X3: FL 1.2 Complex Expansion + Custom start problems

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X3: FL 1.2 Complex Expansion + Custom start problems

Post by Ramdat » Fri, 18. Jun 21, 20:50

After using the Complex Planner to add an existing complex to the planner, the TL wanders around aimless instead of attempting to expand the complex.

The custom start might have some sort of problem too. I chose Harmony of Perpetuity as my starting sector with the HQ already built in it. The HSAP in the sector is broken. LFL found the HSAP, and it activates the quest to deploy the beacons, but it won't display its beacons. The HSAP in every other sector functions correctly. Also, ships act like I am IS when I am OOS. For example, when I'm out of sector and watch them move on the sector map, TLs will navigate around the HQ and other stations even though collision shouldn't exist. Further, ships seem to maneuver into position for an IS docking procedure and take time to dock, instead of going there directly like common OOS behaviour. And, lastly, sometimes TLs get stuck while trying to dock at the HQ; they move into a certain position and then stop moving, but still have the dock command active. This type of behaviour only exists in the Harmony of Perpetuity sector.

Here is an unmodded save reproducing both problems. It is marked as modified because it is a custom start and I used Cycrow's cheat package to spawn everything necessary to reproduce the problem. In the save, you can see the HSAP is discovered, the quest is active, but has no beacon markers, and the TL is on a task to build the complex but it is actually wandering around aimlessly. If you fly into the sector Elysium of Light (so you are now OOS), cancel the TL's current command and tell it to dock at the HQ, it will maneuver around and eventually dock, rather than docking directly as expected OOS. And, it takes time to turn. It's docking/maneuvering speed is much faster than normal because I used the cheat package to supertune it, but it still shows the effect. You can spawn a normal Mammoth for a more pronounced effect.

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