Coordinates: - Answered.

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Chantelle Du'
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Coordinates: - Answered.

Post by Chantelle Du' » Fri, 17. Apr 20, 01:44

To what Axis' X.Y.Z. Refer I am doing the shady business plot and am trying to find the Dragon but I cannot position my ship above or below the ecliptic to give me a stating point.

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Re: Coordinates:

Post by jlehtone » Fri, 17. Apr 20, 08:00

Look at the sector map. Does it not show the axis labels?

The default map view shows ecliptic plane. Press 'Ins' to the other plane / pair of axes. X-axis is on both planes.

You can move the cursor on the map and see how/which coordinates change.

The coordinate system is "left-handed".
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Re: Coordinates: - Answered.

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 17. Apr 20, 19:21

There's also a handy autopilot command for this.
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