[MOD] Don't shoot non-combat drones

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[MOD] Don't shoot non-combat drones

Post by eliseeff » Sat, 26. May 18, 04:24

Name: Don't shoot non-combat drones
Version: 1.00
Autor: eliseeff
game version 4.0 or higher
Install: Subscribe to the mod on the Steam Workshop page
Uninstall: Unsubscribe from the mod and delete the mod folder
Savegame compatible: YES

XR VR-edition Steam Workshop page


Did you have to board ships belonging to factions hostile to everyone? Then you should know that at the end of boarding, local guards begin to destroy the welding drones, which have not yet docked and therefore are still "red."

And have you tried to destroy the "red" non-combat drone yourself? You will immediately be scolded by the local authorities and then they will reduce your reputation.

This is unfair. What is not allowed to the player should not be allowed to the NPC.

With this mod, NPCs do not shoot at non-combat drones.

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