[SCR] Memia AutoScan Sector (V1.10 - 25/06/2013)

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Post by Alexology » Mon, 11. Jan 16, 00:35

Hiper-Boy wrote:Hi,

I'm not getting the mod to show up in Artificial Life settings, I've tried enabling the mod in the Plugin Manager for TC and AP when playing the X-tended 2.2 experimental version for AP and nothing.

It's showing now, go figure...
Same issue for me. Did you find a fix or did it fix itself?

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Post by Zfast4y0u » Mon, 5. Sep 16, 00:11

when you say just ''install'' the script what do you exacly mean with it?

simply copy/paste it in TC/AP folder?where exactly?

anyway in options i get this and script is no working :( any tip would be nice

http://image.prntscr.com/image/7e855e3c ... ebda9.jpeg

http://image.prntscr.com/image/2af14531 ... da9f3.jpeg

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Post by Zfast4y0u » Mon, 5. Sep 16, 17:45

DrBullwinkle wrote:Installation Tips
seams i was doing it on ''hard way'' whole time, ty

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Post by century » Sat, 14. Apr 18, 01:03

it doesn't work for me ... useless

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Re: [SCR] Memia AutoScan Sector (V1.10 - 25/06/2013)

Post by Anghus » Fri, 21. Dec 18, 17:28

None of the links seem to be working. They take me to a Chinese language site with nothing on it that appears to be X3 related. Are the Memia mods hosted anywhere else?

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Re: [SCR] Memia AutoScan Sector (V1.10 - 25/06/2013)

Post by memia » Thu, 2. Jan 20, 14:31

This plugin and the source code is now available on my GitHub at the following location:


The code is under the MIT license so you may copy and modify as required.
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