[SCR] Shut up, Betty.

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[SCR] Shut up, Betty.

Post by Gazz » Tue, 22. Apr 08, 00:41

(Das entsprechende deutsche topic ist hier.)

Autopilot activated. Autopilot off. Autopilot activated. Autopilot off. Autopilot activated. Autopilot off....
Yes, I know!!!

With this script Betty will shut up if you turn the autopilot on or off on the playership.
That is all.

Changing from one AP command to another is not recognized (it could be with a lot of effort...) so she still gets to read off her little verse once in a while.

Very nice side effect:
You know that if you use the Hotkey to jump, you can use SETA to shorten the wait. However, in an autopilot jump SETA does nothing. You get to wait the full time.
Even worse, for your followers SETA does work so they "follow" you to the destination long before you get to start the journey.

This script fixes that, too.
SETA now works for either kind of jump.

This is an AL plugin. If you turn it off in game it is off immediately and uses practically no resources.

Image ZIP

Copy the file into the Scripts folder.
There won't be an SPK version for a single file. =P

Resources used:

PS: This was only supposed to be a test script to see if I could do a whole AL plugin within a single file. Since it also does something remotely useful, well, help yourself.
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Post by nielsw » Tue, 20. Dec 11, 11:23

could we get betty to shut up on "product xyz installed" as well?

Its actually not the problem that she sais it, the issue is that she's way louder than quest givers talking to you.

So, if you have it loud enough to understand the quest speech, Betty is blaring so loud, she'll wake up the whole house. If you have the volume low enough for Betty to be ok when playing at night, the quest speech is impossible to understand.

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Post by SpaceAcid » Tue, 6. Mar 12, 21:09

LMFAO ...finally O'man the tears.
:evil: damn you.. you made me spray my coffee all over my new monitor.

thanks for this mod hopefully this will stop my wife from running into my
office every five minutes telling me to shut that damn game off.

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