[MOD] Ignore locked relation drop

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[MOD] Ignore locked relation drop

Post by eliseeff » Sat, 26. May 18, 15:36

Name: Ignore locked relation drop
Version: 1.00
Autor: eliseeff
game version 4.0 or higher
Install: Subscribe to the mod on the Steam Workshop page
Uninstall: Unsubscribe from the mod and delete the mod folder
Savegame compatible: YES

XR VR-edition Steam Workshop page


Disable messages on the event monitor of a temporary relation drop for the factions in which it is locked (Reivers, Sovereign Syndicate etc).

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Post by Ezarkal » Tue, 29. May 18, 15:35

Any mod that reduces the cluttering of the event screen is a welcome mod indeed!

Many thanks!
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