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The Omicron Historical Society

Post by Newinger » Wed, 11. Mar 20, 23:25

Okay, so I've started to set up a blog about some of my recent experiences in the X universe:

It's a mixture of fictional news service and historical organisation.

The Omicron Historical Society (OHS) is dedicated to the past and present of the X-Universe. Founded a few years after the stabilization of the jump gate network, the society strives to gather, preserve and spread news and knowledge from today and the past, for a better future.

But currently, it seems, it is more occupied with bringing news about the endless Xenon conflict to the people. OHS reporter John Drya is currently aboard a Taranis battleship at Hatikvah's Choice, which is facing two Xenon I and several Ks. The situation does not look good.

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