SumUp/Guide: Causing Pilots to bail out

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SumUp/Guide: Causing Pilots to bail out

Post by Darkgalahad » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 13:54

Based on User Replies:
1. Edit 09/11/2005

Revised After Reading the Experiences from other Gamers:

Chances to make Pilots bail out increases when:

- It seems that the chance to get those ships empty of the pilotdesease ;) increases drastically when you manage to drop their shields very fast, means in one approach and fully loaded with everything you've got to offer.

- Most Captures have been seen when hull status was below <90%

Chances to make Pilots bail out decreases when:

- Ion Disruptor Fire (not confirmed yet, have read otherwise on another place)
- Damage is done slowly to shields

Chance is not affected by

- Wether the Weaponry is intact at the target ship or not
- Wether it has Cargo loaded or not
- Turrets seem to have no affect on this wether functional or destroyed
- Shields at target functional or destroyed.
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Post by Shintai » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 14:00

I capped close to 60 ships now.

I got ships with weapons, drones, shields and software scanners etc.

However it seems to depend on a few issues.

A combat person will almost always fight to the end, or atleast till he is out of guns. Where a freighter pilot is alot more willing to step outside even with full functional shields and weapons.

But it also seems to depend on how much more firepower you got. Not directly in terms of guns. Using the same 4 APAC it´s massively alot easier to make a freighter pilot bail before hull damage in a Titan than it even is to make him bail in a 4 APAC Nova when he is down to 50% hull.
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Post by Al » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 14:03

Well I've only captured a few ships in my limited playing time so far but I've had weapons, shields, cargo and equipment all left on the captured ship although I've yet to get one with shields and weapons.

To me it seems to be very similar to X2 where there is a small chance that anything will be left on a captured ship. Hence the chance of getting shields and weapons is even smaller.

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Hugh S Paton
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Post by Hugh S Paton » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 14:10

Following rescuing of the free mamba my first falcon capture had 4 Ahept's. "Really great timing". Now I probably have had around 50 captures in total, on only two occasions have I had shields on the captured ship, one with 2 x 5MJ, (A Nova !!!) and one Falcon with 1X 25 mj. Overall I have captured around 5 with some weapons remaining but never being anything like that first capture.

Was using 4 hEPT's myself when I captured the first Falcon.

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Post by Darkgalahad » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 14:12

So i guess my conclusions were wrong... or is it possible that they had them in the cargobay and just the installed weapons got destroyed ?

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Post by Bowak » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 14:14

I've captured about 20 ships spread over 2 different games. 2 ships had weapons and 2 or 3 had shields. I think most of my captures are from overwhelming initial barrages, especially if the shields go down on the 1st pass, but some pilots have bailed after a long fight so I can't be sure if I'm not just remembering the early bailers more.
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Post by xeonexs » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 14:16

I would say 90% of my ship had nothing left inside them :(

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Post by simonnance » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 14:22

xeonexs wrote:I would say 90% of my ship had nothing left inside them :(
trust me thats better than X2, if you were lucky you'ld get stuf once in a blue moon coinciding with a comet, conjunction of the plannets, and Ozzy Osborne not swearing in a sentance :)

99% at least of my X2 caps had NADA, rarely even any crgo bay or speed extensions even!
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Re: Capturing, What did YOUR ships contain ? Reason for Bailing out

Post by pccenter » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 15:00

Darkgalahad wrote: 1. No Ship ever contained a functional (installed) weapon on it.
2. No Ship ever contained a Jumpdrive.
3. With my Generator firing while empty (very slow fire rate) i've seen never any pilot bail out.
4. Some Ships Contained functional shields (so it can't be the shields)

Can somebody share this experience ? If so, write it... plus, since i don't use any missiles, has anybody happend to see pilots eject when hit by strong missiles ?

1. I cap many ships with intalled weapons (best a Nova with 6xA-HEPT)
2. I cap a Demeter with intalled Jumpdrive
3 & 4. If drop the hull of the enemy below 87% there is a chance to bail. The rate of droping down the shields is one reason for pilot to bail. Usually i fire against the enemy with full weapons until drop the hull below 87%. If not bail i let him to recharge his shields and hit it again. As for the remaining equipment when the pilot bail, is random and i think one parametr is the remaining hull. When i use ION-D the possibility to remain some equipment is close to zero.

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Post by anzaq » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 15:05

Playing X2, when I cap ships the results is varied. At the moment I'm capturing a lot of Xenon M3, M4 & M5 ships and the majority of them have nothing on them but I do occasionally get weapons and shields intact but it is normally one or the other. I've never captured a fully equipped ship until last night. I got a Xenon M5 with full shields and weapons. Didn't know that I had captured it as I was busy dealing with a convoy of Xenon in Black Hole Sun, it was only when it was all over that I noticed the little green indicator on my map that I'd got something. I was just going to sell it but seeing as it didn't take much in repairing hull I'm going to keep it for my fleet.

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Re: Capturing, What did YOUR ships contain ? Reason for Bailing out

Post by Doozer » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 15:18

3. With my Generator firing while empty (very slow fire rate) i've seen never any pilot bail out.

I have capped about 30 now and every single one has been a result of a single burst of fire. I have a Split Mamba with 5 hept's and a 1-2 second burst depending on size of ship does the trick, it seems if you can remove the sheilds and 25-40% of hull in one burst they always bail. I mostly target super frieghters at about 1km and this tactic is about 90% successful. With that many weapons fighters are alot harder and I can't be arsed to remap the weapons but the same seems to apply. The only ship I had mostly intact was a Boron Mako, I think i got lucky, 50% of the time the shields are intact and the cargo varies hugely.

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Post by Praefectus classis » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 15:21

Capturing does seem to be similar to X2. I have captured around 40 - 50 ships so far. A few had shields or weapons left. I think one might have had both. I will have to check next time I am in the game. The ships have had a few other items in them, like upgrades, missiles, etc. Ships do bail more often when you bring their shields down quickly.

I am now using a Nova I found lying around. I have 3 different weapon layout setup on it. All layouts have a gun in the tail set on missile defence. 1 is two AHEPT's, 2 is one AHEPT and three is 5 AHEPT's. The first one is good for M4's, the second for M5's and the last for getting the shields down fast on M3's. I also use a Mamba Raider, that strangely enough, was also left abandoned with keys in the ignition. :wink:
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Post by D-Pesh » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 15:27

Made my first capture last night ... had concentrated on trading up til now but fancied having a go at fighting.

Bought a Buster, maxed the shields, and fitted six B-IREs. Not wanting to get killed first time out, I found a nice, unarmed Paranid Super Dolphin and thought "That'll do me ...". He didn't have any guns but he did have about six Fighter Drones which had me in a panic until I realised that a couple of hits with all six guns was enough to pop them.

Followed him, keeping his shields down and nibbling the odd bit of his hull and eventually he got brassed off and bailed out. I nicked the ship and feeling very smug with myself sent it off to a nearby station, intending to either flog it or use it as a sector or universe trader. Had about 200 units of Ore in the belly too.

Unfortunately, before I booted up X3, I hadn't turned off MS Anti-Spyware (something I normally do without thinking) and it chose that precise moment to start doing its daily scan of my machine. This caused X3 to minimise and crash - before I'd had chance to save my game :( ! WAAAAAAAHHHHH!

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Post by Darkgalahad » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 15:32

Initial post changed. Read it for a sum up.

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Post by Ryuujin » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 17:44

Just a side note, your turret's can still cap. I capped a harrier hauler by accident when taking out it's buddies, my tail gun (B-PAC) must've got a load of him and he punched out.

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