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[XR Tools] DebugLog

Post by Ketraar » Sat, 17. May 14, 18:20


The DebugLog is a useful helper with regards to track errors/issues in the engine.
It records any error which occurred (including script errors) and reports it to the user.



Accessing the DebugLog
When you start the game for the first time, the DebugLog won't show-up at all.
You first have to enable it by assigning a hotkey via the options menu under
Settings -> Controls -> Space -> Open Debug Log


When that's done, close the options menu and press the assigned key.
The DebugLog will show-up and allow you to see all the past errors as well as adjust some settings.


Using the DebugLog

The log provides a couple of controls. By pressing the left/right arrow-keys
(or clicking on the PREV/NEXT buttons) you go to the next/previous error.

Pressing Home/End (or by clicking onto the FIRST/LAST buttons) you get directly to the first/last error in the log.

A click on Clear Log will completely clear the log and by pressing SHIFT+C (or clicking on "Copy to Clipboard")
the current error will be copied to the clipboard, so you can easily paste it in e-mails, forums, etc.

The log can be closed by pressing either ESC or clicking onto the X-button in the upper right corner.

A special control is the "Log enabled" button. This button has no effect, until it says: "Log disabled".
If it does so, clicking on it will reenabling the auto-pop-up feature, if it was disabled.
In normal situations that will never be the case. The capability of the DebugLog to disable itself is a failsafe-mechanism
to ensure that the log will not cause crashes/freezes of the game. If it ever would run into such a situation,
it just disables the auto-pop-up feature and you have to reenable it manually by clicking onto that button.


Error messages and DebugLog behavior

Messages in the debug log start counting from 0...x. The first error which occurs during the current gamestart starts with 0.

If there are older messages on record (from previous gamestarts) these messages will be given negative numbers
(starting with -1 for the most recent error of a previous gamestart).


The next two numbers show the number of the current message as well as the total number of messages in the log.

Each message is recorded with a date/time (telling you when that error occurred) and as of 2.50 with a running gamestart number.
The first error being recorded is given the gamestart 1. Any further error during the same gamestart will also be given that number.
When the game is restarted (or the UI is reloaded) the next error occurring will be given the next successive number (aka: 2). Any following
errors during the same gamestart will then show the same number.
Please note that gamestart in this sense means starting X Rebirth, not starting/loading a new game (or a save game). So when you load a
savegame, the gamestart counter will be unchanged.

If there are no messages at all atm, the DebugLog shows "No messages."


While the DebugLog is open, it automatically updates its view with any message which might pop-up, if you are currently showing the last
message in the log. Otherwise, it will only update the message-counter but won't change the displayed message.

There's a limit of up to 1000 messages the log can handle. If there are already 1000 messages in the list, the next message which pops up
will replace the oldest message in the list.

Also note that the log will not display reoccurring errors. If there are 100 errors saying "Foo" popping up, only the first one will be recorded.

As of 2.50 the DebugLog is cleared when X Rebirth is updated to clear it automatically of any old (and most likely deprecated) error



The Pop-Up Settings controls whether the DebugLog will pop-up automatically when an error occurs (on)
or just record the error without popping up (off).

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