[Script] Long Range Scanner 1.0 30/4/10

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[Script] Long Range Scanner 1.0 30/4/10

Post by LV » Fri, 30. Apr 10, 18:44


Imperial Library Scripts MUST BE INSTALLED

Long Range Scanner

The New Low Frequency Locator has four levels, You can upgrade the device via the Bank(not ready yet) or by docking at pirate bases.

The scanner will allow you to scan any ship anywhere, It will report dependant on level the scanned ships details.

To equip the scanner Level 1 costs 400,000 credits, at this level you will get minimal information from the ship covering the pilots skill levels

Level 2 allows access to more information including it's orders (where the ship is trading) and destination and other upgrades, Level 2 costs 1 million credits

Level 3 covers all the ships details and cargo, the cost is 5 million credits

Level 4 is for hunters only, It will report details of all marines and boarding thresholds, it cost 50 million credits


Below level 4 the scan may be detected and blocked, in addition the ship could become hostile. Even at L4 there is a slight chance of detection

Level 4 Menu (Trade Ship)


Level 4 Marine Info (combat)


Using The Scanner

Once enabled via the hotkey menu after you buy the L1 scanner just run it.

The scanner will first use shield and laser power to boost the signal and the further the sector where your scanning a ship the longer it takes.

Once your shields are below 10% it will also tap into your energy supplies and use (distance in jumps*2) energy cells per second.

The scan terminates if energy is unavailable so be close or well stocked.

In addition the scanner degrades and you can repair it when docking at pirate bases. If it is not repaired it will be destroyed. (Below L4)


Tech Info

t 8838
no commands/wares



I can't install
Tutorial Opening the Script Editor

I've Installed and it doesn't work
How To Use AL Plugins

I still cant use it
Guaranteed Solution
LV's TC Scripts
Readme's For All My Scripts

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Post by LV » Fri, 30. Apr 10, 18:45

yes i'm an idiot

please kick to s&m :roll: :oops:

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Post by Deleted User » Fri, 30. Apr 10, 18:55

Done :D

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Post by Thrandisher » Tue, 21. Sep 10, 09:47

Mmmm, i could have used this earlyer when i was doing some tests!

Perfect script, thanks!
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Post by Tiedyeguy » Fri, 4. Mar 16, 23:04

Sorry for the Necromancy. I'm getting back into AP after a few years away.

Does anyone know where to find a direct download for this? The link sends me to a Google Code archive with roughly 400 files and no way to search within the archive. I didn't see this file anywhere though.
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Post by Viliae » Sat, 5. Mar 16, 16:40

I hope thats it: https://storage.googleapis.com/google-c ... rs.1.0.rar
There is a lot of "Long Range Cargo Scanners", although only this one is made by LV.

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