[X3] Tutorial: Combining several Game Controllers

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Post by mine777 » Mon, 22. Sep 08, 18:58

Unfortunatly the usefulness of this tutorial is diminishing. PPJoy does not work on 64-bit computers, and these systems are increasing in number as 4+ gigs of ram are now reasonably affordable.

I suspect this will no longer be a viable alternative for most of the game playing population as of some time next year (2009). Egosoft better have multiple joystick support in X3:TC, or multiple joysticks will not be viable.
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Post by CBJ » Mon, 22. Sep 08, 19:24

According to the Steam Hardware Survey 64-bit OSs still only account for about 3% of gamers' systems at the moment. This is certainly likely to increase, but it hardly represents a dominant force in the market just yet. If it did then perhaps the makers of PPJoy would probably have done something about compatibility. ;)

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Post by Triffid » Tue, 30. Dec 08, 12:59

I could not get this to work with G25 pedals as the PPjoyJoy did not have slider 0. In has slider 1 and 2, slider 1 is the clutch.

Any one solve this?

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Post by Angitherias » Tue, 24. Feb 09, 08:50

Currently using Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro and CHPedals on a gameport to USB adapter, there is an extra gameport attachment on the pedals for the stick. I'll add on to this post once I start foolin around with this program.

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Post by Hamster Juggler » Wed, 18. Nov 09, 18:45

"Why do we have to go all this ergosoft should provide a way of achieving this?
Sinds the options menu clearly states joystick 2 for some of the controls"

Anyone else notice a lack of response to this question?

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Post by CBJ » Wed, 18. Nov 09, 19:10

The number of possible hardware combinations makes it impractical to test, let alone properly support, all the different controller arrangements people might want to use. With a perfectly good third party tool available to do this, it simply doesn't make sense to spend time and money on something that will only save a small amount of effort for the small number of people who actually want to do this.

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Post by I-HaTeD2 » Tue, 31. Aug 10, 17:09

Sorry to push this Thread but it looks like i'm to stupid ...
Anyone who have a Profile for the G940?

Edit: Okay i think i get it but anyone know how to use the POV Hats? Cant get them working atm.

And is it possible to use more than 16 Buttons with PPJoyJoy?

Edit: Hm and only P5, P6 and P8 Buttons working.
Weird. :(

Edit: Okay have it.
Just configure the Hats and Buttons in the Driver to the Keys.

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Post by Necro55 » Sun, 27. Mar 11, 21:33

First off, Calliste, thanks for the great walkthrough.

Has there been any update that we are aware of to make PPJoy work in a 64bit OS?
Also, would this work for X:BTF, as all I am looking to do is use my Saitek Cyborg Command Unit for the non flight related aspects, as I do in MANY other games.
I got it to work in place of the joystick, but it did not acknowledge ANY key commands I set in the Cyborgs software.
Any advice?

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Post by EgoGimb » Fri, 28. Oct 11, 23:16

Firstly your links do not work at all :( no way to get the setup
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Post by EgoGimb » Sun, 30. Oct 11, 02:13

Does anyone have a more up to date tutorial to this?
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Post by Crash_Moses » Sun, 22. Jan 12, 20:25

Howdy, folks!

A Windows 7 compatible version of PPJoy can be found here:

http://ppjoy.blogspot.com/2009/11/final ... rsion.html

I'm running a recently built system with 64-bit Win 7 and had no problem getting this to work (8 gigs of ram, i7, Nvidia 580Gtx, Chproducts Fighterstick, Pro Throttle, and Saitek ST590 for rudder).

Just follow the installation instructions and once it is up and running follow the configuration instructions in this topic. Worked great for me.

NOTE: Before installing PPJoy you must put Windows 7 into test mode. The instructions aren't real clear so here's how to do it.

1. Get to a command prompt (click on the Win 7 start button and enter CMD into the search bar and hit enter).
2. type "BCDEDIT -SET TESTSIGNING ON" and press enter. You should see the text "command successfully completed"
3. Reboot.

After rebooting you should see "Test Mode" in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

I'm running this with X3: Albion Prelude....works great (although I've decided against using the rudder pedals for roll...not enough fine control).


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Post by werwulf222 » Thu, 26. Sep 13, 23:34

No one seems to have discussed a CH Products set of gear, so I will. I had no problem getting my CH Fighter stick, Pro Throttle and Pro Pedals to work in the X-Games, because CH provides some software called CH Control Manager with their products both in a 32 and 64 bit versions for Windows. Among other things, that software allows you to group all the devices together in a way that the X-Games sees as just one joystick but has the full functionality of all the devices. I have been using this setup for years with very much satisfaction because it works for every game I play.

CH Products are not cheap, but if you buy the devices over time it is not so bad. For me, it was easily worth the price simply because of the frustration that I did not have to experience.

Now, if only CH Products would make a Control Manager for Linux I would be one very happy camper.


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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 20. Apr 15, 12:25

For what it's worth, I found the images to this guide, reuploaded them and linked them in the first post as thumbnails (click on them to be forwarded to the bigger image). I also added a working download link to PPJoy version

I realise that this guide is quite old. A newer one, also explaining how to use PPJoy on newer operating systems (including 64bit), can be found here. Obviously that's not specifically for the X games, but I guess you can take the X specific part from the guide posted by the OP.

Alternatively, if you cannot get PPJoy to work, you may want to have a look at either of the following two programs:
VJoy Virtual Joystick

(Similar names, yet different programs.)
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