New Laptop has 2 Graphic Cards Intel 4600 & GT750M X2 & X3 only see Intel 4600

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New Laptop has 2 Graphic Cards Intel 4600 & GT750M X2 & X3 only see Intel 4600

Post by roasted_monk » Tue, 16. Jul 13, 16:20

Ok..first I'm no dummy. I've gotten all X's to run flawlessly in Linux and of course on my Win7.

This is my first laptop with two graphics the Intel 4600 and the GT750M, so I'm sure I'm just missing a setting. It's the ACER V3-772G-9829 with Win8(yuck). With Nvidia Driver 311.3.

Here is the Problem. When launching X2 or X3 when I go to the graphic settings in the splash screen the only option is the Intel HD4600 integrated and not the GT750M

I've searched high and low and tried all the solutions I could find with the searches. I'll list them.

I've tried to disable the Integrated 4600 and reboot and then launch. That only gets me a graphic option of "Microsoft Basic Display Driver".

I've tried changing in the Nvidia control panel the option under global settings changing the "Preferred Graphics" to "High Performance Nvidia"

Also changing under Global the setting of Power Management Mode to "Prefer Maximum Performance"

I've also changed under Program Settings in the Nvidia Control Panel to change each Program to use the Nvidia Graphics Card.

Yes the GT750M is working and enabled. I can benchmark it with furmark etc...

I also enabled "Run with Graphics Processesor" in the context menu...but when I right click on the .exe I don't see an option of "run with graphics processor".

I would love to find that option so I can try it.

All these things and still ONLY Intel HD4600 listed in the graphics settings of the splash screens.

Also...I have NOT disabled the integrated graphics from the bios. Would rather keep the integrated graphics running if can.

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Post by CBJ » Tue, 16. Jul 13, 16:40

I'm not sure if this will help you.

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Post by roasted_monk » Tue, 16. Jul 13, 16:53

Thank You!

It did. Not quite sure what to make of the results. First the right click "to run with graphics processor" is still not avail even though it is enabled like in the vid.

The splash screen still shows Intel Graphics 4600 as the only option. But when I start X2 in a window and check the Nvidia GPU activity window it does show that X2 is using the Graphics card. Hmm...time to do benchmark with my old laptop with the GTX260M and compare to see if the GT750M is actually running the show.

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Post by Heylanwe » Mon, 11. Sep 17, 19:51

I also have only one option there and for me it didn't work. It's lagging :/

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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 11. Sep 17, 20:41

@ Heylanwe: This is a really, really old thread that you have necro'd here. Please start your own new thread and include the system information asked for in the forum Sticky, and most especially a fresh DxDiag.

There are more recent issues of this type reported, but we need to know about your own circumstances in order to try to help.
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