[SCRIPT] Empire Supply Logistics (Formerly [CDS] by Klaatu) 2011-04-03

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[SCRIPT] Empire Supply Logistics (Formerly [CDS] by Klaatu) 2011-04-03

Post by vizerei » Sun, 3. Apr 11, 22:00

Empire Supply Logistics (ESL)

Original Script by Klaatu (Reproduced with permission from Klaatu)

::This script is free to be reused in your scripts/mods as long as you say thankyou in your topic :D::

Efficient Supply Logistics For Your Burgeoning Trade Empire!

Tired of your freighters wasting their flight time by traveling empty half of the time? Tired of paying and training a pilot to do the job a slightly trained Terran monkey/Paranid could do? Do you have two interdependent complexes that need wares from each other? If so, this script is for you!

Image V1.02 or Click Here For Zip-File.

Adds a new command to the trade menu: Empire Supply Logistics.
This script will double the efficiency of freighters transporting supplies between your factories and/or complexes by allowing your freighter to not waste their cargo space on a return trip by coming back empty.

  • You have a Ore/Silicon complex in Freedom's Reach that needs energy
  • You have a Energy/Production Complex that's NOT in Freedom's Reach that needs Silicon and/or Ore
  • You're poor and only have one freighter
This script will allow you to select Energy Cells to bring to your Silicon/Ore complex and have the same freighter return with both Silicon and Ore (space allowing)!

  • A ship of any class
  • Trade Command Software Mk II
  • Freighter (or M3, or TL, my M1) can be a 1-way Trader, transporting wares only one way between Player-Owned stations and returning empty handed, or be a 2-way Trader transporting wares between two Player-Owned stations.
  • Transport up to 2 wares per station
  • Huge ship class (Read: TL) can be used to as long as the TL can dock at the stations (automatic Freight Drone usage coming soon!). I recommend Advanced Complex Hub to really get the most out of your TLs!
  • Script restarts itself in the event of a version upgrade so there is no need to reissue the commands to working freighters already using ESL (except in the case of upgrading from Cargo Delivery Service).
  • Configurable "Station Reserve" that is off limits to the ESL Trader
  • Dead-Lock Avoidance! If the ESL trader can't fill it's hold to the desired level at Station A but Station B has the goods Station A needs the trader will bring what it can (great for brand new complexes needing energy).
  • Automatic Jumpdrive usage (if installed) and energy replenishment from the stations that the ESL trader is serving. In addition if your ESL traders jump energy is set to zero the ESL trader will only fill enough jump energy to make the jump and not waste cargo space on unneeded energy cells!
  • Configurable minimum cargo bay to fill before departing.
  • In the event that the freighter is damaged or one of the stations ceases to exist (stupid IR Kha'ak!) the ESL trader will dock at the nearest shipyard and send a notification message.
  • Being as this is only meant to do the job of a trained Terran monkey/Paranid there is absolutely no enemy avoidance. Some may disagree that this is a feature.
Improvements from Cargo Delivery Service and:
  • Ability to carry two wares instead of one
  • Ability to use TL-Class and other Huge Ships for your traders (great for hub and spoke logistics chains)
  • Jump algorithm has been fixed to prevent the trader from jumping to the middle of the sector
Coming Soon:
  • Automatic Freight Drone usage!
  • Unlimited Number of Wares for all of you missile/weapon super complex people (that includes me :D)
  • Three-Station (Round Robin) Logistics
  • User-configurable ware prioritization (Say that three times fast!)
Stop all CDS traders you have running and save. Remove the CDS script files from your X3:TC install and install ESL. You will have to reconfigure your traders (Sorry but I'm not a good enough at scripting to make it completely seamless :[). This uses the same t-file (8316) as CDS and as such will overwrite CDS's t-file.

Stop all of your ESL traders and save your game. Remove the script either by Cycrow's X3 Plugin Manager or by manually removing the files yourself.
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Revision Information

Post by vizerei » Sun, 3. Apr 11, 22:01

(I get it now)
[Future] ESL Version 1.03
-Added a check that allows the freighter to start with the second station if it's already docked there or in the same sector.
-Added a check to see if Freighter is already carrying goods from one station so that it can pick up where it left off or start going right right way initially instead of wasting a trip.
-Freight Drones?!?!
ESL Version 1.02
-Fixed bug in 1.01 release that caused the player to be prompted for Station B selection twice

ESL Version 1.01
-Initial Release
-Reworked Jumping script to prevent traders from jumping to middle of sector.
-Made ESL a TL compatible script
-Added ability to haul two wares
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Post by vizerei » Sun, 3. Apr 11, 22:06


Once again, the cool kids do it and I have no idea why I'm following suit.

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Post by rujikin » Sat, 21. May 11, 04:17

I installed this but I am not getting the empire supply logistics command in my trade menu. Is this compatible with 3.1?
Using X3 AP + All TC plots enabled

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Post by kerusker » Fri, 8. Jul 11, 10:31

The setup*.xml file is missing in both .zip and .spk.
So this command will not work for anyone.

Maybe the reason there are no posts here?


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Post by Nibel » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 22:42

work with AP ?
link is broken btw

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Post by kelmenwong » Sat, 21. Apr 12, 10:47

don't think this work for AP

the expected command doesn't show up in the Trade command
the ship is equipped Trade MK2

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Post by waz21 » Wed, 26. Mar 14, 01:33

link is broken
anyone find an alternative link?

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