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any mouse movement causes throttle to stop?

Posted: Sat, 23. Sep 17, 21:46
by x3Dennis
Hello, I've started playing X-rebirth again and I noticed that while I am moving so long as I do not move the mouse, I am ok. However, when I move the mouse even a little bit, the throttle just stops. This is very annoying and I was wondering if anyone has a fix for this?

Thank you,

Posted: Sun, 24. Sep 17, 12:06
by Alan Phipps
Moved to X Rebirth Universe where more players will see this and be able to comment. (Additional information is required for Tech Sp issue reports.)

The last time I saw a report of a similar issue, it was caused by UI interference between mouse and a plugged-in joystick or controller and mainly affected pre-3.0 versions of Rebirth.

Posted: Thu, 28. Sep 17, 09:38
by MrFiction
Noticed the same thing. It happens when I play with an Xbox 360 controller and use a wireless touchpad to control the mouse. Most of the game can be played with a controller but to look around I need the numpad keys.

To reproduce:
- Throttle using a (Xbox 360) controller
- After reaching full speed move the mouse until the mouse pointer appears
- Turn the ship using the right joystick on the controller
- Result: throttle goes down to zero