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[MOD][AP]New Race Ranks
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PostPosted: Fri, 17. Aug 12, 18:39    Post subject: [MOD][AP]New Race Ranks Reply with quote Print

This mod changes race rankse. It is inspired by Ranks for Xenon, Kha'ak, Pirates and Yaki and Numeric Race Rank Titles, Notoriety list with point values.

It is also compatible with Xenon, kha'ak, pirate and yaki ranks. Just install version 1. or 2.

There are four versions of the mod, all included in the download:
1.) Numeric "ordinary" reputation ranks - ranks are inspired by X lore but more accurate than Vanilla. uses coloured numeric rank system.
2.) Numeric military ranks - military ranks for great races (recommended script is Wecho's Slow Notoriety for role playing)
3.) Non numeric "ordinary" reputation ranks - same as 1.) but without numbers in ranks
4.) Non numeric military ranks - same as 2.) but without numbers in ranks (recommended script is Wecho's Slow Notoriety for role playing)

Pirate ranks are intentionaly disorganized, Yaki have some structure, Xenon are binary numbers, and Kha'ak are inspired by unused Vanilla material.
All 4 are the same in every version of the mod!

What this mod uses is:
Arrow text file page id: 9335

download rar

Unrar and select which version you would like to use.
Just unrar to your X3tc root dir or X3TC addon dir (for AP) and roll the game.
For use with Ranks for Xenon, Kha'ak, Pirates and Yaki go to t directory and copy and rename 9335-L044.xml to 7004-L044.xml
If you find bugs or strange errors, please report them!
If you have suggestions or ideas on how to better this script, share your idea!

Permissions are here

Ordinary Ranks Overview Example

Enemy of all Argon
Dangerous Psychopath
Wanted Criminal
Suspected Criminal
Federation Citizen
Known Patriot
Federation Official
Helpful Benefactor
Trusted Public Figure
Senate Advisor
Government Advisor
Senate Member
Government Minister
True Federation Leader

Enemy of the Lawless
Bounty Hunter
Police Assistant
Police Sympathizer
Suspected Informer
Petty Criminal
Professional Criminal
Hardened Lawbreaker
Seriously Deranged
Psychotic Killer
Mass Murderer

Military Ranks Overview Example

Enemy of Holy Paranid Navy
Enemy of Xaar's Guard
Unholy Creature
Lower life
Privileged Pet
Potential Asset
Combat Trainee
Guard Leader
Battle Priest
War Priest
Lord Captain
Priest Lord Admiral

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