[Script] Command Console Extension (v0.6)

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[Script] Command Console Extension (v0.6)

Post by Lordaeron » Tue, 4. May 10, 01:25

Hey everybody!

My second Script and the first I publish here in the english section.

This Script allows you to set higher selfresupply numbers then 160 for Jumpenergy and M7M Missiles.
You can set a Homebase for big stuff like M7, M2, M1.
And you can preset all jumpdrive options, even if the JD is not installed.
It also gives you the option to dismantle and load up stations!

Nothing big but usefull in my opinion.

REQUIERES: Community Configuration Menu

[ external image ](.zip file)


0.9 am 20.05.2010
- Infos in the main section added
- M8 Missile resupply added
- loading up of Mines disabled

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