do it myself. Well what is one man's meat is another man's poison. ˘˘\_(˙_˙)_/˘˘

Yes blacklisted sections have to be a must! As in X3, or was it the logistics mod?

Yes, that was a Mod.
But still, Egosoft implemented chunks of the Bonus pack from X3 to Rebirth.
Blacklisting should be added to keep ships out of Xenon sections.
My most annoying Bugs list 2.50 Beta 2
Xenon & Kha'ak Stations wont die STILL HAPPENING :evil:

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