Current Version and Build Number - 1.3 (465076) 2021-11-25

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Current Version and Build Number - 1.3 (465076) 2021-11-25

Post by Ketraar » Thu, 20. May 21, 15:31

Version 1.1 (439801) 2021-05-20

Added Option to transfer station to hired TL while you are docked
Added button to Complex Planner to automatically complete complex
Added Trading System Extension to all plot starts
Added Cargo Bay Hacker Software to Military outpost in Holy Vision
Added Transporter Device to Research Station in The Void
Added Trading System Extension to Research Station in The Void
Added Tooltip to licence display
Improved destination HSAP unlocking
Improved HQ display for Min/Max storage
Improved CBH ware size to S
Improved Price Calculation of used ships
Improved German Localisation
Improved prices of station kits
Fixed Covered pirates docking at pirate stations
Fixed Lost TerraCorp Pilot keeping Advanced Spacesuit
Fixed Being able to turn in Special Discoveries
Fixed Survival Guide "new" state being saved
Fixed Using influence with Yaki
Fixed Too many ships being created
Fixed Stop, Thief! Achievement
Fixed Asteroid Explorers Guild Reward display
Fixed UT trying to refuel with no cargo space
Fixed Ship bailing
Fixed Being able to install incompatible weapons
Fixed Installing equipment at player Equipment Docks/Xenon Hub
Fixed Freeze caused by ST/UT
Fixed Station Manager remembering prices
Fixed Interplanetary drive using Energy Cells
Fixed Complex Planner context menu
Fixed Shield check in Surrender comm
Fixed Caiman Super freighter cargo hold size
Fixed Wrong variable in Transport Location RML
Fixed Split TL being unfriendly in some cases
Fixed Paranid Trading Station being unfriendly in some cases
Fixed aranid TP escorts not being removed from group on bail
Fixed HUB gates not being unlocked for realignment
Fixed Wrong amount displaying in steal rifles briefing
Fixed Split captain idling after leaving TL
Fixed being able to un-deploy drones while docked
Fixed Journal Page 11 not being spawned near research station
Fixed Being able to undeploy relay beacons
Fixed Terran Dynamic notoriety
Fixed Notoriety gain in Missions
Fixed Piracy Plunder ships command
Fixed Weapon Transporters staying around after mission
Fixed Outpost in 18 Billion only have 1 ware to trade
Fixed Complex Planner crashing with last asteroid mine
Fixed Deliver command being able to select stations within a complex
Fixed Fetch command being able to select stations within a complex
Fixed ware transfer after selecting Built-In Ware
Fixed changing relation of OTAS (Global Commands)
Fixed ware transfer menu of Cargo Bay Hacker having no localisation
Fixed Ignoring attacks after Scan
Fixed Freeze from Blackmarket Couriers
Fixed Money overflow with Equipment Packs
Fixed Custom Start LFL/IPDS Availability
Fixed Custom Start random start sector
Fixed Freeze after building TOA
Fixed NPC Claiming Sectors
Fixed Advanced Spacesuit Repair Laser
Fixed Advanced Spacesuit initial speed
Fixed Pirate Rank Achievement
Fixed Notoriety gain from missions when in negative rank
Fixed Trading while in Advanced Spacesuit
Removed Warp Tunnel from HSAP
Removed Single-Use Jump Beacon from collect deployed ware

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Re: Current Version and Build Number - 1.1 (439801) 2021-05-20

Post by Ketraar » Wed, 16. Jun 21, 12:40

Version 1.2 (447644) 2021-06-16

Added Access to command console for Managed Ships
Added Diplomacy hack to work on all enemy stations
Added Cargo Shielding to protect against equipment damage
Added Renaming of Marines/Pilots
Added Way to make PHQ invincible until packet up
Added Complex Planner to work with existing complexes
Added Whitelisting sectors
Added Station manager using your satellite network to avoid sectors with detected enemies
Added Station manager upgrade restrictions
Added Confirmation menu for Recycling
Added Diplomacy Hotkey
Added System to reward Flagship Blueprint or equivalent Quantum Processors
Added NPC stations to destination for Trade Distribution Run
Added Repairing of HQ via the HQ Repair Queue
Added additional discoveries (ships + weapons)
Improved Variation in Explorers Guild Rewards
Improved Ware display in Player Dock/Headquarters
Improved Balance of Dynamic Xenon Jobs
Improved Station Manager
Improved Discovery spawn locations to avoid planets
Improved Kogarasu Maru
Improved Boarding Pod production
Improved Tri-Beam Cannon production count
Improved Xenon Incursions
Improved Station Manager Salary for Complexes
Improved Dock/Free traders to get the economy moving better
Improved Marine Barracks training time
Improved availability of Build Command Software
Improved German localisation
Improved trade commands (buy/sell for best price) working with Blacklist
Improved energy resupply of Trade Commands
Improved LFL range for some Discoveries
Improved Build Complex command to use HQ Stocks
Fixed Military resupply working correctly with Player Docks Minimum Storage
Fixed NPC Building TOA getting stuck sometimes
Fixed Station Defence missions spawning ships behind HSAP
Fixed Being able to transfer marines between dock and undocked player ship
Fixed Buy/Sell ware command when homebased to ship
Fixed Intermediate wares usage in Trade Commands
Fixed New player ships default settings
Fixed Station Manager ignoring blacklist while scavenging/mining
Fixed Threat response after capturing/claiming ships
Fixed Heavy Miner variant display (Owl Miner XL)
Fixed Freeze from invalid entry in Explorers Guild Reward
Fixed Combat reports working OOS
Fixed Intermittent freezes from Threat Table
Fixed duplicate ware when using Collect Deployed
Fixed Trade Distribution run to ships with Transporter Device
Fixed Buying Drone Carriers give drone blueprint
Fixed Carrier Management menu unable to change some items
Fixed being able to remove a Drone from a Drone Carrier
Fixed Jump Beacons being selectable for agent tasks
Fixed Message spam from Explorer Deploy Satellites
Fixed HQ Loadouts applying Upgrades/Equipment
Fixed Blackmarket getting caught consequences
Fixed Drake Variant
Fixed Missing Relay Beacon Blueprint in custom start
Fixed Lasertower relations
Fixed Build Complex command not working with Mines
Fixed Build Complex command buying too many stations
Fixed Mining Command using drop off with Transporter device
Fixed Mining Command getting stuck when not enough cargo space
Fixed Supply Commands
Fixed Transfer freight with Drones
Fixed Terran Plot Argon path auto-completing
Fixed Issue in Terran Plot not rewarding player kills
Fixed RSM using wrong type for asteroids
Fixed Kite/Kite Vanguard
Fixed Marine Barracks upgrade progress
Fixed Orbital Laser Loadout
Fixed Graph Axis when displaying over 1billion
Fixed Collecting multiple passengers/marines
Fixed Not being able to use Cargo Bay Hacker after hack was aborted
Fixed Follow Ship mission setting wrong destination race
Fixed Atmospheric lifter using capital ship launch tubes
Fixed Script menu display with too many info lines (Complex Planner)
Fixed total counts in reports (Trade + Combat)
Removed HSAP's from Xenon Hub Gate Realignment
Removed Collect all wares from picking up discoveries
Removed Credits ware from Player Dock/Headquarters
Removed Emergency Jump from being triggered by repair laser
Removed Discovery points from asteroid if scanned remotely
Removed Nividium L Mine

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Re: Current Version and Build Number - 1.1 (439801) 2021-05-20

Post by Ketraar » Thu, 25. Nov 21, 18:18

Version 1.3 (465076) 2021-11-25

Added Japanese Localisation
Added Russian Localisation
Added Spanish Localisation
Added Upgrade kit value to net worth
Added Volume for factories in encyclopaedia
Added Fusion Beam Cannon Factory for sale in existing saves
Added Personal Trade Report for your current ship
Added Ship Transaction Report (filter)
Added Progress display to HQ currently producing item
Added Drone carriers to repair docked drones
Added Masson Powder to secondary resources (new games only)
Added Jumpdrive to Pirate Anarchy Ports
Added Build Complex (via TL) option to Complex Planner
Added Docked ships option to Trade Distribution Command
Added Trade Distribution command to add wares to dock while dumping
Added Station Manager restriction for Buying and Selling at Docks
Added Station Manager restriction for Maximum Storage (HQ)
Added Global Friend/Foe to Global Blacklist race
Added Blackmarket to Pirate Shipyards
Added Hotkey display in shipyard ship compare function
Improved Drone Command Software returning drones with low energy
Improved Build Complex command to work with too many extension kits required
Improved Carrier management attack ships
Improved Station Manager upgrading to favour the homebase
Improved Display of discovery points in player status menu
Improved Spawning behaviour of StrongArms ships
Fixed Fighter drones being able to return to ships without docking ports
Fixed Recall drones hotkey
Fixed Return to homebase command for Drones
Fixed Managed ships when connecting station to complex
Fixed Fusion Beam Cannon factory in existing saves
Fixed AI carriers recalling captured ships
Fixed Resupply script preventing ship movement
Fixed Tradeable settings on dock when packing/redeploying dock
Fixed Locked in carrier management, return to carrier
Fixed Incorrect calculation in Complex Planner with existing complexes
Fixed Stations able to be built on top of navigation beacons
Fixed Search bar in my property for some group options
Fixed Build Complex command trying to refuel when no cargo space
Fixed Displaying unknown/inactive races in encyclopaedia illegal wares
Fixed Carrier management repair ships at HQ
Fixed Carrier management spamming command complete
Fixed Carrier management correctly recalling local ships
Fixed station manager recalling ships while on route to supply stations
Fixed Station Manager from dumping upgrade wares (Fighter Drones)
Fixed Station Manager not buying where there are multiple resources
Fixed Station Manager using range from ship not station
Fixed Price/Notoriety of Teladi Complex Kit
Fixed Being able to recall drones to carrier
Fixed Drones returning after command stops
Fixed Drones being sent to defend carrier
Fixed Encyclopaedia tree being restored
Fixed Terran HSAP being claimed by pirates
Fixed Blacklist race profiles
Fixed LT/UT from selling resupply wares
Fixed Hangar/External Docks display in Ship Browser
Fixed Washi External Docking Bay
Fixed incorrect energy resupply
Fixed correctly adding/removing ships from wings
Fixed TOA Construction Kit price
Fixed being able to rename ships while being managed
Fixed Upgrade level on existing complexes in complex planner
Fixed Explorers Guild 0 quantity rewards
Fixed script command, combine string array
Fixed Scrolling in Reports menus
Removed command notify from stationary objects (Lasertowers + Satellites)


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