[TC] Building a Headquarters in X3 Terran Conflict

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Building a Headquarters in X3 Terran Conflict

Post by tas313 » Fri, 30. Jul 10, 19:45

I have finished all missions and working on building an economic empire. Does anyone know how to build or get access to a headquarters?

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Post by Nanook » Fri, 30. Jul 10, 19:48

What do you mean, you've finished all the missions? If you've done that, you already have your player HQ. :?

If you're confused about the various plots in TC, check the FAQ.

Anyway, this is a spoiler topic so it's now in the Spoilers Forum.
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Post by Catra » Fri, 30. Jul 10, 19:48

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Post by qka1 » Fri, 30. Jul 10, 19:49

u have 2 finish the Xenon Hub mission 1st then wait 4 few hrs,then HQ plot pop up 4 u,when u up 2 the last part,where u have 2 capture the Oca TL make sur u dont destroy it when u capture ,because it contain HQ in it

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Post by tas313 » Fri, 30. Jul 10, 20:33

Thanks! :)

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Post by RoadRunner12 » Fri, 30. Jul 10, 23:41

Something tells me you just finished the Terran plot and thought you were done with plot missions? Think again! ;)

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Post by Retiredman » Sat, 31. Jul 10, 05:03

Sounds like only the Terran plot finish as said before.

there are a few others..
Bug Wars
Fanatics Bottle feeding Time
The hair pulling (what do you mean, I'm not done) Gate thingie plot.
Bala Who what?
The other Terran Runaround.

Then there are others.

See the sectors and get a ship.
The sick Squiddy. (from X3 - or how do I become a pusher)

Not to mention other "modified" game starts
and those pesky corporation plots.

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Post by Vortexz » Sun, 1. Aug 10, 04:08

Hey sorry for changing the topic but is X3 worth buying? I have X2. Which is better in your opinions?
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Post by stealthhammer » Mon, 2. Aug 10, 23:51

Yes and X3TC in particular is.
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Post by TEKing66 » Tue, 3. Aug 10, 16:56

Yea, I highly recommend X3TC. But then again I have to say I have throughly enjoyed every game in the X-series.
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