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Re: Script & Mod Requests

Post by Drewgamer » Fri, 19. Oct 18, 18:29

I'm looking for a mod that changes the way the boost works for the player.
I'm not a huge fan of having to use shields to boost. Ideally it would be nice to have SOME sort of resource required / limitation so as to not be too abuseable. But at this point I think I would even take unlimited boost (but only for player ship :D )
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Re: Script & Mod Requests

Post by Axeface » Thu, 1. Nov 18, 05:19

I have a few requests for a convienience mod.

- Make station icons targettable and scannable at the same range that they are appear (about 3k it seems to be?)
- Make getting a 'proc' scan (when you unlock more than one node if you are lucky) twice as likely to happen.
- Make all highway/superhighway traffic travel at the same speed, so collisions dont happen (or make 'problem' highways (HoL) more like Albion highways).
- Make all highways in the game the same speed.
- Remove ability to boost in highway or change speed.
- Make superhighway speed 50% slower so we can at least take in the sights.
- Remove superhighway hazards (both visually and mechanically).

Cheers. Hoping someone thinks these things are worth making.

Oh, is there a mod that allows us to move architects from CV's to the station and then remove the CV yet?
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Re: Script & Mod Requests

Post by Axeface » Sun, 11. Nov 18, 02:44

I have another couple of requests. Wouldnt it be cool if we could temporarily hack a station to allow us to dock?
Many stations have an unused (unless im mistaken) 'Bureau Security' module - would be very cool to use Trojan drone to hack that module and gain access to hostile stations for a while, and trick all onboard npcs that you are not hostile (so you can use smalltalk to improve rep too).
For other stations that dont have it, like Cartel stations, something else would need to be used (Cartel is probably one of the factions we'd get the most use of this feature with).

Also, is it possible to make the Skunks booster drain shield more slowly (increasing boost range), where higher rank shields = more efficient?
So mk1 or 2 shields will be about the same as vanilla, but mk5 will last a lot longer.

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Re: Script & Mod Requests

Post by Hero77 » Sun, 9. Dec 18, 01:12

Add a setting to the ship's transport/space crate collection laser beam to ignore/do not collect illlegal wares.

Mabe different modes:

1. Collect everything
2. Collect if legal or player owns licence for all factions
3. Collect if legal or player owns licence for faction in current system
4. Do not collect illegal wares
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Re: Script & Mod Requests

Post by Depleted » Tue, 11. Dec 18, 19:07

Can someone please make a mod which fixes managers?
In both 1.2 and 1.3 my station manager tries to be the manager of the dock that i've docked at, he's on the travel list as the manager in green, he's not in his office, he can't be found by running around the dock, and as a result i can't fire the manager or assign a new manager, and in each of the characters ive created it's the same issue every time.
Picture to help you understand my issue.

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Re: Script & Mod Requests

Post by alexalsp » Tue, 11. Dec 18, 21:23

X4 is here


And if this is a bug, then write here.


if beta, here


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Re: Script & Mod Requests

Post by Reeves » Wed, 12. Dec 18, 05:53

I have no idea how to mod or program so figured I would throw my wish in here and hope some one with skills will grant it!

would it be possible to mod in the ability to build your own highways? Would be amazing to be able to claim an empty sector build your stations then place a high around to stream line the trade and traffic!

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Re: Script & Mod Requests

Post by Liamis » Tue, 25. Dec 18, 16:20

I stumbled across a problem with the different storage types.

I thought I can transfer some cargo drones from my station to a newly caped ship instead of buying them. Turns out my station allows me to transfer them only as cargo and not as usable drones. And before you ask the station drones are not in the station's cargo.

I have shuffled the drones from ship to ship to see if I can turn them to equipment. Sometimes I am allowed to transfer them as cargo and sometimes I can turn them to equipment.
If a receiving ship is of the container type class and has no equipped cargo drones, one can only transfer drones to its cargo.

Can someone please make a mod to unlock all storage type transfer option. I mean they are there. The images show that. Why not let the player choose where to put wares.

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Re: Script & Mod Requests

Post by Jeltz Prostetnic » Thu, 27. Dec 18, 00:18

I know I'm kind of late to the party, but I am looking for a way to make X rebirth VR playable while lying in bed. I have a medical condition which makes it very hard for me to play sitting or standing.
I am a software developer though, so with some pointers to help I could maybe do it on my own. I use oculus, so basically it would do the trick if I could just somehow rotate the player controller by 90° around the left-right axis. So far my research into UI modding hasn't turned up anything to expose this kind of function...

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display trading subscriptions

Post by AR_Starfighter » Wed, 26. Jun 19, 03:05

There is no display for trade subscriptions from a station. The game needs to add an element in the menus to display if you have a trade subscription or you don't.

This is beyond my current modding skills. So, I'm not able to do this myself. This would be a very useful addition to the menus.

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Menu overhaul

Post by AR_Starfighter » Thu, 4. Jul 19, 07:29

The menu system is awkward and clunky. I had some ideas to fix the problems.

menu--> navigation


Remove buttons: zoom-in and zoom-out
Add button: plot course
(include standard jump button)

Click on area to zoom to in. Right click to zoom-out.
Scroll-wheel: back (zoom-out) and forward (zoom-in)

Click areas use public domain images. Simple and easy to use.

Even better, add nasa photos of real galaxies for the click galaxy areas, if legally possible.

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