[Guide] The TC Main Plot Walkthroughs.

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[Guide] The TC Main Plot Walkthroughs.

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This is a cut down version of my previous walkthrough guide that contains only the basics of each plot.

General Notes :

Note about mission enemies : X has a history of what you take with you defining what you get. So the higher your combat rank, and the bigger your ship or fleet with you, the more baddies you get to fight. In the final mission of X2, the temptation was to take in a carrier with as many M3's as you had, but all this did was increase the numbers of enemy ships and their respawn rate making the mission impossible to complete. All you needed was an M3.

Having said all that, taking an M5 into most missions is suicide. Don’t even think about it. 75mj of shielding is barely adequate imo. M5 wingmen are just cannon fodder.

Increasing your combat rank by taking other non-plot missions, only increases the difficulty of the combat oriented plot missions. Once you get to high combat ranks, the plot combat missions become impossible, or require big fleets or substantial missile spamming to complete. Be warned.

Some missions require Cargo Life Support, available from Pirate Bases. TP ships come with this standard, but for some reason, the missions do not recognise a TP as having life support. So when you need to take on a passenger, you must have life support installed as a separate item on your ship, or the passenger will not come aboard. Best get this before you start.

Once you have a passenger on board, if you change ships, you must transfer both the cargo life support and the passenger to your new ship. Failure to do so, will break your current mission.

If you leave the passenger on another ship and it gets destroyed, as of 1.4, the passenger will appear in a spacesuit somewhere near you at random intervals, pick the passenger up to continue the mission.

If your passenger is in a suit and you do not pick up in timely fashion, the passenger will dock at a station. Once there, its impossible to get them, and you will need to reload and do it again. Jumping out usually results in the passenger docking at a station.

Many plot missions have a gap between them, and during that time, no mission will be listed in your mission list. This is normal. If however, you go more than a game hour before the next mission being offered, then you have probably failed the previous one and will need to reload and do it again. If need be, look on the forums for someone already having the same issue.

NEVER leave a started mission part way through. The mission may say “no time limit”, but this is mainly to start it, not finish it. Once you begin it, don’t get side tracked, complete it before doing anything else. Don’t jump out of sector and expect to find everything waiting for you when you come back, it wont.

The Nav map has an extra ‘section’ to it in TC. At the top of the list, is your ships and stations. Underneath, is a little section for mission ships and stations. So if your following a particular ship, or looking for it, it appears in this little section directly under your ships. Same for mission stations you need to dock at or talk to someone at.

Follow the yellow brick road, so to speak. In the pilot section, missions area, you can click on the mission and activate the guidance for it, if it isn’t already. This highlights where to go by giving you a gold set of arrows to follow, and gold tints to specific mission objects such as jump gates to go through, mission stations and mission ships. Very useful for telling if you are actually in the right sector or not.

Triplex scanners are best, if you haven’t got one, your putting shackles on and making life very difficult for yourself.

Its useful if you carry 3 25mj shields with you. At times you do need to use a different ship, and having the shields gives you better protection or saves time finding them. Having a transporter Device also makes transferring things and you much easier.

Always give yourself a save point to go back to if the misison fails or appears broken.

Terran Plot.

If you start as the Terran, Skip to the next section.

When you enter Omicron Lyrae for the first time, you get contacted with a mission to escort some Terrans. Accept this. If you have already been offered it and ignored it, it will come back, so hang around until it does. Obviously for those playing non-Argon characters, to get the plot, you need to be friendly with the Argon. No point in rocking up and getting shot before the mission is offered.

You need to talk to someone in the EQ dock to get it going, fly to an eclipse your told about, a Terran Scabbard shows up, follow it to the Terran Orbital Defense Station in Heretics End. You get pirates to deal with in Circle of Labour, usually M5's.

When you get to Heretics End, you get some Xenon. Take them out then watch the scabbard dock, dock yourself and talk to Erin Lovis about a job with the Terrans.

Official Terran mission 1.

If you started as X denizen, you need to get yourself now to Uranus to meet up with Samuel Plinter, for a patrol he will lead.

Go north into the Asteroid Belt, north again into Jupiter, then west into Saturn and west again into Uranus.

If you started as Terran, then your already here and we have just caught up to you.

Find Plinter’s ship, talk to him, (target his ship and comm, reasonably closely or it wont connect), then follow him until something happens.

An emergency call comes in. Some Xenon will turn up. Kill them.

Now, find the Xenon jump beacon, fly really close to it and your ship will scan it automatically. Once complete, kill the beacon. Mind out though, once its identified, everyone will be shooting at it.

Mop up any remaining xenons.

A message then comes in saying several message drones got away, and you get detailed to intercept.

Fly to Oort Cloud (go west), and then wait for the message drone to turn up. A cutscene will happen when it does, so you cant miss it.

Follow the message drone to its destination. Its pretty fast, in the 300kph range, so if you chose a slower ship, you will get left behind, just keep after it, even if it gets out of scanner range.

You will come across a Nova and a jump beacon. Watch the Nova blow up the beacon. Then head east back into Pluto where you join up with Plinter again.

Next is 3 patrols of sectors, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. Kill any Xenon that turn up, wait for the orders to move sectors before you do.

Once you get ordered to, dock with the Saturn Research Station and its mission complete.

Terran Mission 2.

You get ordered to dock at the Orbital Patrol Base in Asteroid Belt. Its on your nav map, so jump if you have it. Talk to General Mishsiajamama. Fly to Mars (follow the arrows) and dock at the shipyard. Here you take possession of an M5. Doesn’t matter if you sell it or keep it. You don’t actually use it for anything. Its not a replacement for the ship your in.

Back to Asteroid Belt, and then orders to talk to Mark Jackson in Heretics end. Jump, don’t walk. (Hey, walk if you want to, but why dawdle when its doing things that pays the bills !)

Talk to Jackson. (By now you should be getting the hang of this. The yellow highlights the ship or station, just com and look for 2 blue dots next to the mission persons name, and chat to that person.)

Chat, wait a bit, more chat. Finally you get ordered to Scale Plate Green where Xenon are attacking a convoy. Follow the arrows.

Now, Jackson needs a course in how to effectively communicate orders. The order is to identify and follow the non-Xenon ship working with the Xenon to its base, and scan it. Unfortunately if your not listening very carefully, you miss the station bit and assume he meant scan the ship. To scan the ship, you have to get very close, and that makes the pilot jittery and he will jump away. So don’t. You need to scan the station, which means following the ship a good way behind so as not to frighten him, where ever he goes. If you screw up, the mission restarts after a wait, in another sector. Ignore the Xenon, just find and follow the Nova.

Eventually, you follow the Nova into the Unknown Sector next to PTNI HQ. Make sure its not in range of your turrent’s if you have any at anytime, you do not want to fire on him. Let him dock at the station before you approach it. When you get close, it will go red on you, and may or may not attack you.

Fly up to the station so close you can peel off the paint (500 meters) and your ship will automatically scan the station. When complete, the station may or may not launch ships at you. Your choice what you do about them, but you do not need to stay and fight.

Jump back to Heretics End, and talk to Jackson again. Mission end.

Terran Mission 3.

Find the Sabre in Heretics End and talk to the pilot. You are given 3 M5's as wingmen and suggested to form them into a wing. It sounds like a choice, but the mission wont start until you do. Target each ship and give it the instruction to join a wing, and select the same wing designation each time.

You don’t need the 3 M5's. In any sort of serious furball, 3 M5's as wingmen are just cannon fodder, so why waste them ? Your choice.

Patrol Circle of Labour. Kill Xenon, both waves. Ditto Omicron Lyrae.

Then fly to Treasure Chest, where you get something different. Theres a flight of reds in there called ‘Decafs’. Easy to kill, so do that.

After, return to Heretics End and talk to Jackson again.

Terran Mission 4.

Plinter has an escort for you, so find him and talk to him. Theres a Scabbard going to Venus and you have the duty. Follow it to Asteroid Belt and then Mars.

In Mars, you get a report of a Xenon ship. The next choice is yours, if you complete the escort, or go get the Xenon. If you continue the escort, the Xenon will be there when you get back, and you do need to join that fight. However, by the time you get back, the situation may not be advantageous for you in terms of what the Terrans still have around to fight with. If you go in straight off, you have the benefit of their help at maximum strength.

As it happens, the scabbard gets home ok without you.

There is a jump beacon here somewhere, if you find it, kill it. I never found it so I assume someone else did.

Shock number 1. They have a J. If you don’t have the firepower to take on a J, keep well out of its way. Its guns have a 6km odd range, and if your in an M3 or M4, 1 shot can kill you. So engage the fighters, and stay clear of the J. Eventually, a Terran M2 will turn up and make kitty litter out of the J. Enjoy the show.

Once all Xenon are accounted for, head to Venus, and catch up with the scabbard. It may already have docked with the Orbital Defense Station, if not, wait for it to do so. Then talk to Benthami on the station. End mission.

At this point, you don’t have a new mission yet. Wait for the next one to be offered by message.

Terran Mission 5.

Talk to Jackson, who sends you to the Free Argon Trading Station in Nathans Voyage.

As you approach the station, you get commed by Heywood, who tells you about how the guy your supposed to meet got arrested by the Argon. She asks you to follow her to Grand Exchange. You can speed things up by jumping straight there., She will appear shortly after you do.

At the Dream Farm Alpha, you have a chat with a Teladi. He’s not happy, but he wants you to do some dirty work for you before he will help.

Fly to Tears of Greed (follow the yellow) and in there you will find 4 freighters in the special ships section of the nav map. One of them is the target and he should be highlighted in yellow.

Target and kill. For good measure, kill his escorts as well.

Now, the 3 remaining freighters need to be scanned one by one. As you do, they should turn red, so kill them.

Back to the Dream Farm for more Teladi talk. He has set you up a freight mission in order to get through Argon security.

You need a ship capable of carrying 200 Taladianium. If you don’t have one, go to the shipyard and buy a Vulture. Now for some strange reason, this shipyard doesn’t outfit ships, so this is where the spare shields come in handy. Transfer to the Vulture, with the shields. A jump drive is useful too, so transfer it and some ecells as well if you have them.

Use the best buy key to find Taladianium, then go there and buy 200.

Jump or fly to Argon M148.

You will get inspected as you come through the gate and given clearance to the Military Outpost.

At this point its worth mentioning that this is a multi-racial sector, and if any of the races don’t like you, someone will quickly show up to kick your arse.

Its also worth mentioning that if you haven’t done the first Final Fury missions yet, then the whole sector will be red to you, as its actually a restricted space.

Dock with the station to deliver the goods.

Now, wait for Heywood to show up and bellow at you.

She and Pearle (the arrested one) will come flying out of an airlock in spacesuits. You need to pick them up.

DON’T use the Cbeam script. It works fine, but the mission will fail, you get a mission completed message, and that’s the end of the Terran missions for you. Run over the suits, or use the pick up astronauts ship command.

Once you have both on board, Heywood will scream at you to get the hell out of there, so jump to Heretics End and dock with the Station that Jackson’s at.

Mission ends.

Terran Mission 6.

Back to docking at the Orbital Base in the Asteroid Belt. Big discussion and then Pearle comes aboard.

Heads up, you need cargo life support for this one. You also need 3 satellites and there are none here.

If Pearle is NOT on your ship, the mission will not start. If you are not getting mission guidance, then something is wrong.

Jump or fly to Family Zyarth. If your lucky, there are satellites here. If so, get 3. Drop one anywhere you like, although I tended to cover the gate I jumped in on one edge and as much of the center as it would reach.

Jump or fly to Family Ryk and drop another one. Then to Zyarth’s Dominion and drop the 3rd.

Now wait for Pearle to call you.

After a bit (10 game minutes or so), he does, and its back to Family Zyarth. In the special section of the nav, you will get 4 freighters to scan. Do each one. One of them turns red, so ever so gently attack it since we want to capture it. If your lucky, he will bail as soon as the hull gets touched, but if your unlucky he will bail when there is orange peel left and the last bullet you fire will kill the ship. If that happens, there is a laugh over the intercom and an assurance that another ship will come along. Better to reload and do it again.

So next step is to claim the ship. It has to be claimed manually, but getting into your spacesuit. Eject, target ship, fly in close, watching the claim option for it to light up. When it does, halt, claim, and listen as your told to enter the ship. Don’t. Use your suit laser to fix the hull. Go back into your own ship.

Now transfer over your jumpdrive, ecells, those spare 25mj shields your carrying and Mr. Pearle. And then transfer yourself.

Send your ship into the next sector and have it stand by near the gate.

Now, your looking for an Elephant. With luck its in scanner range, if not, check SE ‘wards.

You want to come up next to it so close you can inspect the paintwork and run your keys along it, while Pearle plants a tracking bug. Once that’s on, 5 decafs come after you. Run like hell and jump to the next sector as fast as you can. Then float across to your ship and retransfer everything back.

The freighter is now yours to keep, so stash it somewhere safe.

Next destination is Ocean of Fantasy, and an Odin you find there. Chat starts when you get close. You get given a Cutless. If this is better than what your flying, transfer across to it, otherwise, another ship to stash somewhere safe.

Theres a party been organized in an Unknown Sector, so jump or fly there. Its already started when you get there. Split ships and Terrans and the Split are not enjoying it.

Do not use the CBeam script during this mission, as it will cause a crash to windows. All astronaut commands have been disabled. So have collect wares commands.

The Terrans knock off the Split without any help, and now the real action happens. 4 Freighters sneak past the last of the Split ships and marines board the tagged Elephant. A lone astronaut flees the captured TL, and your ordered to pick it up.

If you take to long, a Split will come along and pick him up. The yellow indicator lights up the ship, so I go after it, fire at it and destroy it, and the astronut will be back in space.

Once the mission is complete, commands for collecting wares and astronauts are turned back on.

Jump to Asteroid Belt, and then fly the rest of the way to the Moon. Dock and the mission is over.

Terran Plot, Mission 7.

Dock at the shipyard in Mars.

You get a Scabbard to command, with 10 marines.

Parked a little way away is a Vidar. Object of the exercise is board and capture it.

Now, approach steadily in your ship, select guns to take down the shields only, and open fire. Once the shields are down, order the Scabbard to board the Vidar. Board command is on the piracy menu.

Sit within gun range while the Scabbard does the business. When the marines launch, you need to keep the Vidar’s shields from regenerating past 10% or else the shields will fry the marines. Having the shields showing in percent terms does help too.

Hint : turn your turrent’s off if you don’t want unnecessary damage to the hull.

After the third attempt (and these marines are so bad, they wont get in), the Terrans give you the ship anyway, and you get orders to talk to Jackson in the Moon sector.

The Vidar is yours now. Stash it somewhere safe, or outfit it and use it. The Scabbard is also yours. You wont either ship again.

Jackson mobilizes the fleet and everyone jumps to Aldrin.

Finding Aldrin. Its not on the gate network, so you have to jump there. The easiest way to find it on the nav map, is press the A key until the sector is highlighted, going through the A named sectors in alpha order.

Aldrin is a strange system. You jump in by a beacon in the middle of a ringed asteroid belt around a moonsized asteroid. So instead of the middle of the sector being empty, the center is solid and everything happens around it.

The sector is HUGE. You don’t realize how huge until you zoom in enough to see ships on the nav map.

First task is checking out a station. As you approach, Jackson starts talking, and then a ship detaches from the station and heads to the Tyr (M2) flagship. There is a lot of talk.

The next thing that happens is some Xenon attack. Help take them out.

This sector is so huge, I had a substantial lag issue in here, especially since I’m on a borderline computer, but there is so much in here, that many will have lag issue even when normally they don’t.

There are so many Terran ships here that you don’t really need to do anything if the lag is bad that you cant anyway.

Now the task is escorting the Tyr, and so follow it along. Its target becomes apparent long before its actually on the scanners.

At this point you are again given control of a Scabbard with marines.

As soon as the shields come down on the target, send in the marines.

Once again, you can expect 3 failed attempts to gain entrance to the target. If the marines don’t come back, reload and do again.

A while later, a Terran Scabbard finally moves in, seems to drop off a single marine and shortly after, the target turns blue and the battle is over.

The second Scabbard is yours, so tell it to pick up the marines if they are still in space.

Now we get to drive some locals to Earth for talks. You need to dock at the station indicated, need life support and enough room for them. So double check before you leave that you have them.

Jump to Heretics End, then follow the arrows to Earth.

At the Moon sector, take the time to look at both the Moon behind you, and the Earth ahead.

Once in the Earth sector, do NOT turn on the auto-pilot ! If you do, the damn thing goes crazy, since it cant figure out an approach to the dock. So it tries to go around it, and the moment you cross a line of lasertowers, they will destroy you. Don’t do it.

Crank up the speed and go straight ahead. After a bit, you start passing station on both sides. On the left you will see a nice sign saying “Dock >>>>>”. Keep going straight. When it looks like your going to start hitting something, slow right down. Now you can try the docking computer. If the auto-pillok starts up, cancel it before you hit anything, and keep going closer. Then try the docking computer again. It should by now, auto-dock you.

Theres a nice little pep talk to end with and its Terran Plot Over !

Theres a Claymore sitting in the next docking bay for you.

Final Fury Plot

Mission 1.

The plot starts in Omicron Lyrae.

A high race ranking with nearly everyone is essential. And you need a middle range combat rank.

Comm the Exterminator, and you get offered a place in the Final Fury Mission.

Follow him to Black Hole Sun.

On arrival, a big attack by Xenon commences, including quite a few P’s.

Clear out the Xenon. The more you kill, the bigger mission bonus you get.

When all the Xenon are litter, follow Exterminator again, south to Nathans Voyage, west into the Unknown Sector, and south into Argon Sector M148.

Dock at the Military Base.

End of mission, payday bigtime if you got the job done.

Final Fury Mission 2.

Take an advanced satellite into Khaak Sector 931, and drop in the center of the sector. Then go scan the station.

To get there, shift-J to get the jump map, then hit K to get the map to find the Khaak sector for you, which should be highlighted in yellow. Accept that and you jump in.

Don’t Panic. The sector is heavily red.

Punch f for freight bay, select the advanced satellite, and eject it, as fast as you can.

Now hit maximum speed and go to the station. Try very hard to get there before anything can catch up with you. If your in a slow ship, rethink your ship ! Speed helps here. Shielding is good but if you can do this fast enough, you don’t need it.

At the station, you get a warning to slow down so the scanner will work, do so, keep moving, keep close to the station, but don’t make yourself a target.

When the scan is complete, jump out as fast as you can. Anywhere that comes to hand fastest.

With luck, speed and a steady hand, you should get out unscathed.

Jump back to Argon M148, where you get a message asking you to go to another Khaak sector to retrieve a flight recorder.

Jump there, and the recorder is shown as a container on the nav map.

Pick up the container containing the recorder. And the others if you have time.

Then get the hell out before the red becomes nasty.

Jump back to Argon M148, and its mission over.

Now at this point (in patch 1.4), there is a program bug. The Split commander starts talking before the computer voice is finished, so you don’t get to hear the Split at all.

As it turns out, the mission is complete, theres no mission for now, you will get called back when the next mission is ready.

Final Fury Mission 3.

Dock with the Military Base. Straight forward mission, jump into next door Unknown Sector and scan the roids for high yield ones.

So, jump and scan. Obviously, you need an Asteroid scanner.

They found 3 roids with your scan data, so they are sending in a TL to build mines on them, the job is to keep the TL safe.

The TL jumps in at the East gate. The sector turns red with Khaak in all directions. I recommend you jump straight to that gate asap.

If you do not have a ship capable of taking on at least 4 Khaak Corvettes in rapid succession, then you have very little chance of completing the mission. This is a major combat and you do not get any help.

TL’s will continue to spawn through the east gate each time one is killed, so losing the TL is not a mission failed condition.

Speed helps keep you between the TL and the Khaak waves. But firepower gets rid of them quicker.

Once the third mine has been built, the mission is over.

Final Fury Mission 4.

Jump to East gate of the Unknown Sector just north, and you have a convoy of ships to escort. The makeup of the convoy is variable and could be any race, type of ships and convoy speed.

If you get a convoy that will not move, reload and start again.

Once the convoy has jumped through the south gate, the first part of the mission is complete.

New orders, theres a scout heading away, follow it. It will lead you to a station. When close enough, you get new orders to take out the station.

You do have support, so if you cannot do this yourself, it does not matter.

But seriously, if you cannot take out the station by yourself at this point, you should stop the plot until you have a ship that can. Don’t go back to M148 until your ready for serious heavy duty combat operation against all types of ships.

Mission complete, compliment from the boss.

Final Fury Mission 5.

Dock at Military Base in M148.

Death or Glory time !

Jump to Khaak Sector 931 and clean it out, because someone got toasted there recently.

Some support, so not all that trying. Take out everything and its mission complete.

Final Fury Mission 6 +.

At this point in the plot, the convoy and Khaak 931 missions will be rotated as many times as it takes for you to get to the top end of the Final Fury rank structure. They continue until you get to at least First Lieutenant.(Don’t be fooled by the Commander rank you get early on, this isnt conventional navy structure and here, commander is very low rank.)

Final Fury Mission in M148.

Dock at the M148 Military station as usual, and a harried Split tells you that the Khaak are attacking.

Undock and straight in, as they are almost onto the station. Kill everything and its mission over.

Final Fury Mission in Unknown Sector.

Just for variation, you get a sweep and clean mission instead of a convoy escort. This easier since you have nothing to protect.

Final Fury Mission Second Last.

You are recalled and jump directly into the middle of an attack on M148 with orders to defend the sector.

When the Khaak are all dead, new orders come in, as another battlegroup has jumped in directly next to the Military Base (and consequently one irate Split Commander) and your ordered to defend the base.

This is a high paying mission, so the more you take out, the better you are paid.

Final Fury Mission Final.

“Sacrifice your life if you must” is the order, but the final offensive is at hand. Jump into Khaak Sector 926 and waste it.

There are 3 Khaak stations in here, each with 3 Guardians.

The orders are to take out the Guardians, and then take out the stations.

The last station has to be done last. Best to follow the guidance as to the order to kill the Guardians and stations in.

When the last station is killed, its Plot over.

HUB Plot.

In a random Boron sector, after you have a very high Boron rank and middle range trade rank, a distress call comes in from some Boron. “Hello I need urgent help”. This ones name is Mahi Ma.

Turns out the Boron has friends who have gone sightseeing in the Xenon sectors. Will you go find them ?

Fly to Xenon Core 023 via Xenon 598, south gate, being the entrance to Xenon space if one was flying the whole way. Fly through following the guidance arrows and through the gate to Xenon Core 023.

This is NOT 023 ! This is the inside of a small Dyson Sphere, with what looks like 6 different gates around the walls.

There is some sort of facility here as well, but the only other thing showing is a blue dot on the nav.

Get really close to the blue dot, which proves to be ship debris, an automatic log reacts and sends 5 messages from Julian Gardner.

If you don’t have cargo life support, go get it before going any further.

Instructions now to go get Mahi Ma. Jump to Kingdoms End, one stupid Boron jumps out the airlock and then does everything he can to avoid being picked up.

Note : His ship is without pilot and not moving, which means it can be claimed, and btw, it is invincible.

Jump back to the Unknown Sector.

Mahi Ma hacks into the facility and gets docking clearance. Dock at what turns out to be some sort of Xenon Hub. Yonder Boron scampers into the facility and then announces he needs 400 computer components to get it operational again.

Deliver the computer components, and transfer them over to the Hub manually.

Now he wants 500 Microchips. Deliver and transfer.

Maha Mi has stuff to say after that and then asks you to repair 3 capacitors with your suit repair laser. So undock, target the first and fly to it, eject, get into range of the capacitor and fire your laser until its hull is repaired. Get back in your ship, go to the next, repeat, then repeat. Just be careful of Xenon, since they still have access to this sector.

Fly back into com range of the Hub and talk to Maha Mi again.

The first task is to realign the working gate pair. This will effectively stop the xenon from getting in, because your moving these gates somewhere else. However, as you get told, this is permanent, so choose wisely where to move them to. With the Hub targeted, there will be a Gate realignment option available. Select the gate you want to ‘redirect’. It takes about 2 minutes to complete.

Deliver 150,000 Teladianium.

Then 250,000 Crystals.

When you do deliver the Crystals, Mahi Ma suddenly realizes he needs some help. So you need to jump to Priests Pity and talk to a Paranid called Otmanckstras. After he gives you the standard Paranid insult, he further insults you by demanding 15 million credits.

When you pay him by comming him again, dock at the Trading Dock, and then take him to the Hub.

Once at the Hub, Mahi Ma then ask for a delivery of 400,000 Silicon.

When you deliver the Silicon, you will be asked for another lot of 75,000 Microchips.

Once you deliver the chips, the work is finished and the other 2 gate pairs are ready to be assigned.

Mahi Ma wants a lift back to Kingdom’s End, and when that’s done, the Plot is complete.

Note : Each patch has a slightly different set of requirements, these are for v2.1.

Goner Plot.

The Goner Plot starts in Elysium of Light.

Comm the Goner Ozias and talk to Osamu Avens.

Deliver 2000 Ore to about 3km of Ozias, and its autodelivered.

Deliver 200 Silicon.

Next talk to Jani Hall on one of the stations. He also wants 2000 Ore and then 1,200 Telad.

When contacted again, dock at the Teladianium Foundry M in Bright Profit and talk to Jako Rider. He has 625 Telad Pannelling to be delivered to the Ozias.

Jump to Bright Profit and dock. Goods autotransfered, order to deliver, but no chat. Jump back to Elysium. RV with Ozias. Mission complete.

Talk to Hall. Deliver 3 X Argon TS to SPP M alpha. The destination shows up in the guidance, not the orders.

Theres a shipyard in Omicron Lyrie, so buy 3 Mercury Tankers S, don’t bother outfitting them, and give them orders to dock at the SPP in Elysium of Light.

As each docks, you get a message with a “turn them over” bar, click to do so. When all 3 are docked and turned over, mission is complete.

Next, talk to Avens on the Ozias.

You are asked to build a Telad. Foundry in Elysium.

Buy a foundry M (they did not specify which size to get), have it delivered to Elysium of Light, and drop the station right on top of the navigation beacon and your done.

Orders to fly to Wastelands and protect the Goner Truelight Seeker which is under attack.

Jump into Wastelands west gate. Its about half way accross the sector and is under attack. Its best not to dawdle about getting there. Take out nits attackers as fast as possible.

As soon as the last one is toast, you get ordered to Bright Profit to protect a Telad foundry.

When close to the foundry and all enemies destroyed, new orders come in to jump to Company Strength and protect a Goner Mercury Tanker. Its being attacked by Pirate Syndicate forces, all jumping in the West gate. Theres a lot of them, so if you can get by the west gate and take them as they jump in, you don’t have as many to deal with at a time. You can jump through the gate and finish them on the other side.

In the meantime, the Truelight Seeker has been captured by the Pirates, so you jump to Midnight Star east gate to start looking for it so you can capture it back.

The Pirate defense will vary according to your combat rank. When you have taken them all out, you can claim the Truelight Seeker, or board it. If you board it, you wont get your marines back, it will turn blue and sail off.

Hall who was on the Seeker the last time we saw it, isnt now. Jump to Merchant Haven to look for him on a Blastclaw owned by one Hurtis Tertasobas Yoganis IV. (Paranid of course.)

Theres a time limit to find the ship, but the arrows make this simple.

Once found, your told that Hall isnt on the ship, so ordered to follow the Blastclaw back to base, then get the Meeting Details (not told how).

This begins a slow trawl through 3 sectors, so get yourself positioned to follow about 12 km away and then go get some refreshments. The optimum distance is that 10km is too close and 18km is too far away. If you get too far away, your told you lost him, and then a little later get a new sighting report.

How hard this mission is will depend on your Pirate and Yaki ranks.

Follow him into Gaian Star. You get a cutscene of Hall in his space suit and orders to pick him up.

Hall isnt on scanner, but the arrows show where he is, and its well SW in the sector. By the time your half way there, a Pirate base pops up on the scanner, with a sea of red around it, and him. This sector has 2 pirate bases. One in the center, thats blue, and the one near Hall thats red.

You need to pick him up and jump out. You can either fight everything first, or try for a quick pick up and jump.

Orders say to take Hall back to Elysium. At about 5km from the Ozias, he transfers over and its mission complete.

Orders to go back to the Pirate station and take it out. So jump to Gaian Star.

Immediately you jump in, theres a stop order and please talk to Hall who is now on a Goner Heavy M6 in sector.

Apparently there is a Terran agent on the Pirate base, and you need to extract him before taking out the base.

So to get the Pirates freindly enough to dock you need to take them something they want.

Deliver 35 Spaceweed to the Pirate base.

Once you have the weed, theres the minor problem of the pirate base being red and not believing you if you com them and tell them you have an urgent delivery for them.

So fly to the other Pirate base, staying well clear of any red pirates, since if you shoot them that close to a pirate base, it may turn that base red as well, com and look for someone offering to hack stations in the vicinity. Pay whatever he asks, making sure you get the right station hacked, and you can now dock.

Deliver the 35 Spaceweed.

Then deliver 60 Squash Mines.

Once done, the agent comes aboard, you head out of it, cutscene of the base blowing up, and then Jump back to the Ozias in Elysium. At about 4km, the agent beams over, and its mission complete, Plot complete, and a place in Goner history books.

PHQ Plot.

The PHQ plot starts about 6 game hours after you complete the HUB plot. You will get a message asking you to go to Ocean of Fantasy. Talk to Humi Wi on a Boron Ray. BalaGi is now declared missing (remember he went with Julien Brennen and you found their ship wreckage in the Hub) and the Yaki have been taking advantage.

Ordered to Menelaus Paradise. You jump into a whole heap of Yaki, and need to take them out.

Back to the Boron Ray in Ocean of Fantasy, about 5km away to get the next orders.

Jump to Cloud Base South West and talk to a Tomes Brano.

Jump into CBSW south gate. Tomes is on an Argon Cerberus.

Orders to scout Ocracoke’s Storm and take out any enhanced ships you find.

Theres a few Yaki in there, all blue and also a station in there you cant target.

Get within a few kms of the station, looks like a Military Base, it turns red and orders come through to return to CBSW. No need to shoot anything.

Back to CBSW and talk to Tomes again. Prelude to an attack and theres a minefield around that Base, please go and take it out.

Jump to Ocracoke’s Storm south gate, right by the base, and theres a whole heap of mines on the nav map now.

However, you cannot target them, and they wont show up using find nearest enemy.

All you can do is follow the guidance arrows until you run them down. That means you need a ship with sufficient shielding that mines wont be a problem.

When most are gone, the fleet jumps in, and you get orders to take out the base.

When the base is toast, you get told that Humi Wi wants to talk to you again in Kingdom End, so jump to the KE south gate.

Some Boron scientists have been captured by the Yaki and need rescuing.

First you need to dock at the Military Outpost in Atreus’ Clouds.

Orders to fly to the Pirate Base in Olmancketlot’s Treaty and prepare to protect the Boron scientists as they escape.

Jump to the North gate, fly towards the Base, taking out any reds on the way and at about 4km from the Base, you get told some scientists did escape.

Then your ordered back to Kingdom End.

The Yaki have located BalaGi’s Command Ship. Its an Orca with registration TLNS-43.

The voice over says we must not let the Yaki capture BalaGi’s ship. I’ve no idea why, because you cant stop it.

The most important thing here is to ignore the voice instructions, ignore the mission briefing which says nothing anyway, and only follow the guidance arrows.

However, the guidance is well and truly broken to start with (as of 1.4).

First thing, find the Orca. If you don’t have any guidance to leave Kingdom End, then the Orca is still there. Locating it is not difficult with a triplex scanner. You will find it does not have a pilot, but is slowly meandering around the sector. You cannot claim it, and you cannot board it, so not worth trying.

Jump into the west gate of Shore of Infinity.

This should generate a voice over that says that the Orca has been located in a different sector captured by the Yaki, and the mission briefing should now specify Kingdom End and the arrows point to it.

If you jump into Light Water first, the mission appears to break, so don’t go there, unless by some chance your still being guided there.

Jump back to Kingdom End and re-find the Orca. It should now be in the Mission part of the nav list, and be red. Once you have found it, the mission should change to board the Orca.

The first marines that hit the hull, will likely cause the Orca to jump out. You will get a message as to where it goes. The difference is that in KE, you had defence forces keeping the shields down for you, but in most other sectors, you will need a ship to do that for you yourself.

In 1.4, the boarding script is bugged, making things difficult if you don’t like using scripts. Cycrow has a good hotkey script. Boarding Pods don’t work.

Once the ship is yours, you get the usual end of plot thankyous.

The plot reward is in the cargo hold of the Orca, in the form of the station kit for the Player Headquarters.
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Aldrin Plot.

You get a message from Craig Armston of the Terran Resource Evaluation Commission asking you to dock at the Orbital Patrol Base in Asteroid Belt.

Mission 1.

Use the unfocussed jump drive to scout for valuable or abundant minerals. Pays 20k + resource worth. No time limit. You will need a Mineral Scanner before you start.

Scan 8 asteroids. Khaak nearby, including a lot of corvettes. Run around the asteroids as they are targetted by the mission arrows, and scan each one when you come in range. Target roid, click I, then when ‘scan’ lights up, click ‘scan’. Done. Move on.

A slow ship needs to be able to fight M6's. A fast ship may not need to fight at all.

Once all are scanned, you are asked to mine and deliver 100 Nvidium.

When you have mined your Nvidium, engage jump drive and it will automatically take you back to the Asteroid Belt. Dock to complete the mission. The Nvidium is taken off the ship automatically.

Mission 2.

Fly to the Earth Torus to meet Gen. Don Hammond of the ATF. You will need a jumpdrive as the mission will take you to Aldrin.

Follow the yellow arrows.

When you get to the Torus, remember, DON’T use the autopilot !

Deliver a data storage device to Lt. Jake Griffith at Aldrin Energy production Base XL epsilon. 30K.

Undock and jump to Aldrin.

The destination is 283 km away (or thereabouts), highlighted by the yellow arrows, so click your mouse on it to target it, then fly to it.

Mission 3.

Take Griffith to the USC Orbital Supply Base in sector Aldrin 2 in orbit of the planet Armstrong. Pays 20k.

If your using a larger ship that could not dock with the station you just left, make sure you remember which ship you leave Griffith in !

Fly to the trans-orbital accelerator for Aldrin 2.

Dock the ship carrying Griffith at the Supply Base.

Mission 4.

Fly to the Gate, following the guidance arrows. It’s a normal gate, but as yet not connected to anywhere.


Patrol Aldrin 2. Pays 750,221 plus. Xenon targets.

When all Xenon are chip dust, you will be told to fly to Terran Unknown Sector 1, through the gate.

This is a Xenon sector with capital ships and jumping J’s. What you get will depend on your ranks, but go in here in something that can take on a lot of enemies.

The actual mission is to scan 8 asteroids, following the arrows. But there is good credits in taking out the Xenon first. I was paid an extra 4.5 Million.

Once you have scanned all the asteroids, it’s a good place to save.

Next, escort the highlighted ship, Terran Science Ship Katana, to an unknown object.

When the object has been picked up, there is a cutscene.

Now fly to Terran Unknown Sector 2.

After transition, there are 2 quick cutscenes, then your ordered to fly to the Terran Tyr, back through the gate. Before I could do so, a Khaak fleet jumped in. Your choice if you take them on, or get out. You don’t get paid extra though.

At about 7km from the Tyr, you get orders to wait for new orders. Don’t go anywhere, it wont be long to wait.

Mission 5.

Recon of Perpetual Sin, for evidence of super weapon use or a destroyed Khaak stronghold.

Jump to Perpetual Sin south gate. Mission is to find evidence of the Khaak. There is ship debris in the distance. Looks like an old Titan. And another. Your looking not for ship debris, but an unknown object. When you get within a few km of one of them, you get told to scan it. Go up to about 500 meters, and you will hear “scanning........scan complete”. You then get a new message.

Mission 6.

Deliver a Nemesis to the Teladi Trading Station in Spaceweed Grove. Buy one from a Paranid Shipyard and get it to the Trading Station. You get the value of it back when its delivered. If your not flying it yourself, dock ahead of it first, so you are on the station when it docks.

When the Nemesis, you get a message and are asked to turn over the Nemesis. Click on “Your Nemesis” to deliver it.

You then get 2 messages, one from the Paranid, and the other from Griffin.

Tasks complete for now. Just wait for the next message.

Mission 7.

Time to shoot some Paranid ! The mission is to run interference while some Terran captives of the Paranid are rescued. 20k pay.

Fly to Unknown Sector by Unholy Descent. On entering the sector, everything Paranid is red. Take out all Paranid objects.

When the last is gone, you get asked to escort a Terran Yokohama which is going to board a prison transport. Follow it until its boarding is complete. They leave the Paranid crew floating in space, so its up to you what you want to do with them.

Mission 8.

Fly to Terran Unknown Sector 3. I didnt get any guidance, so I jumped to Terran Unknown Sector 1, and the guidance then showed up with a new East Gate. Fly through that.

Search the sector. You will find a Boron Angel TP, piloted by BalaGi somewhere there. Fly close and you get a message to escort the Angel to Aldrin 2. A Xenon J and K jumped in almost on top of us, in TUS1. Then a second group of J, P’s and fighters. This will vary of course according to your combat rank. A speed of more than 94 is needed to keep up, and decent firepower to protect the Angel.

When the Angel jumps into Aldrin 2, the mission is complete. No further mission is offered immediately.

Mission 9.

Repel Xenon in TUS3. Jump into TUS3. Go to the aid of the mining base ship. Take out the Xenon patrol.

Tow the Mining Base ship to Aldrin 2. You will need a ship that can mount a Tractor beam in the rear turrent, and of course, a tractor beam. There was a Khaak Battle group by the west gate in TUS1, so you will need to deal with whatever enemy you find there before you get the tow anywhere near there.

Once you get it inside the gate in Aldrin 2, tow it towards the Base. After a couple of km, you will get a message from Griffin. The Mining ship is now yours.

Mission 10.

Dock at the Orbital Patrol Base in Asteroid Belt for new orders.

Transport a Glowing Crystal to the Gate Production Complex in Neptune. A fast ships helps here.

Fly to within 5km of the Gate complex, and you will get a new message.

Now jump to Kingdom End to talk to BalaGi on the Royal Boron Trading Station. When in range, com. Next, dock at the Trading Station to pick up BalaGi.

Transport BalaGi to your Hub in the Unknown Sector.

Connect the hub to Terran Unknown Sector 1 and Terran Unknown Sector 2. Before you do, I recommend you ensure you do not strand your own ships using the hub in other sectors, thus endangering them when they try to fly home the long way.

Fly into TUS2. Find an inactive Gate. Its about 60km away. Should be visible to your naked eye, if you look around a bit. Fly up close to the gate. You get a new message and then a cutscene.

The gate is connected to Neptune automatically and the Plot is complete.
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Post by TTD »

Nice to see you're still busy.

However,transferring Cargo Life Support may not be an option if you already have passengers?

I think you need to have one in the second ship also, BEFORE you transfer passengers, as I have lost marines by mistake.

I know for sure you can't just transfer passenger and then life support,not sure about the other way around.Surely if you remove Cargo life support ,your passenger will be vacuumed?
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Post by eckys »

yea nice work, plain and simple :)

altho mahi ma's ship i believe became uninvincible in an earlier patch 1.4 i think

and the hub takes 5 mins to re-align the gates which can be seen in the "re-align gates" part of the menu with a cooldown timer on said re-aligned gate
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Post by b_ronald »

Thanks for these walkthroughts ! :)

But i think you should update the Hub Plot. Many missions have changed with lastest updates.
We only need 80 000 microships, not 250 000.
We only need 300 000 crystal, not 750 000.
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Post by apricotslice »

I hadnt got as far as checking the hub plot in v2.1, but will do so.

Thanks for pointing that out.

The cooldown time on the Hub, is the time before you can do another re-alignment of gates, not how long it takes to re-align them. The actual re-alignment takes about 30 seconds in the Aldrin missions.

Edit : Hub plot requirements updated to v2.1
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Post by Planecrazy »

Another great walkthrough, thanks m8y

The Goner plot (TC v2.1)
In my game the Truelight seeker ship can only be taken by boarding - shooting only strips the shields and wont damage the hull :wink:
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Post by RainerPrem »

apricotslice wrote:Edit : Hub plot requirements updated to v2.1

you edited away the Ore after the Teladianium...

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Post by TTD »

@ apricotslice

Are you intending to fully update to include 2.1 missions in you wonderful Handbook?...Or are you going to wait for further TC improvements(ie Bonus pack) etc.?
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Post by apricotslice »

There is a treasure hunt walkthough already, so I hadnt intended doing one.

As warned on that walkthrough, to read it is to spoil it, and once I'd done so, I didnt do it myself. And looking at it, I'd never have worked it out myself anyway. I'm hopeless at that sort of thing. Its why I never completed the R plot.

The bonus pack wont have any new stuff in it. Its just for releasing signed versions of popular 3rd party scripts.
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apricotslice wrote:As warned on that walkthrough, to read it is to spoil it, and once I'd done so, I didnt do it myself. And looking at it, I'd never have worked it out myself anyway. I'm hopeless at that sort of thing. Its why I never completed the R plot.
It doesn't help but some of those clues were loving terrible.

I'm looking at you, number six. >:|
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Post by TTD »

That's why I did not do the Easter hunt.

I am hopeless at criptic crosswords to.

The only way I'll do the Treasure Hunt Mission is by carefully analising all the threads on the forum.
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Post by Gothsheep »

It's not even the 'cryptic' thing, it's...

Grrr. I won't even get started on how bad some of those were. :evil:

Just trust me. Don't kill yourself trying to figure them out. Read it, and if it makes no sense, use the helpful walkthrough here.
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Post by jrd417 »

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Post by Carlo the Curious »

jrd417 wrote:I get Mahi Ma talking to me but i can't find him. All I see is his face in a screen upper right but no message in the message list. How do i contact him?
Please don't ask the same question in multiple threads.
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Post by Graphil »

I'm just wondering if anyone has been successful at boarding the vidar?

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Post by pjknibbs »

I was successful the one time I tried it--that was back prior to 1.4, though.
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Post by verdeboy2k »

I've never not succeeded at boarding the Vidar, but that was on 2.0 and 2.1, maybe they've changed it so you can't fail? (this is with the marines they give you, btw)
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Post by apricotslice »

I hope so !
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Post by RainerPrem »


using the given Marines I got an empty ship with 22% hull.

I'd consider this "Not really successful" :-( but in terms of the game: Yes.

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