[TC] Terran Conflict: Stats ; Project in Progress *possible spoilers, later*

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Terran Conflict: Stats ; Project in Progress *possible spoilers, later*

Post by Aro » Wed, 15. Oct 08, 05:54

This project was halted. Some portions will be completed at some point.

- Made it look like the Terran Conflict interface.
- Sortable stats for ships, weapons, missiles, and stations.
- Refine the listing to view stats better (let you remove say all Argon ships, or only list M3 ships, etc).

[ external image ]
Keep in mind text may change and more info will be added.

Will need help with:
Stats for ships and stations.
Possibly pictures later on.
With much help it will be possible to make versions for other languages (at a later date).
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