The Life of Mina Estrada X4 Fundation.

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The Life of Mina Estrada X4 Fundation.

Post by solarie99 » Sun, 30. Dec 18, 00:22

Hi :)

First i want to say this is first time i have ever made a story "fan fiction" about my sandbox RP "play trough"
So take that into consideration when you read it. thanks for reading it.


The Life of captain Mina Estrada.

Well it i think when i was about 9 years old, i sat on Argon Prime and watched the light on the night sky.
Wondering about all the fun and enjoyment the people up there had.
I think it was about that time, i decided i wanted to own my own ship and fly among the stars.
And see all the wonders that was out there.

Now 12 years later am 21 years old and have saved up enough credits to get my own ship, it isn't much to look at that is for sure but it is still my little ship.
I cant wait to get up to the stars i thought as i got into the cockpit on my ship.
I sat for a moment my mind drifted, is this really what i want to do ?? i thought.
I shake'd the feeling, and started the engine check and start mode of my ship.

I took off and before i knew it i was up in space, i am finally here i thought as i had both fright and joy in my stomach.
am not sure where to start my journey, i thought. so i carefully approached the Argon dreadnought patrolling the sector.
as i was i think 10 km out when i got a hail from the captain on the Dreadnought.

I answered the hail from him, maybe a bit scared. this is Mina Estrada i answered him.
He answered what i where doing ? i told the captain the story, and he laughed hartly.
And he recommended me to wist the wharf. and he wished me luck, shortly after the ship entered travel mode and he was gone.

I thought well that is a start, so i looked up my map and plotted a course to the wharf.
After some time passed i was finally at the wharf.
As i approached the station i open a hail this is Mina Estrada Requesting to dock. i got an automated reply docking granted bay 1 platform 3.

I went true the docking sequence and landed on the station. wow i thought when i was standing there looking at the huge ships come and go from the wharf.
After some time looking at the ship and the manufacturing of the ships i decided to visit the ship dealer, to window shop. i where curious about the ships and what nice equipment they have at place like this.
After all i had no more credit's i think i had around 5000 credits left. all i had and some food rations and medical supplies.
So at this point a new ship was never on my mind.

as i was standing there in the shop looking at the ships and equipment's, this "shady" person came up to me a Teladi i think i cant recall at this time.
He asked if i was going to get a ship! no i answers him am just window shopping.
As i looked at him, i did see he was kinda sadden to hear that as i wanted to ask if he could get passage to his home. as he lost his ship.

I said that i had a ship and would be happy to fly him home.
He replied with joy in his voice. when do we leave? well we can leave now i said. where are you'r home i asked it was in Profit Center Alpha he said.
Well that is our next stop then i replied.

We got into the ship and i plotted a course to Profit Center Alpha and turned on the auto pilot and we where on our way.
My first friend up here i thought to my self, as we talked all the way to his home.

______________End of part 1______________
More will come on this if ppl wanna hear "read more" :D
There is much more to tell to this storry.

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