NEWS: X4 Foundations - LIVE on Twitch 13 Dec 2017, 8pm CET, 7pm UK, 2pm EST, 11am PST

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NEWS: X4 Foundations - LIVE on Twitch 13 Dec 2017, 8pm CET, 7pm UK, 2pm EST, 11am PST

Post by BurnIt! » Wed, 13. Dec 17, 18:39

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Post by mr.WHO » Wed, 13. Dec 17, 21:58

My impresion post-stream:
- stream was less exiting than the previous two :)
- New "old" Teladi Falcon looks fantastic! (my new favorite model)
- Teladi Osprey also looks nice
- I love simplistic cokpit HUD - very minimalistic, yet efficient.
- good that there will be more diversification of ships
- new ship/module customization/equipment menu seem like something I wanted ever since X2
- Alexei Zaharov doing atmospheric/ambient sounds? Woot?
- assurance that they aim for modder friendly game
- nice that player has now physical model visible from external view.
- space shotgun fired by Falcon
- confirmed for sure that Borons will not make it into X4 release.

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Post by Thufar » Wed, 13. Dec 17, 22:05

I liked everything I saw. I am pleased with the progress, and I hope Bernd is too. The game looks much less cartoonish, and more polished. X4 is looking more and more like something we're gonna like - a lot.


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Post by Tamina » Wed, 13. Dec 17, 22:16

Visuals were fantastic! Love it! :D

But you are "only" doing an hour of streaming. It is a little bit sad that - especially Bernd - talks in the first 25 minutes about the last stream, XR and other minor smalltalk and in the next 10 minutes you are justifying the lack of Borons and the rest were minor details like the points on the map you forgot to mention in the last stream. Kind of wasting some time.
Yet, really appreciating that you are doing this :)

When I got it right, we already know the most important aspects of the game, aren't we?

Maybe you should concentrate on making more smaller streams/YT-videos with just one or two employes covering some detail game aspects they are working at as well as some technical coverage.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Wed, 13. Dec 17, 22:25

The recording of the Livestream is already available on Twitch here.
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Post by BugMeister » Wed, 13. Dec 17, 22:40

- many thanks for the link..
- nice job! 8)
- the whole universe is running in BETA mode - we're working on it.. beep..!! :D :thumb_up:

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Post by ezra-r » Thu, 14. Dec 17, 00:52

Looks very nice indeed. Congrats and keep the good job.

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Post by Challenge » Thu, 14. Dec 17, 01:59

Looks very good. Didn't see any ship design I didn't like, stations are amazing. Okay so I liked all the graphic elements. And what you folks are saying makes it sound like the game many of us expected for Rebirth. Which I would like to say is a good game, just not what we were hoping for.

I do have a few "hmmm" moments, such as when I saw all the little "i" icons around the stations. Constant need to get close and scan each section of a station was a bit of a bother for me in Rebirth, but you mention this was changing in a previous broadcast so I will not panic... yet. :D

Besides "wow" I can only say I am impatiently awaiting this release.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Do you want my money now, or should I wait?
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Post by spacecoyote99 » Thu, 14. Dec 17, 02:57

Another great stream, like last time very happy with everything I heard. Loving the ship designs I saw. Looks like it's Teladi ships for me this time around, unless there are some sexy Split designs still in the works :D

My only complaint about the stream is that one hour is not enough ;)

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Post by longshooterm » Thu, 14. Dec 17, 06:10

Will the livestream be uploaded to the youtube channel? My internet is slow and it's hard to watch the twitch vod in 1080p without it buffering for at least a few mins

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Post by Sandalpocalypse » Thu, 14. Dec 17, 06:52

Love the teladi ships and the radar :)

I'm a big fan of the scout ships being LESS maneuverable even though they are faster.

That has a long and honorable history in flight sim games as 'boom and zoom' fighters VS agile fighters.

I'm not sure about the Nova.. it's not my favorite, but it IS kind of adorable :lol:

massive GASP at thinking the kestrel was faster than the discoverer for a moment ... :P

edit: very hopeful about this map trade interface too
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Post by Skeeter » Thu, 14. Dec 17, 06:57

I think the falcon if that's what it was looked well tasty, nice and robust with a good shape.

Did anyone else hear those awesome sound effects when ships were coming near the players ship, I though ohhh man that sounds nice, a good jump of audio effects from past games, kinda sounded like elite dangerous quality. :)

Shame about boron's tho, can't see why they can't just come up with a environmental suit for them to wear that lets them walk around. I was really keen to see how boron ships looked in a modern X game.

Are the split coming back I wonder, I think splits the rock looking species ain't it?

Nice to see some new weapon effects, tho I do hope there more than just shotguns and laser repeaters, beams would be nice like from elite or startrek.

The ship customisation screen looks interesting but I would have preferred it to match elites one as it's layout is better and cooler. Still it is alpha, it might look alot different and cooler when it's finished as looks a bit simplistic and boring atm. Looks functional but dull of u know what I mean, needs some jazz and nicer UI gfx to spice it up perhaps. Bit the same with the map and station building UI. It needs to look cooler like not a Windows application but something from a game lol. Style over function/simpliciy imo.

The sledge ship looks interesting.

Do guns recoil in x4 I wonder, I always like it when the jump back the turret after firing say big heavy plasma bolts or something. I guess because of turrets from homeworld games does it.

So yeah, nice stream, keep em coming. X4 is looking good so far, should look even better when it's all finished and released.
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Post by Senar » Thu, 14. Dec 17, 07:07

I am very curious about this message over there in lower left corner

"Find a suitable wreck or abandoned station for your home"

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Post by DavidGW » Thu, 14. Dec 17, 07:10

I gotta say, it looks SO PRETTY. I am loving the lighting effects.

So we know that Argon, Teladi, Split and Paranid will be in the game. I'm hoping that Terrans are also in the game (because I love the look of their tanky ships).

Something that did hit me towards the end of the stream is how good it would be if you could group a bunch of trade ships together, and have them all act as one when it comes to trading. i.e. have 10 S ships in a group, and fill an order (with one trade command) that normally would require an M ship.

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Post by spacecoyote99 » Thu, 14. Dec 17, 10:28

longshooterm wrote:Will the livestream be uploaded to the youtube channel? My internet is slow and it's hard to watch the twitch vod in 1080p without it buffering for at least a few mins
My internet connection isn't bad but I always have trouble playing videos from Twitch. So I used youtube-dl to download it (it's called youtube-dl but it can handle Twitch and some other VOD sites too.) Completely free and open source.

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