4.10 External camera stucked - Removing TrackIR software/hardware may help.

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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 16. Oct 17, 20:03

@ hermattila: The OP assured me that it had been tested with no controllers or sticks plugged in when I asked about that in my first 2 posts in this thread.
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Post by hermattila » Tue, 24. Oct 17, 19:40

So no luck in either control option.Even remapped the camera control but still stuck and shown some broke wievpoint,just like on the YT video.

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Post by GDS_dmitry » Fri, 27. Oct 17, 19:06

Guys, I found a solution! Thx to dev kalmiya from Steam forum.
Make sure you don't use any software or hardware associated with Track IR. I've had installed FaceTrackNoIR. I didn't use it, but the program was still installed. Removed it using standard Win unistall, rebooted, problem gone.

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