[Submit] Questions about X4: Foundations (Now Locked)

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[Submit] Questions about X4: Foundations (Now Locked)

Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 27. Aug 17, 21:09

To save rapid expansion and complication of the X4: Foundations forum beyond the point of being useful for the devs to browse, this thread is intended for posts asking questions about X4 that were not already asked at or about the XCon presentations. That typically applies unless the specific topic already has wide discussion in a dedicated thread ongoing.

Questions with answers are eventually removed to be included in [INDEX] X4: Foundations - Announcement Reaction Q&A. Please try to read through that thread to ensure that questions are not duplicated.

1. Question posts will eventually be removed once answered or addressed by a dev.
2. This is NOT a discussion thread and so please do not comment nor try to reply to others' questions unless you have a definitive recent answer that can be traced back to a dev - please give a link or verbatim quote.
3. Please don't otherwise post here unless asking appropriate questions - (The devs will always assume your gratitude for any useful replies. :wink: )
4. Please make your questions short and direct rather than hidden in lengthy rambling statements.
Alien Tech Inc. wrote:Are there any questions (and answers) or comments in the German sections or at the German presentation not being asked in the English forum? And vice-versa? I guess I'm lazy and not a fan of Google Translate.
We'll do what we can when we can.
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Post by CBJ » Tue, 5. Sep 17, 16:00

StormMagi wrote:Will X4 be able to use multiple cores and scale with the number of cores available or is it too soon to talk about this?
X4 currently has a similar threading profile to XR, but we are always looking for ways to spread the load further.
sd_jasper wrote:1) Will Medium and Small ships have target-able location/elements? (Can I disable M/S ships' engines?)

2) Can M (or S) ships be hacked
1) It's hard enough to hit a small ship in the first place!
2) As I said previously, hacking is something we're still working on.
Zetoss wrote:How will reputation or "faction standing" be influenced by the player's assets while not on missions or personally pulling the trigger?
Still being worked on.
Alien Tech Inc. wrote:Has anyone asked if the Argon girl Susie will finally find her parents?
Her grandchildren have heard the stories, and won't make the same mistake.
Crellion wrote:1. Will we have a map that you can use (bring up / browse / etc) while your ship is still moving and not covering the entire screen? <BIG ITEM

2. Will map visuals be more clear and user friendly than the vague haze of XR?

3. Will we find weapons shields etc for our ships from cargo drops instead of visiting a toon every time?

4. Will cargo/loot cans appear on the map as in X3 or we will just have to fly blindly around or use the ... echo locator mini game again?
1) and 2) make me wonder if you've seen the presentation. They are also somewhat contradictory as a smaller map will always be less clear.
3) There won't be arcade-style power-ups that are magically fitted to your ship. You might find useful things, but you would still have to get them installed on your ship.
4) Exactly which objects are persistent and which transitory blips on the scanner is something we're still discussing.


And on that note, we'll draw this round of Q&A to a close. We may still answer questions now and again elsewhere on the forum, and there will hopefully be more Q&A opportunities in the not-too-distant future. :)


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