Spacefly Eggs

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Bill Huntington
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Spacefly Eggs

Post by Bill Huntington » Sun, 30. Jul 17, 18:32

I've had these Spacefly Eggs for three full days. How long before they hatch? And how come my other Spaceflies aren't producing more eggs?

Anyone know how to set up a self sustaining Spacefly Hatchery?
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Post by RAVEN.myst » Sun, 30. Jul 17, 18:56

Hahahahah, nice! :D I'm afraid those eggs aren't fertile - so go right on ahead and make an omelette... :P

As for breeding spaceflies in captivity - maybe they're shy? I remember being told how pandas in captivity were finally made to mate, but sadly I forget the specifics, I remember only that the solution was very simple and possibly downright obvious... Oh yes, I think I remember now: they had them swap cages after some time, so they can scent each other? (Can that be right? Surely having them bunk together would have been tried first and had the same effect? I don't know... *shrug*)
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Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 30. Jul 17, 18:58

For X2 there was a 2004 mod by AalaarDB.
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