Sohnen Seth is blocking my BalaG

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Sohnen Seth is blocking my BalaG

Post by tedbell » Thu, 31. Dec 15, 00:26

Xtended has put me in a pickle! I am towing the Pontificus ship back through the second unknown sector and there is a whole family of Sohnen ships waiting for me when I come out of the gate.

This includes a Sohnen Seth which has gigajules of shields and is so nasty I am scared just typing this!

What can I do to get around these guys? If I leave the Pontificus and try to setup laser towers or ambush them they aren't there. They just appear when I am towing the pontificus.

What is the best strategy to get around this nightmare?!

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Post by CBJ » Thu, 31. Dec 15, 13:25

This is not a Tech Support question. It's a gameplay question, and since it is specifically about features found in the XTended mod, you need to ask in the XTended thread in the Scripts and Modding forum.


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