transferring cargo

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transferring cargo

Post by tawhitt » Thu, 27. Aug 15, 21:56

Hey guys,i couldn't find any info on the forum,so i will just ask,when i try to transfer 25mw shields from 1 ship to another it don't work,it keeps saying not enough cargo or something like that,now i have tried entering different amounts in the input box like 1,25,5,50 and so on but nothing works,i have transferred cargo many times and i know how to do it but i cant seem to figure out what amount to put into the input box,the ship has 2 25mw shields and i want to transfer them off the ship before i scrap it,any help will be gratefully appreciated.

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Post by Nanook » Thu, 27. Aug 15, 22:20

Not a tech support issue. Moving to the main forum.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, we could do with a bit more information. What game are you playing? What ship are you transferring the shields from? What ship are you transferring the shields to? Are you running any mods or scripts?
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Post by Honved » Thu, 27. Aug 15, 22:58

If you're transferring it to a ship with no free cargo space left, or possibly one that can only take Small size cargo, it's not going to work. Otherwise, no idea.

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Post by ancienthighway » Fri, 28. Aug 15, 00:16

As it sounds like you've tried transferring 1 with no success, you either are trying to transfer to a ship that can only handle S cargo, or you are trying to transfer to a ship with less than 10 free M cargo space.

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