Galaxy Editor [25.06.2004]

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Galaxy Editor [25.06.2004]

Post by XeHonk » Sat, 10. Apr 04, 03:10

The Galaxy Editor

What's this?
  • - Third party program to create a new (or alter an existing) universe for X2.
    - Place ships, stations, planets.. whatever you want.
    - and more
Can you list some features?
  • - It's possible to create or delete any item you find in X2
    - Store to native X2 map format(xml) which can be played without problems
    - X2 radar icons - sponsored by ReiAyanami[STS]
    - Screenshots of (almost) all ships - sponsored by Drow
    - Default Items - sponsored by MISTERIO
    - available in German and English
    - Random Galaxy Creation
    - 3D sector view - sponsored by vlad
    - Printing & saving as images
What's missing?
  • - Testing every single value for correctness
    - guaranteed bug-freedom
    - naming objects still needs to be done manually
Well, how does it look like? Where do i get it?
  • - Download
    - download at least AND
    - this needs java to be executed
I've downloaded it. What now??
  • - After you've unpacked the archive:
    - Simply start GalaxyEditor.exe
    - Didn't work? Maybe you will have to add a path to GalaxyEditor_yourLanguage.bat
    - Still no luck? post the errormessage in here
Where do i get java? And which version do I need?
  • -
    - I recommend JRE1.5. Nevertheless JRE1.4 will work as well :)
    - What's JDK and JRE? Which one do I need?
    - JRE: Get this to execute programs (e.g. for this GalaxyEditor).
    - JDK: This development kit is only needed to develop your own applications.

What's new?
  • 25.06.2004
    • -bugfix: loading maps with object-names did not work
      -bugfix: loading valid xml-files without an universe as content crashed the editor
      -bugfix: the errormessage (loading invalid maps) popped up behind the loading message
      -bugfix: nebula count was not changable (randomizer)
    • -it's now possible to store views as files (in png format)
      -editor can now load and store/export object names
      -added view: memory usage
      -added view: printable galaxymap
      -added print function
      -changed sectorview to be printable
      -bugfix: (hopefully) fixed some problems when loading (added "-cp ." to all cmd lines)
    17.06.2004 - 2
    • -bugfix: loader is now java 1.4 compatible
      -bugfix: german sectornames were not saved
      -bugfix: readme-windows are now 1.4 compatible
    • -added packet "looks", which contains 3 additional looks
      -changed sector naming (randomizer), it's no longer completely random
      -bugfix: treeview prevented multiple selections to work properly
      -added "reset" button for randomizer (restores default values)
      -added credits
      -added a startup .exe
      -moved config from GalaxyEditor.jar to its own folder
      -added folder ("distrib/custom/") for your own content that should be packed into the mod
      -altered map, now contains ospreys
      -added tiny faq
      -added several looks
      -put everything into one window
      -added key-binding ('r') for randomize sector
      -bugfix: sectorview always showing the same view (german version only)
      -bugfix: argon&teladi shipyard's default items
      -names (mapname??.xml) are now stored as .lang, to avoid confusion
      -3d sectorview can now be opened again after being closed
    12.06.2004 - 2
    • -ctrl key is now used to change the selection
      -bugfix: there was no version number on the last one
    • -selection of multiple objects is now possible
      -added a statistics window
      -randomizer will now remember values of last usage
    • -added descriptions for nebulas
      -3d view is now resizable
      -added screenshots of all nebulas - sponsored by modified
      -bugfix: mines (stations) are now added when randomizing a sector/universe
      -3d sectorview will now show nebulas
      -added models for 3d view - sponsored by Albatros[THU]
      -bugfix: sectornames will now longer be discarded when saving your game
      -export function has become an extra package (to keep small)
    • -added a 3D view - sponsored by vlad
      -added export function
    • -min&max values in the Randomizer's settings dialog
      -single sectors are now randomizable
      -random (and pretty strange) names for randomly created sectors
      -sectors can now be named
      -fixed: error when loading a map with special characters in it's path
    • -internal: preparations for another view
      -added unknown sectors
      -added some specials far from the ecliptic
      -tweaked jumpgates
    • -bugfix: pirate sectors will now no longer have pirate-owned stations by default
      -added switch to make pirates stronger
      -bugfix: sector size, x-size and y-size did not work
    • -it's now possible to create random galaxies
      -bugfix: default items of paranid shield factories caused crashes
    • -bugfix: compability for jre1.4 when loading maps
    • -added default items for all stations
    09.05.2004 - 2
    • -bugfix: fixed a bug that prevented maps from being saved correctly. (this would crash the editor when trying to load them again.)
    • -cut, copy and paste
      -bugfix: tooltips for asteroid-options are now working
      -internal: views are now loaded dynamically
    • -Added default items for most argon stations (created by MISTERIO)
      -internal: externalized strings from configs for easier editing
    • -Images of (almost) all ships
      -added a second version of this download (without large images)
      -Bugfix: The last version could only be executed on systems with german or english os settings. This was fixed.
    • -Translation to german
      -Gate Creator
      -Trade Command Software MK3 was missing in the configs. It has been added.
      -Several other bugfixes and improvements
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Post by XeHonk » Tue, 13. Apr 04, 23:08

just a small update ;)
if anyone is interested..

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Post by [=hris » Wed, 14. Apr 04, 11:58

Looks good :) pity it is java *shudders* :roll:
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Post by XeHonk » Wed, 14. Apr 04, 14:49

what's wrong with java? :)

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Post by DSDShadow » Wed, 14. Apr 04, 18:08

make a readme plz of how to use it

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Post by XeHonk » Wed, 14. Apr 04, 23:00

added some more features
and translated the description of the program, too (look at the first post)

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Post by XeHonk » Fri, 16. Apr 04, 00:53

- scrolling and zooming the sector view with cursor keys
- some more memory :P (updated the .bat to make java supply more memory)
- and some bugfix in the gatevalidator (added scrollbares to make it readable, if there's a lot of invalid gates)

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Post by OD53 » Fri, 16. Apr 04, 02:22

XeHonk interesting info thx what would I do without u!
Oh and thx for mentioning Java and the link very helpful! :wink:

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Post by XeHonk » Fri, 16. Apr 04, 23:36

added tree view of objects in a sector
some keyboard shortcuts
a second screenshot to show some more features :P

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Post by |M| » Mon, 26. Apr 04, 23:41

I can't get it to run-i've:

Ran it as it came
C:\Program Files\Britannica 2003\Ultimate Reference Suite CD\jre\bin\java.exe -jar GalaxyEditor.jar
C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\Local Settings\Temp\I1080752501\Windows\resource\jre\bin\java.exe -jar GalaxyEditor.jar
Unzipped all the .rar's into the folder i unzipped the .bat to

nothing runs. It flicks up a cmd window then vanishes.

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Post by |M| » Mon, 26. Apr 04, 23:49

never mind, i don't know how the hell i've done it but i've bodged it together.

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Post by XeHonk » Tue, 27. Apr 04, 00:24

great :D
but you might want to keep the -Xmx512M option, too.. otherwise the app might crash, once the map gets larger

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Post by XeHonk » Tue, 4. May 04, 22:14

yet another update :)

what's new?
- gate creator: creates gates between 2 sectors you specify
- gate validator: better detection for faulty gates
- sector view: text labels are now centered
- treeview: will now show the object you have selected as soon as it's displayed creation
- bugfix: ships added to stations now have a race and id
- added: newly added items will now have the same race as the object, they are added to
- added: "add item to sector" option for faster access
- options dialogue: dropdown selection for the main directions of objects (e.g. gates)

- bugfix: some changes to regain backwards compability with java 1.4 ^^

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Oh my lord

Post by theboyudreamof99 » Tue, 4. May 04, 23:47

I must warn every1 out there that this is a piece of $#it!

Just joking! :lol: This has got to be the best and simplest editor ever made! A couple clicks and I had my own sector up and runnin! Everything is self-explanatory with helpful popup hits! EASY EASY EASY! That's all I can say!

I only have one do you edit the names of sectors?
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Post by XeHonk » Tue, 4. May 04, 23:59

that's still on my to do list ^^ sorry :P
it's stored in the 44001.xml file i think :]

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