[GUIDE] Customizing Ship Prices

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[GUIDE] Customizing Ship Prices

Post by F.A.B. » Mon, 4. Apr 11, 19:23

a little something that will help you adjust the prices for ships simpler and more precise and hopefully ends all speculations on this matter.

the first thing you need is this price catalogue - regardless of the installed equipment or the manufacturing race, ships will always have those basic prices.

Code: Select all

the basic price for [...] is [...] credits

TL		161,740
TS		 11,116
TP		  8,000
TM		155,816
M1		171,568
M2		171,568
M3(P)	  5,192
M4(P)	  5,192
M5(P)	  5,192
M6(M)	155,816
M7(M)	161,740
M8		  5,192
GO		155,816	<- Ranger

1 point rel. value = 64.9238892 credits
what you have to do now is to set the values for Production rel. value (NPC), Price modifier (1) and Price modifier (2) (and Production rel. value (player) if you wish), for the ship whose price you want to modify, back to 0.

next and last step is to actually calculate the new price by using this formula:

Code: Select all

(new price) - (basic price) = x
 x / (rel. value) = new Production rel. value (NPC)	(while Price modifier (1) and Price modifier (2) remain 0)

let's say you want to set the price for your new M3 to 30,000,000 credits, then you would have to calculate as follow...

Code: Select all

30,000,000 - 5,192 = 29,994,808
29,994,808 / 64.9238892 = ~461,999
please note that there will be a difference between +/- ~33 credits as 1 point rel. value is ~65 credits!

btw, this formula also works for factories and stations, except they don't have a basic price (their basic price is 0 credits).

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